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The Mental Rapist; or FBI pre-natal Mind-fucking Primer 101

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FBI agent in 1939

Who is That Creepy Guy Around the Corner? Photo of FBI Agent in 1939 Image via Wikipedia

The FBI Describes Itself When it Employs Profiles.

Imagine if your daughter stumbled across this headfuck, “The Mental Rapist Enjoys Abusing Women,” an article purportedly transcribed from a conversation that someone had with an FBI agent about “mind-rapists,” which to the best of my knowledge means “head-fuckers.”

And nobody can compete with the big-budget propaganda campaign waged against your kids mind by the FBI with the exception of Hollywood, which is literally in lockstep with FBI propaganda.

The profile of the FBI is as an agency is that it is driven by pathological narcissism, which is a mental disease masquerading as a noble intentioned, but self deluded entity or person[s] *

I don’t know your daughter, but I do care about what you, her father or mother, have to deal with as she evolves into her own person.

And I care twice that your kids mind doesn’t get cluttered too early with police and FBI baggage–mind manipulation,  fear mongering, and propaganda as a tool of distraction away from real issues–like the fact that America is dropping bombs, and depleted uranium all over the middle east.

I mean, sure, the argument could be made that the Middle East isn’t in the FBI jurisdiction on that matter–but that didnt’t stop them from hunting down turr-err-isss’s in Germany, Iraq, Pakistan, et al did it?

And certainly, the companies that are dropping depleted uranium have headquarters in the U.S., right?

But they want to focus–and they want you to focus–on hypothetical threats to your child’s genitalia instead….WTF!!Q?????

Which makes me wonder what kind of people work there? After all we know that the FBI has a long history of pedophiles in the organization.

WE exist these days in conditions where online predators are the police, fetishizing your kids naivete, and more than willing to isolate her and wreak havoc on her conception of the world.

I care even more when I relaize how many FBI agents are women haters, patriarchs, or gender bashing, bitter gay women using their positions of trust and authority to get at, and corrupt your kids head;and sadly, they target, and focus quite heavily on your daughters rather than your sons.

Don’t get me wrong: I am well aware of how your sons are abused by society, because two boys are murdered in America for every girl killed , and how little attention young boys get when it comes to discussions about ‘protecting children’.

By the time your son reached puberty, he has likely survived a public shcool counselors recomendation that he take Ritalin or some other drug, a coaches recommendation that he “man up,” or in the very least, someform of ostracization because he resists male sexual programming. He has also survived numerous mental and physical assaults aginst his masculine traits by female schoolmates–by ten years of age. I understand that well.

But this post is about your child, and particularly your daughter, being safe from online interactions with police, and FBI agents who CRAWL THE INTERNET LOOKING FOR VULNERABLE, LONELY KIDS TO TALK TO.

And kids are smarter than we give them credit for, and any teen girl out there could stumble upon this post as I did. It is a blog post from awhile ago that got me thinking of the nefarious nature of police propaganda aimed at your daughter, online.

I couldn’t write better propaganda designed to attach itself to your young daughters mind if I were a pedophile gym teacher–it hits the center of isolation in the mind of any girl who feels she has failed at a relationship, been used by a boy, or risked her virginity in a juvenile attempt at love.

It is allegedly a mental profile of a “mental rapist” whyo uses the internet to “rape the mind”, and it’s full of all the right kind of weirdness that could help a girl identify what she feels is an even weirder young boy who hurt her feelings.

But what bothers me th emost, is that some FBI agent actually has the time to write such pap–and target it at a vulnerable woman, or girl. If that agent targets vulnerable women, what might they say to your daughter?

And all that language about “him” does not at all reassure me it isn’t a female agent impersonating a male, and describing herself–after all, the internet is full of weirdos, just looking to profile–or indoctrinate– your kids.

I won’t weigh in to the implications that this could be a fantasy of the blogger, or the entrapment of the bloggers mind, but it is what it is: a conversation between a vulnerable woman and a purported FBI agent.

Police play on fear all the time, and it’s socially destructive, creepy, and very, very police psychology oriented. Almost as if they are telling us what lurks in their minds, not in ours.

And worse, they now have access to your kids online.

* The police and FBI profile is one that includes narcisisstic psychopathology http://www.slideshare.net/samvaknin/narcissistic-and-psychopathic-leaders, particularly marked by unhealthy confabulation, meaning narcissists believe they are better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, etc. because they are the good guys and gals, while forgetting the egregious, historic, criminal violations of US law that are part of their organizational structure.


Rethinking Officer Friendly, redefining bad touch.

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What if it was your daughter!!??!!

They always say that, don’t they? That meme is a tool of fear-mongering, designed to re-focus you on a strange, un-named threats, instead of the threat in front of you–someone who employs such ideology. That ideology is pathological narcissism.* And they hurt individuals with their self-centered manipulative perspectives.

And they are destroying the health of American society, while claiming to improve it.

The FBI, and cops, protecting your daughters mind, so you don’t have to!

They want you to fear terrorists with strap on bombs, rapists jerking off around every corner– and the dreaded pedophile lurking on the internet. But the truth is, more kids die at the hands of their mothers  than by strange men lurking on the internet.
But whatever you do–don’t  go near the head fucker!

The truth is—and has ALWAYS been–that children are more likely to be killed by American bombs and unexploded ordinance or depleted uranium [ here  , and also here ] or by female caregivers and babysitters right here in America, the they will ever face from strangers, men, kidnappers, or pedophiles.

Yet the cops make their money by keeping you in fear of strangers. But what is more strange than the mind of a cop? I mean, cops are  stepping up their use of Tasers on children [and here, and elsewhere]!

WAKE UP, peeple. This behavior is emblematic of an institutional psychology disorder.

Whereas it may be true that some pedophile is just waiting for a snapshot from of your kids Barbie Camera while he or she is riding a vibrating Harry Potter broom, it should scare us that he FBI is the agency that raised such an alarm.

I mean, what is in their minds to even imagine such things–what kind of mind could imagine such things–much less project them upon the world?

Oh, I know: the same great minds that brought you the overly broad US Patriot Act, and the TSA feeling up your six year old.

So, we all need a distraction away from the fact that the FBI routinely lies in warrant applications against internet providers, and that they also have virtually destroyed the fourth amendment with DPI technology–the same software that Iran and China use to stifle dissent is used by the FBI and InfraGard snitches.

I say it takes one to know one, as the old saw goes.The question we need to ask is what really endangers your kid online, beside the fact that the FBI can and stores images of your kids in their massive child porn collection?

What is more scary than knowing your government distributes child porn, instead of destroying it? I would suggest that your child’s memory of being trained to accept the hands of officer friendly down her pants might be a step in the ‘further’ direction of corrupting your kid with police state psychopathology.

They are tyeaching this girl to believe thatsuch physical contact is actually “good touch,” when in fact history shows us otherwise.

Sure, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but the infiltration of a child’s mind by police fear-mongering and mind abuse last generations. And it starts with the kind of contact you see in the video.

And there are worse things for your kid to face, I promise you; I mean, after all, that one in 1.5 million chance of someone creepy encountering her or him.

But the daily indoctrination to trust authority–not least of which is training young girls to be felt up by people in authority—is historically, by very freekin far, a worse option, with actual dire consequences.

* The police and FBI profile is one that includes narcisisstic psychopathology http://www.slideshare.net/samvaknin/narcissistic-and-psychopathic-leaders, particularly marked by unhealthy confabulation, meaning narcissists believe they are better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, etc. because they are the good guys and gals, while forgetting the egregious, historic, criminal violations of US law that are part of their organizational structure.

The root of False rape claims, the CIA and Agency-Feminism.

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Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.

Roots of the false rape accusation syndrome, and how women enable Rape Culture, an American history lesson .

Real, actual rapes happen, but despite the rhetoric, America as an entity doesn’t care about that. The nation cares instead about how it can manipulate personal, private pain into national financial gain.

First, America was allowed by the international community to get away with the human rights atrocities of the Viet Nam war, because then, in the wake of WW2, we were the ‘do-good’ go-to people; the good guys who beat Hitler.

So international banksters and the military industrial complex took advantage of this international perception, and the CIA created and funded feminists whose dialogues of division seized control of the domestic climate.The government inched closer to American children.

The FBI all too willingly bought into agency- feminist* backed schemes to seize American children, even as the CIA raped children overseas. In current vernacular, theFBI claims a desire to end “child exploitation and human trafficking,” while overlooking, or nodding and winking at the perpetrators of such violence.

This same collusion created the horror of CIA social and sexual experimentation on the people–the men, the women, and especially the children of Cambodia, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

In other words, the CIA’s rapes of Southeast Asian people, and the fact that they were allowed to get away with it without consequences from the International community, led to the current American domestic war: the FBI hunt for perpetrators of rape in Southeast Asia, but a far more lasting result was achieved: the rape society and its progeny, the rapeology method of social control in America, and internationally.

Child exploitation and trafficking  is a for them, merely another tool of social control, an excercise in propaganda.

Both agencies have missed the real perpetrators, because they are the perpetrators. It is women who have primary access to children, and thus, the values, mores and norms that are established for these children is by the women who birthed them; not least of those ‘norms’ is the childs sexuality.

Modern Feminism embodies the female political body, the object that is and has always been a tool male embodied CIA social control; and such women as Gloria Steinem–an active CIA agent and organizer—worked with the likes of Henry Kissinger to create the false rape society in America, and all of its progeny overseas.

We can see the direct and current link of the CIA, and feminist theory in the prosecution of visionary Julian Assange. His accusers, Ana Ardin and Sofia Wilen are now acknowledged to be in collusion to falsify their testimony about Assange.

Meet Assange’s primary accuser–a CIA operative.

Ardin has also published “a seven step guide on how to get revenge on cheating boyfriends”( google that phrase), whose links have now been removed from the internet-the ENTIRE internet. : Ana Ardin .
She has many active links to the feminist hate groups, the CIA, and CIA operatives, and is now widely recognized as a false rape crier.

The residue of this sort of black collaboration is the voyeur like impulse of the do-gooder society–by now exported all over the world– to ‘seek out’ and lay blame not on America, and its tens of thousands of uncounted rapes of Southeast Asians, but on the men who go there for sex tourism(and women, too, from all over the world).  Blaming men in general–waging war on males.

Worse, for all societies, is that Americas policy of not naming so-called rape victims is akin to a secret process that will lead to secret trials, and secret proceedings everywhere.

Feminism, in its concerned voyeur stance contributes as much or more to current sexual exploitation around the world. Its version of exploitation masquerades as the den mother , or the dirty lesbian gym teacher to the charade of “right posture” in matters of sexuality, while being allowed unfettered access to children.

They then indoctrinate and then pimp those children into “right” attitudes, and “right” ideologies of sexuality–in the American case, the ideology of bartering a womans sliding scale of truth telling against America’s larger objective of controlling the worlds resources and finances.

The CIA used the people as a training ground for sexual shame based social programming, during and after the time US soldiers were there–many if not most of them against their will–and the real crime of that war was how the CIA perpetrated its sexual brainwashing of these Asian people.

The video demonstrates the  after-effects of such a collusion, not the primary status of the culture under attack by US agents of control. Men are shown as panderers, and perverts, women as victims of those men, and children as sex slaves, without mentioning the previous fifty years of US involvement ion the region, or tactics of  CIA creation of sex camps and sexual indoctrination . The reporter-provocateur format of the ‘investigation’ demonstrates the nature of the voyeuristic ‘do-gooders’ who gain access to children through such means.

While the cripplingly vast majority of men never travel to such places, the do-gooder society is extending its reach all over the world, exporting strange American sex experiments overseas, and using such social experiments as foils against insight into the true nature of America.

American agency-feminist women desire getting ever closer to these children–while minimizing rapes perpetrated by the US government, its unchecked CIA, and the portraying the myths that the FBI  is waging war against  human trafficking, or child exploitation. They are all waging war against Americans, and the genie is out of the bottle–or more appropriately, that junk in Pandoras box looks pretty infectious.

* agency feminists are women who claim to be feminists, but are actually FBI or CIA agents provocateurs with sliding scales of morality. They are the psychopathic other halves of state  terror waged against citizens.

The FBI suffers from organ inferiority* [part1]

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…possibly because their big brother, the CIA, sends them all their leftovers [ and here, and here too]–and their men always get off when they are charged and acquitted for their crimes against humanity.

Fight Rape By the Police Culture

American police, or soldiers,  routinely get off on rape charges.

Here is a video that will help you in case you are attacked by the FBI, or other hyper masculine organs.

<object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/UvriHtHHPLA?version=3″><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></object>

The FBI is intensely focused on the rhetoric of rape, while ignoring the actual rape culture that creates conditions where rape occurs–like having an police agencies full of hyper-masculinized, but closeted, voyeuristic “do-gooders,” who posit that the country is full of “bad men,” while eagerly covering up their own indiscretions, agency wide.

American police culture has seized on the rhetoric of rape culture, and distorted its intention. The politics of rape culture have even been exported overseas–and the FBI even tried to bribe associates of Julian Assange to lie about him, so that the US can invade his privacy even more.

We all need to fight rape, but first we have to understand how police psychology contributes to a rape culture. It begins with hyper-masculinized social rituals, like policing.

Clint Eastwood—a real bad ass film director, is filming a movie about J.Edgar Hoovers affair with a male colleague . But the Corporation seems to underestimate women, women in the organization, and American women’s culpability in crime.

Maybe hyper-vagina envy is what drives the state organ of the FBI to always gets “their man”—likely because the founder of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was a drag queen , and would stop at nothing to get “his man”. They are so desperate to prove their little secrets.

And they overcompensate for their engendered organizational biases by creating and maintaining the surveillance society, as if the entire organization has internalized and sublimated a mother that believes it has an inherent and noble right to peek into your dresser drawers.

America’s finest want you to stay distracted with bad Weiners in the mass media, just like they do [here,and here also  ], but they want you to think all wieners are bad, FBI gud. That way, all those cunts at the FBI can continue their covert, out-dated back-door plotting and scheming against real Americans.

You don’t hear much about the FBI getting their woman though—or even looking for her–likely because she is working for, or being created by them or their mind bending colleagues at the CIA; she is currently being trained and vetted overseas for importation to the US, as in the case of Iman al-Obeidi, a mouth piece for Americas rape ideology gone wild.

They are just too darn busy chasing down men who don’t suffer from organ inferiority , and when the failure of rape theology–rapeology– doesn’t work to create a boogieman here at home, they create a new war—against two thousand foot tall “cyber-attackers!!!”

First and foremost, America is offering invitation to women from foreign countries whose own country has decided she is a prostitute, or a trouble maker– and her willingness to cry “rape” in propaganda campaigns is the modern equivalent of a passport application to the US, and protection by the state organ of the FBI.

And secondly, the false allegations of rape by American women, combined with FBI and CIA social engineering that hides American culpability in rapes during wartime have cast doubt upon accusations of rape.

Worse, apparently it would just be too darn hard to track down all those rape victims of American soldiers from Viet Nam who now live in the US, so apparently the CIA helped the rape-ideology beleaguered  FBI by creating Iman Al-Obeidi.

Of course, Obeidi will probably make her case on “The View,” and CNN–where she will likely have a romantic reunion with Anderson Cooper( after which she will claim she was raped, no doubt), but where are those shows in their commentary about the rights of the tens of thousands of Iraqi women raped by American soldiers?(more American soldiers raping Iraqi’s: 1, 2)

American soldiers tortured and raped young boys, women and men in Iraq. Why is the FBI still silent about it? They are complicit in it, and they don’t want to hear it, because the way propaganda works is that ” a lie will go around the world a thousand times before the truth wakes up…”

The few American soldiers that have been convicted to harsh prison sentences for raping Iraqi women , seems like the tip of an iceberg that the FBI could investigate, but we will never hear those women’s stories on The View, nor will America willingly allow and encourage them to speak to the press, as Obeidi has.

The American war machine is not excited about the prospect of interviewing or investigating the men, boys, and women of Iraq who were raped by American soldiers and never reported it, or the women who were raped and then summarily murdered by American soldiers.

And the FBI, all so eager to ‘penetrate’ and ‘saturate’ the region and gain ‘valuable information ‘about terrorists in the opening days of the wars is surprisingly still silent about American soldiers raping foreign women.

Just look at the occupation of Korea as an example.

Having husbands, brothers, and children killed, or being raped and coerced by an American soldier; and being violated in an American police action is apparently the price women pay to get to America—just ask any Viet Namese, Cambodian, or Korean woman who came here during those wars.

The price of the fare is silence about American police actions and American rapists, once the get here; not at all unlike the price that any woman “trafficked” to America pays.

The FBI is all too eager to talk about “human trafficking” these days, while failing completely to correct its definitional biases against men which creates the appearance of innocence of American women in these heinous crimes perpetrated overseas.

It makes a laughing stock out of the stories that victims of American wars have to tell. These stories—tens of thousands of them–wouldn’t make US look good, not least of which is because in Arabic countries, merely touching a woman who doesn’t consent is defined as rape, just like it is here in America–much less the rape of their sons.

The difference is that men in America are prosecuted even if the rape charges are false, because the FBI has been flying the false flag of rapeology for years now, and even false convictions drive statistics up, which is good for a state organ that seeks to create the appearance that they are Uber-necessary.

They fed the American woman rape biscuits for the last several decades, and forgot to mention how women can be rapists too; failed to pursue or prosecute false rape accusers, and defined rape so narrowly that only men could be prosecuted–as Salon.com points out.

Perhaps that is because the women of America are Uber-special, like Obeidi: they are, or they are willing to, work within the parameter of a police state engendered paradigm of hypocritical, hyper-selective “justice”.

Perhaps that is due to the fact that the kind of women that America wants to represent aren’t really women at all, but rather they are the Freudian psycopathic “other-halves” to American “strongmen” in an endless cycle of war and death directed at families overseas.

That perverse organizational view destroys  alternative lifestyles in America and encourages false rape allegations by women–as long as they scream out loud, and adhere to the FBI’s male dominated and dominating definitions of rape they are good allies for the FBI domestic war machine, that wages domestic violence on the American people.

Conformity requires that male dominated organizations can form, and then rely on stereotypical visions of women that uphold the violence that those organized men are willing to perpetrate.

The FBI is a propaganda organ that relies on the lie, the half truth, and the manipulation of that truth–and has steadfastly refused to investigate the fact that its version of reality causes much of the suffering abroad, while it wages domestic violence here at home.

They are your Narcissistic, psychotic leaders*,  invading peoples privacy, while espousing noble-sounding rapeology   in their toolkit of social control

American Police want to fuck your daughters

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America wants access to your daughters

…and if they can’t do that, they have all kinds of ways to touch them, feel them up, or tickle their minds—and yours too, not least of which is to claim that women overseas need their veils lifted.

Whereas Egyptian military and police even perform virginity checks by peering into young women’s vaginas, here in America, we still rely on the mechanisms of police infrastructure, and Child Protective Services virginity rituals, like forcing children into contact with the anatomically correct doll, which routinely leads to false positives of child abuse.

So, it appears that police around the world are catching on the techniques of social control that American police have used for years.

CNN reports that Egyptian military police not only performed virginity tests on young women protesters, but that they did it for their own good.

“The [un-named] general went on to insist that the tests were necessary because “we didn’t want (the women) to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove they weren’t virgins in the first place.” the military denied the accusations, but in the past few days, a senior general has confirmed to CNN that indeed, the virginity tests happened.

The general justified the abuse by saying these women “were not like your daughter or mine. These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters.”

Even though the Egyptians are still a bit more transparent than American police, the tactic is the same: victimize dissenters ( and their parents)or the under classes, blame the victims, cast a shadow of doubt by implying “these people are not like you or me”, and then backpedal and do damage control in the press.

Sounds a bit like the CIA’s pet project, the MKULTRA descendant of the “child abuse witch hunts” of America in the 1980’s.

American Police and social workers kidnap American kids all the time.

American police act within the agency of Child Protective Services to steal American children  and then ritually rape them with MKULTRA-like processes of brainwashing, experiential sublimation, and ritualized shaming of their actual parents.

And when they discovered some success with that means of social control, they exported mind control and rape ideology overseas.

“The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need. That is a fraud; the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying them and their families.The number of children who emerge from the system, able to function normally, are near zero. Some are never seen again.”

American Social workers kidnap children[ here, and here]   and American religious fanatics like Michelle Bachman adopt them, or “take them in” to foster care, inserting their ideology into traumatized children. Michelle Bachman and others like her also get paid to “foster” children.

(foster care paycheck amounts for Minnesota could not be found in the official record, but in California, for each foster child placed in your home, you will receive a foster care reimbursement …from $446 to $ 667 per , “ and special needs kids pay out at $84.00 or $169.00 per month higher.)

Michelle Bachman also gets paid state dollars and uses them to brainwash vulnerable people with Christian fundamentalist brainwashing. 

Despite Americas propaganda machine whitewashing the kidnap of American children, Americans are no strangers to lifting Islamic womens veils either.

Remember this headline, from 2001, when America began its invasion plan of Iraq, instead of finding Osama?

I do. “Lifting the Veil on What Afghan Women Really want.”

That headline and its variations has been the voyeuristic call to arms ever since, and it appears that as the Western media focuses on eastern peoples, our own military men and women are craving access to virginity cloaked in noble sounding phrases of liberation.

It’s as if Americas whole inward repression of sexuality, and CIA initiated sexual experimentation resulted in a sort of mechanized, ritualized, and fetishist objectification of women overseas–as if western women’s sexuality has dried into a prune-state, and they seek to lift veils of women elsewhere.

Americas military, in sync with international financiers, and CIA cultural control planning, is just the tool to get that job done, too: they start with your daughters.

US and western backed policy has led to 2 million rapes, and 6 million deaths in the Congo in recent years, according to some sources, and some fancy math.

That is no small estimate, either, because it comes from a study published in the American Journal of Public Health ( for those of you who need official sources)

I say fancy math, because the tradition here in the west is to minimize, or under-estimate the deaths of males, while inflating evidence of rape (using the magic of definitional biases, sliding scales of what constitutes a rape, and womens groups who ignore, or conflate the deaths of men with “mens choices,” while maximizing and blaming the impact of rape on “mens choices” as well. The New York Times can explain the Congo Rape math better )

The fact remains: American soldiers are the ritual rapists of nations, and value systems that differ with capitalist agendas, and American women are more than complicit in that rape.

They have put their ideology into and under the lives and veils of the daughters of the middle east.

What’s next, Jasmine Revolution?


Police want to peek into your babies diapers…

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…and they are relying upon social structures that uphold the police personality, hoping that conformists will affirm that society isn’t wrong to have an unhealthy fascination about what genital is or isn’t dangling there.

Toronto parents Kathy Witterick, 38, and her husband, David Stocker, 39, have faced a brutal public backlash since their refusal to allow the public a peak between the legs of their new-born child.

According to MSNBC, Witterick wrote in an e-mail “that the idea that “the whole world must know what is between the baby’s legs is unhealthy, unsafe and voyeuristic. We know — and we’re keeping it clean, safe, healthy and private (not secret!).”

The police personality, is upheld by the “norms” in society, and society upholds the norms of police repression of non-conformity.
Such an alliance is one that demands to know even intimate details of a families lives, and acts as a social change agent to conform families to the top-down authoritarian model of social control that puts police and their agents first in childrens lives. 
 In a police state, family allegiance comes second to the societal impulse to impose genderized models upon childrens minds. In other words, modern western society, with the aid of police and state structures, wants to “sex your baby.”
Witterick said the argument that children need a sex taught to them in order to feel safe in the world does not hold up in their experience.

The police personality is constantly on the look-out for opportunities to insert itself into your private life, and will stop at nothing to do so. The public at large, in expressing overt hostility towards the childs family, is upholding police structures of secondary control: the reliance of the police on their ability to manipulate public perception before they officially “intervene.”

Police agency primarily relies upon, instills, and upholds fear based responses such as in this case, where both parents agree that the only likely thing to fear isn’t the childs experience with its own gender awakening, but rather social reaction to their refusal to sex their child.

Storm’s parents told the Toronto Star, that Storm’s parents know their child’s sex, as do Storm’s older brothers. The goal of keeping the information inside the family,  is to limit messages that tell young children how to act based on their sex.those messages by the time Storm decides Storm would like to share [his or her gender],” Storm’s mom Kathy Witterick told the Toronto Star.

“We thought if we delayed sharing that information, in this case, hopefully, we might knock off a couple those messages by the time Storm decides Storm would like to share [his or her gender],” Storm’s mom Kathy Witterick told the Toronto Star.

Police kill women…

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”]and police kill their wives, their ex-wives, and often kill themselves afterward, which is not a bad thing.

Sometimes they even kill and wound other police officers while they are at it, which is not a bad thing either, and sometimes cops kill their “loved ones” on sacred cop holidays, like Memorial Day, which is even more metaphorically cool.

But Jonathan Agee killed his wife, while a 12-year-old daughter watched, and it could likely have been prevented

From the story in CNN: “The bloodshed began at 11:30 a.m., when Jennifer Agee, 30, pulled into a Sheetz convenience store parking lot in Roanoke, Virginia, Perkins said. Trailing behind her in a marked Franklin County sheriff’s office car was her ex-husband, Jonathan Agee. The 32-year-old sheriff’s deputy from Boones Mill was off-duty at the time.”

My question is “when will America wake up from its adrenalin filled, police-power induced coma? For instance, what was this off duty police sanctioned murderer doing driving around in a marked squad anyways?”

I don’t really need an answer either, because I know the answer. For the last several decades, America has inserted police into every day affairs, and into every television show, in a mass propaganda campaign to cause us to “respect the police,” “fear the police,” and especially to NOT QUESTION POLICE AUTHORITY.

It is that exact superficial authority that led to the death of 30-year-oldJennifer Agee–the preventable, predictable crimes of police can and should be highly policed–but they’re not.

Imagine if the store clerk who witnessed this act of policeman murdering his wife had been taught to question authority? Imagine if the general public along the route of this homicidal cop had noticed his road raging driving habits, or his intense glare in the direction of his wife’s car?

Imagine if they—you, me, us– had been taught to question police authority?

Now imagine if we as an emerging American society begin to remind ourselves every single day of the importance of questioning police authority. We might have a new world and fewer cop wife’s to bury (not that burying cop-wife’s is a bad thing, because every time a cop kills his wife, it prevents them from passing along cop genes and soiling the  gene pool).

But domestic violence rates amongst police are two to four times as high as in the civilian population.

The old excuse that always creeps out in the press is that American police kill people because of the “stress of the job,” but evidence points to pre-existing flaws in the character of police men and women.

But police are not alone in hiding, minimalizing or forcefully stifling their victims of domestic violence. Prosecutors are complicit in covering up police crimes, and domestic violence is just one more form of sociopathic police conduct.

According to www.purpleberets.org “In San Diego, a national model in domestic violence prosecution, the City Attorney typically prosecutes 92% of referred domestic violence cases, but only 42% of cases where the batterer is a cop.”

The police personality is already predisposed to violence masquerading as heroics, as many of them emphasize physical fitness, and emulate sports oriented, and  ideology.

But they also are trained to be violent, and to maintain a posture of self-righteousness and control which negates them being viewed as what they are.. They are also willing liars, and manipulators of facts, and are trained in the police academy to be “offensive.”

In other words, American police are socially approved sociopaths, and it’s time to police the police, so their peculiar violence doesn’t spill any further than it has already.

They inhabit a perverse western state of mind that believes in “pre-emptive war( the excuse we used to invade Iraq, and lie about Saddam Hussein),” and “preventive war ( the basic philosophy that operated after Pearl Harbor).”  Whichever of these double speaking phrases you choose, they both mean essentially the same thing these days.

It means that the United States and its international police power means “we” through police and soldiers, maintain a right to murder people first, and ask questions later, as long as the propaganda powers can gain popular support for the US brand of homicide, and sell the American public on the flag draped casket full of ideas that claim they–“We” are acting in self defense, but acting first; the bully who says “hey, are you looking at me?? before it socks you in the eye.”

In other words, for American and other western police, self defense is interpreted as a right to be offensive.

So, obviously, when Jonathan Agee killed his wife, he was acting in self defense, just like all the other cops who kill their wives, all over the western and westernized  world.[ here , here, , here , here ,  and endlessly elsewhere]

They also inhabit a curious realm within the western philosophy of capitalism, and uphold only money, and property rights, while destroying the lives of others through a steady stream of adrenalin feuled false heroics, and implicating the weak, the mentally ill, and the poor in crimes of addiction, or poverty.

In the words of Robert Kennedy:

” There is another kind of violence, slower but just as deadly destructive as the shot or the bomb in the night. This is the violence of institutions: indifference and inaction and slow decay. This is the violence that afflicts the poor, that poisons relations between men because their skins have different colors. This is the slow destruction of a child by hunger, and schools without books and homes without heat in the winter.”

Bobby, I would only add that a new, and far more insidious killer than race or poverty has emerged ever present, and ever victorious in American society: the power of a police structure, or a police state that breaks the laws it makes, and abuses citizens in ever increasing numbers. They reign superior, even if in their own minds, and that is a bad bad thing.

The police embody power, and the disproportionate exercise of that power over the lives of others, and, sometimes, over their own family members. They are the new middle class ideology of class control; the new bully pulpit; a typical American answer to a failed ideology of adrenalin pumped, gas power fueled mass consumerism.

So, pre-emptively, we ask: maybe it’s time to police the police? Because police are becoming more and more offensive every day–even on the sacred cow day of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is for Martyrs to Freedumb [draft]

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…and despite all the lip service the US and its police state have given

to the horrors of “muslim,” and other suicide bombers, America is chock full of police and soldier personalities, willing to die in–but especially to kill in–wars that America brings to countries thousands and thousands of miles away from America. They even justify it on religious grounds, just like the fanatics they claim to protect us against.

and the full power of the FEDS is on the lookout today for the worstest of evil-doers–fake war heroes!

Still, our military and our police are even complicit in the deaths of Americas peace heroes.

However, Memorial Day is as good a day as any to barbeque burgers, and to fill your head with memories of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet’s. It also a holiday that was likely started by the wives and mothers of the failed American Confederacy.

And if that doesn’t murder your instinct to think things through, or to pacify your oral fixations, try a few patriotic poems. They are mind numbingly bad, and virtually guaranteed to make you not proud at all to be an American.

Here is one that is chock full of bullshit that tells us that if it weren’t for America’s hired killers—our military—we wouldn’t ha

ve no freedumb.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet bef...

Image via Wikipedia

The Ultimate Sacrifice:
A Memorial Day Poem

We set aside Memorial Day
Each and every year
To honor those who gave their lives
Defending what we hold dear.

In all the dark and deadly wars,
Their graves prove and remind us,
Our brave Americans gave their all
To put danger far behind us.

They made the ultimate sacrifice

Fighting for the American way;

We admire them and respect them
On every Memorial Day.

By Joanna Fuchs

 I don’t have time to analyze the multiple layers of deep bullshit contained in such patriotic drivel, but I can tell you that the guys who go overseas and bomb Iraqi( Colombian; Nicaraguan, El Salvadoran, Chilean, Viet Namese, Cambodian, Laotian, Chinese, Phillipine,  Afghani, –etc.) babies aren’t working for me.

My contribution to helping numb your mind is a calendar for you to use every year, when it comes time to honor the war-makers, and the war-mongers who died because America is not creative enough to come up with an economic structure that does not put murder before mental endeavors to make money. http://www.usmemorialday.org/calendar.htm

Those same guys who claim heroism by importing violence overseas, missed the boat here at home—they would “kick my ass” for impugning their bogus sense of patriotism.

Why? For having a different opinion, or for promoting peace? Or for resisting the social programming that demands I go to war “for America,” or in the very least uphold its “honor,” by complicit silence?

No: they would kick my ass in part because their mental profile includes latent homosexuality that has formed a reaction formation that makes their desire translate into urges to touch other men violently.

Oh, that and the fact that Americas entire MKULTRA created “social program” trains its children to be killing machines, and encourages violence, particularly in males. They did that throughout the 1980’s until today with vdeo games full of war, and Ritalin. They did it with MKULTRA. http://www.theblackvault.com/

These warlike males and females adulate and idealize a mindset of violence and power, at the cost of sacrificing individual impulses and sublimating  those impulses so they can “serve” their countries masses—at the actual expense of those masses . Their libidinal human impulses are replaced with impulses of idealized and ritualized violence directed at others, for the sake of power alone.

They are the physical representation of Americas dysfunctional social repression, and proof of the effectiveness of a class based and commercialized rewards system.

They are walking proof that America’s power grab after World War 2 was a grab at wider social control,( today we see a repression of rights here, while the media blabs  which was implemented in mind control programs like MKULTRA, and MONARCH and MK Delta that  went  way beyond paperwork, ‘conspiracy,’ or ‘isolated victims’ of CIA plans and schemes.

[if you are unfamiliar with these CIA programs that were used against American citizens, with the FBI’s full approval, here is a synopsis of these programs which are very much in effect today, and here are some of the very few documents that remain http://michael-robinett.com/declass/c000.htm after the CIA shredded virtually all of the evidence of what they were doing ]

These programs transcended mere patriotic songs, and slogans, and translated ideas of a commonality in individual people into a mass mentality sans individuality,  that could be controlled by the CIA and the FBI. Local police acted for them as agents to identify non-conformers, and to pro-actively label dissenters.

Our formerly draft based military is now a civilian mercenary force that goes not where freedom from repression is required—they never did ( the Congo, Haiti, Rwanda during the genocide) –but rather sells themselves collectively to whoever can pay in oil dollars for their time.

Our military are zombies, who sold themselves into an ideological program of mass social control; one that and posits that there are only two kinds of people in the world: good guys, and bad guys; evil and not evil people; for “US” and against “US”.

Real heroes die waging peace.

Gandhi died at the hands of his own bodyguards.  Martin Luther King died under the surveillance, and under the watchful eyes of the Memphis police; John F. Kennedy died while surrounded by the Secret Service.

Peace lovers mourned when John Lennon died under the watchful eyes of a CIA operative who chatted with Lennon’s assassin.


[For right wingers, conservatives, and cops—or others with mediocre intellects, and laten/repressive/oppressive tendencies, here is the cartoon version of events of how the CIA and the FBI tracked and likely assassinated Lennon, http://www.mackwhite.com/lennon.html

These modern American heroes—adrenaline charged bullies, really—make claims to risk their lives for mine.

In case there is no mistake: I never did, and never will give you my permission to make such  false and self serving claims as that you are fighting for my freedom, and withdraw the implied consent of any truly freedom loving Americans for you to parade around in our names as heroes..

You flag waving heroes are not working for the good of America, but rather you work for the consumer society—whose  heyday is coming to its twilight.

You are working for your own personalized and co-opted sense of freedumb, and getting a paycheck to do it.

And most importantly, you hired killers, if you actually gave a shit about freedom, you would create, and then spit upon the graves of those who have should fall,

One persons’ fetish of idealization for “sacrifice” is another persons realization or awareness that nature weeds out the violent and the stupid; but also that these same will kill you for non-conformity.

And, American society pays them off so that they don’t do harass, harm, or murder truly peace loving sentient beings here at home, unless directed by some mindless order to do so.

For my part, I am staying home: all those patriots out there are just looking for some excuse to be heroes, hunting the arch enemy of dead soldiers everywhere–like people who claim false heroism–instead of looking at the enemy in their own pathological personalities.

All that beer and cop-hot-dogging makes them overly brave.

So I am thinking of peace today, or in  other words, those of http://www.democraticunderground.com/

 “I’ll be spending this Memorial Day meditating on the despicable rulers named Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rice Bolton Abrams Rove etc., truly a rogues’ gallery, who are stealing the precious lives of the un-named (if Sinclair stations black out this year’s Ted Koppel reading of their names) working and poorer classes to pursue the unconscionable agenda of America’s monied[sic] “elite.http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=103×128691

Police enforce mediocrity, and conformity

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…and they will beat you, Tazer you, spy on you, and imprison you without cause under false charges–they can even break

Conformity should be rendered obscure, not books

Conformity should be rendered Obscure, not books

your arms and get away with it.

However, long before it occurs to you that you must revolt, you will likely have been beaten into submission, or set up on some false charges.

Robert M. Lindner, was a psychologist who told us a little about that in 1956, the year he died. Were it not for his concept of a Rebel Without a Cause, we would likely never hear  his name, save for a  footnote or two in the annals of psychology.

More interestingly, his work “Must We Conform?” provided a piece or two of the template of  the police personality.

Police can harass you, compile false data about you, plant evidence in “official records” about you, and attempt to set you up for crimes before you realize that you must begin to fight them back. By then it will be too late, because by then, they have won: they have created in you the exact thing that gives them their purpose, and their excuse for being.

You are outside the “norm” of mediocre.

You, resistant in the least to their brutal, unaccountable attempts to smash you into conformity, will be looked upon as criminal, and you will be abused by police and the social mechanism;  and actions that fight back, or seek to uncover their crimes at the most extraordinary end will be seen as acts of your—not their–deeper criminality, and threat to “society.”

Sadly, “American society”is not on the side of individuals, and has grown to the bloated and untenable position in the world of exporting violence for oil, and believing in lies before truths, as they defer only to “official sources,” and “scientific opinions”, or art that takes only the form of propaganda;  and a media that guides them like sheep.

Ironically, if you don’t believe me, Google “American Society”. Before you get even one hit on our actual society, you get auto-suggestions at the top of the listings, and The American society of Plastic Surgeons, right at the top.

If that isn’t a suggestion of the importance of enforced conformity, what is?. When you actually get the results, Wikipedia’s definition of the term is on the top, followed immediately by the American Cancer Society. This is how Google, even, ranks the importance of American society.

Robert M. Lindner’s “Must We Conform?”

In the specific context of this blog, and its purpose, one can understand the police personality and the violence they exert over the non-conformist with the translational lens of Freudian pro-script, but we must look upon the Freudians as what I think they really were, as philosophers-doctors who were on to something about the organic mind; an organ with biological impulses in contrast to imposed societal structures that influenced the mind.

But Freud alone isn’t going to supply the answer for why American society has become overly afraid, and willing to kill others first, ask questions later; to character assassinate others first,  find facts later; to criminalize one type of mind over another type of mind.

Whereas the individual struggles daily with the contradictions of hypocrisy in the social condition, or marginalization at the hands of the mass, the police are many things, but what they are not are individual, humane, or clever; intellectual or creative in interpreting causes of individual impulse.

What police are is the antithesis of what one should be, as, in the words of psychiatrist Robert M. Lindner, police and others in the social order are “psychopaths,” and, as the conformity enforcers of the “mass” they have become the ‘ leaders’ of the common Americans .’

We should not be, nor should we consent to be,  ruled by psychopaths.

Lindner’s book, written in 1944 was  called Rebel Without a Cause: The Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath, the title of which, and some of the essence of substance, was later adopted in the famous 1955 James Dean movie, Rebel Without a Causewhich has been added to the preserved films of the United States Library of Congress‘s National Film Registry as being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

Without digressing into the endless loop of discussion of how flawed Lindner’s hypoanalysis was in that case, or wade into Freudian practices and beliefs have been refuted or debunked, critiqued ad infinitum, and debased in modern mans eye’s, there are ideas and concepts that were described by these early Freudian philosophers which remain as pertinent today as they were then.

Lindner wrote, In  his 1954 book “ Must We Conform?” in regards to the end-stages of any given civilization, that the appearance of a “new” breed of men, “whose genesis may be discovered among the conditions that conspire to petrify the forms by which the given civilization or society has chosen to express itself.

“These men, I think, are always psychopathic, dedicated to action and violence rather than the contemplation and compassion.”

He was talking about a modern police state, like Stalin, Hitler, and the emergent McCarthyism and its ominous presence in America.

“They prepare the way for the elevation of a Leader, and on his assumption, and thereafter in his name, rule. He in turn, carries the unconscious drama one step further by getting himself killed and immolated. By his death, he brings about the blood bath in which the civilization dissolves; while elsewhere another society is being born—to follow the same unconsciously motivated timeless cycle.”

Without unpacking all that is Freudian and arguable in Lindners’ statement, what is important is his belief that the leaders of modern (“mass men” as he called them) humans are always psychopathic, and always the violent, action driven antithesis of contemplation, or compassion.

That describes the police mind to a fault.

Henceforth, they are driven by violent, murderous impulses, and that has wide ranging implications for interpreting what the American society has become: a society that is ruled only by the violent overlords; oppressors of freedom, intellect, creativity, or compassionate interpretations of the actions of those who are different.

Rarely, they themselves rebel against their own positions, and do good in the world through individual acts of rebellion against their own violent natures. But those rebellions carry a cost, as Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich of Minneapolis can now testify.

Police are the primary upholders, trend setters and  brutal enforcers of mediocrity. Anyone different will be persecuted, marginalized,  and contained until hyper-masculinized police power  can control, displace, or otherwise conquer ones lack of desire to compete for the position of either a leader or a follower of the mediocre.

You must adjust, writes Lindner.’ Adjustment is the element of humanity that the oppressor seeks, your compliance to its authority at all times is the adjustment they seek; your eradication of individuality, and its consummation by the collective “herd” ,’as he calls it.

You must adjust, he writes, is  ‘the command above the door of every church, synagogue, cathedral—your passport to salvation. They have conspired in the name of the spirit against the spirit of man—though most of them were founded upon protest, and rebellion, these are now the things they hold in horror.’

You must adjust. Is ‘the slogan emblazoned on the banners of all political parties; modern man is homo politicus…Love, hate, friendship, enmity—these have come to have political significance,’and have become the bartering chips of our American society—the transactional devices of deciding who the police can, and cannot victimize.

But there is no freedom even here, since conformity is of the essence of all the political organizations that rule over us. Paradoxically, the systems that most loudly proclaim the right of human liberty, and offer themselves as instruments of change are those systems which oppress most heavily.’

The surrender of individuality is urged, or forced…In the congealing amber of politics the individual is pressed and imprisoned.”

Lindner most presciently anticipated the state of affairs the U.S. is in today, with police misconduct the norm, not the exception, largely because “The sciences have sold themselves to the status quo,” he writes.

“For psychiatry, psychology, and the medical or social arts that depend from them have become devil’s advocates, and sorcerers’ apprentices of conformity. Joined in the criminal conspiracy against human nature, they have poisoned the last oasis for the relief of man. Of all the betrayals, their treachery has been the greatest…equating protest with madness, and non-conformity with neurosis…they labor with art and skill to gut the flame that burns eternally at the core of being. “

These sciences, and the highly politicized and polarizing debates in the hard sciences are especially noteworthy because they are in essence the root cause of the condition of over-policing and poor policing that we suffer from today.

Especially noteworthy as the linkage and unholy matrimony of feminist rape culture studies, or rapeology , allied with polarizing academic liberals,  and police science that has birthed upon our nation children that willingly assume gender based, war-like postures from birth, and police are a reaction formation against the idea of weakness, or the possibility that they themselves could be raped [ this is a subject for a later post].

Hence, our society depends almost exclusively on men being in fear of weakness–fear of being raped, but worse, by living in fear of discussing it.

Modern American media, which is composed of only five companies  [ video here  ],  caters to men who uphold violence based endeavors, like  ESPN, and Bill O’Reilly, ensuring that different versions of male psyche are diffused, demeaned, or demonized.

They cater to women who are indoctrinated through Oprah, the View, and such other propaganda to believe that they are perpetual victims of men (but not men who are police or police structure affiliated; that is a forbidden dialogue); meanwhile every other show on television panders to the false notion that police are heroes of one kind or another, rather than psychopaths who have bullied themselves into the American mind.

And all media perpetuate the myth that police are safe for your children, and provide “idols” who kids look up to, with a constant stream of police “drama” ( cop porn).

Our media carries stories of the ongoing wars that our society has groomed men and some women to fight, and herald’s police dogs as heroes , and punctuates them side by side with the story that rape of women and girls is everywhere, even in your backyard or shed. Never mind that actual stranger rapes are  incredibly rare  in America, or worse, that in the story above, some residents say the girl herself was complicit.

Rather than asking if rape culture is growing, we should question the very bizarre projection, and sexual fetishization of women, and girls at the expense of discussing males or male sexuality in positive terms.

We should question whether and how much our government and our CIA is involved in production of pornography as a tool of social control, rather than repeating CIA disinformation about bin Ladens purported porn stash  [ and we should be re-visiting this odd state of American sexuality and its connection to the notorious CIA  projects MKULTRA and MONARCH which used children as sex slaves  and here ];  and  question an even more bizarre American society bent on the corruption of the natural and basic sexual impulses of human beings.

Lindner wrote at a time when shock therapy and lobotomies were being used on human beings—he wrote that if the psychiatrists, and the drugs and psychotropic dopes; if the evil madness of psychiatrists aligning themselves with the status quo; and if the literature and the “soft persuasion and counsel that apes wisdom” doesn’t “cure” men into conformity, and level him with the “mass,” then

there remains in the arsenals of adjustment  the ultimate weapons: the little black box for shock therapy, and the swift and silent knife for psycho surgery. From the skies the lightning and thunder are stolen to be discharged into the brain, the seat of reason, the home of evolution, and the treasury of manhood. In the convulsion that follows, resistance ebbs and another sheep is added to the flock…”cured” of his humanity.”

Reagan closed the asylums, and Americans built jails to house the mentally ill, right alongside the actual rapist, and murderers. Freudian psychoanalysis was replaced with American drug conglomerates, the dope dealers replaced with scientific opinions that work toward conformity, and against freedom.

I posit that the police powers and their Tazers have replaced shock therapy, and in collusion with media produce the dull-minded programs and propaganda like scared straight, rather than examine the root cause of social dysfunction in America .

Despite the modern trend to debunk the Freudians, the psychologists are as Lindner predicted: merely tools of the police power structure, in collusion with conformist visions of “society,” rather than visionary visions of peaceful possibility.

Cops are rapists.

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…and rape ideology is a powerful tool of social control that can backfire–even on cops.

two likely rapists: cops

New York Police Officers Franklin Mata and Kenneth Moreno, likely rapists

You might have missed this story about some  rapist cops in New York, Franklin Mata and Kenneth Moreno,  while you were following this story, about IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who sits in jail at Rikers Island, likely falsely accused of rape by a woman, a hotel maid who has might have  AIDS. Never mind what kind of character is a woman who contracts AIDS; never mind the debate about power and oppression, and women doing what women have always done to make a side dollar–from selling sex, to blackmail; the hard fact is that it looks like a CIA set-up. Or a right-wing French police set-up in full collusion with American police.

The anatomy of a honey-pot set-up, 101

a) create a victim through indoctrination b) plant female victim in proper location ( in this case the Sofitel) c) wait for the right ‘client’ to show up  d) go to the press before it goes to trial ( in this case, DSK is being tried in the American press; his “victim’s” lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, has virtually told her whole side of the story in the media, yet we do not have a right to know her name?)  e) immediately believe the  female victim, and label the male a perpetrator and f)  use full police powers of evidence manipulation and to seal the deal against a guy before he even gets bailed out–especially, hide, or otherwise overlook exculpatory evidence that could prove a man innocent before a trial is even needed.

In the case of Strauss-Kahn, he even predicted that his opponents would try to set him up on a rape charge weeks before he came to New York.  CNN reports that “Three weeks ago — well before his visit to the New York Sofitel –Strauss-Kahn, who had been considered a leading contender for the French presidential elections next year, discussed the possibility of a woman falsely claiming he attacked her.

In an interview April 28 with the French daily newspaper Liberation, he imagined “a woman who would be raped in a parking lot and who would then be promised 500,000 or a million euros to invent such a story,” the paper reported in an article published Monday, two days after the alleged attempted rape..

So, the “you might have missed it story is the fact that police are being tried as rapists in a rare moment when the police might actually have policed themselves. Well, not the police, directly. The District Attorney is prosecuting the case, so it might be one rare exception to the rule that prosecutors and police are always in collusion together. That’s true 99% of the time, and only when a prosecutor has a slam dunk do they prosecute cops.

Police OfficerKenneth Moreno, 43, is accused of raping the woman, a fashion executive, as his partner, [Officer] Franklin Mata, 29, stood lookout,” and they might have gotten away with it too, except the woman recorded them conspiring. Rape, the rape ideologists tell us, is a crime of power, and who has more social power than police?

The victim in this case might have turned the tables with her recording. Tape recorders are powerful tools of self defense against police brutality.

“The two were arrested in April 2009 after the victim, using a watch equipped with a microphone, covertly taped a conversation with Moreno in which he said he wore a condom.”

Worse, the cops claimed the woman was too drunk to know what hit her, but once again, her case might be aided by the fact that there is a recorded video and “outdoor surveillance camera footage of the victim entering the apartment building on the night of the incident shows she was more sober than prosecutors allege.”

The jury is out deliberating, but it is rare to see cops prosecuted for their misconduct.  Even more rare that a rape claim is substantiated,much less against a cop,  but in this case, it looks like the chicken has come home to roost, because rape ideology is a dangerous tool of police strategy, population control, and overall ideology of social control, and it backfired on them here.

Rape culture is a term used within women’s studies and feminism, describing a culture in which rape and sexual violence against women are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or tolerate sexual violence against women. Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming and sexual objectification.  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did you notice anything that was left out in that description and definition? No where is there a mention of what women do to children or what women do to men who are under their control. Nowhere is there any statement of the fact that the attitudes, norms, and the practices of our culture, in collusion with the media, and enforced by women who believe in police share any responsiblity for police violence that is directed at men in our society. Violence begets violence.

The one crucial detail that is missing is this: American women uphold, encourage, and instill in their children behaviors that lead to male violence as long as that violence is directed at  males. And nowhere in this discussion is there a glimmering of what women can do to children to instill that violence component. What kind of woman raises a cop? Certainly, a Freudian profile explains it a bit, but what does it take to create a person who by its very nature is the progenitor of violent social control?

Police are the primary entities who are the tools, and bi-products of women who believe in violence. They uphold the flawed logic–the fallacy of the “rape culture,”  which is a narrowly tailored doctrine that feminists and other politically motivated people have suggested is the basis of American society, if not the worlds society as a whole; and therein lies the rub.

Feminists believe that their holes are the object that men desire, and that men, having power, will do anything to maintain that power, or to hold that power over women. There’s part of the problem: have you ever met a feminist? That’s a hole you don’t ever want to fall into…

The flaw in rape culture logic is that women like power too, and use it over men who fall into relationships with them, and these women excercise that power over the possible or eventual children that are bi-products of those hetero-normative relationships.Women are, and always have been, the primary selectors of mates, and create the  biproducts that reflect their values–children who are violent.

Women like failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, helped put the lie of the rape culture into America’s vernacular, and whereas only now are actual rapes being dealt with in places where rape actually take place–like Africa. Women like her also helped put more cops in your homes by stirring up a phantom fear that American women were being raped.

With the mythology of the rape culture, and a  street level indoctrination campaign that maintains women are raped far more frequently than actually happens, your police willingly followed her lead. Why? Because statistic generating public fear campaigns are how police and pundits make their living, and so does your mother.

Why? Because “Yo Mama’s so nasty she joined the four horseman: war, death, famine, disease and Yo mama

Any child of the ghetto culture, and any trailer trash kid [ the primary targets of police violence] can tell you a “yo’ mama” joke, and we could engage in discussions about how those jokes are products of a culture that abuses women, and that these jokes are a symbolic abuse of mothers.

But the reality is, these jokes reflect the common, lived and shared experience of being ‘mothered’ in America. The fact is that this reflection of America is one of the few cracks at the seams of your mamas new jeans, and America condones, accepts, expects, and enforces nasty mothers.

It is primarily women in America who uphold and support the rape culture, because women in America are fully supported–if not outright by government tax dollars and welfare–they are supported by the police structure that inserts itself into the relationships between men and women. And men are often raped, but it is unmanly to talk about it. American women only affirm it.

Forget Betsy Ross, or Martha Washington–our modern nation, America, has found in its women, mothers that are willing allies who create violence prone males and females, and our nation leads the world in undeclared wars, and in deaths caused by invasions of foreign countries.Americas mothers have created children responsible for over one hundred thousand Iraqi’s, another twenty thousand deaths in Afghanistan, and counting in other places around the world. Injuries are upwards of 300, 000.

American mothers excercise power over children, and that power is often abused. It takes a severe form of social dysfunction to allow the creation of murderers.  THis, and the fact that the police power and the social mechanisms that uphold it are responsible for the current over-policing of the poor, and the dissenters, is to a point where American citizens recently, and willingly gave up there Constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure; against unlawful imprisonment without trial; and rights that protected us against torture.

Since when does yo’ mama need permission to come into your bedroom? Neither do the American  police. We have nothing to say anymore about how the “enemies of America” abuse civil rights.

Yo mama’s so nasty, the US Government uses her bath water for chemical weapons, and when she didn’t find chemical weapons in Iraq’s bedroom , she invaded anyways and said she did find them; You allowed it. To you, the lie is more important–and more potent, than the truth about yo’ mama.

It seems the lies yo’ mama tells are better than the truth, and the biggest lie we tell in America is about yo’ mama’s creation of police who abuse American citizens. Or maybe the bigger lie we tell is that lie of omission: the fact that women’s threats, women’s violence, and coercive conduct and behavior directed at children creates cops, and creates a police state, and those mothers and those cops sanction the unspeakable crime of rape against men.

But the fact is, Dominique Strauss-Kahn predicted the possibility of being set up, and two of New York’s finest are awaiting their guilty verdict–but you never heard about them, because they are rapists and cops, protected by the media, and birthed by American mothers.

If the honey trap is an acceptable tool of social control, we should use it more often–on cops, before we become everything we were taught to abhor about foreign governments.

Here is a Wikipedia link that appears to be straight out of some lower level CIA handbook, a “How To” manual of recruiting women like the un-named  “victim” from Guinea. However despicable rape ideology is as a tool of social control in America, where women can leverage men with false allegations that waste time and resources,  rape ideologies most striking failure is to prevent actual rape from happening; its most striking failure to actually describe the problem is most evident in the Congo today, where upwards of millions of rapes have been taking place over the last several years.

So maybe the solution is that we raise girls who become women who accuse police and soldiers of rape, not to even the score, but to balance a society that only upholds police power, and convicts innocent men before due process has run its course, but also protects the names and faces of women who falsely accuse.

American women face no penalties for false allegations, so maybe it’s time to tilt those allegations at the police. One more lie in the American arsenal of untruth does not make a tool, but rather, it is a hammer hit on our own thumbs.

(Just a side-note: as I wrote this post, I was cyber-attacked or hacked three separate times. In each case, many of the words I had typed were not saved to backup, and many of the links I had used had not been auto-saved. Some of my content was lost. At one point, some kind of attack that used the language “infinite loop” occured, and at another point, Google defaulted only to Arabic. Has this attack happened to you? I am sure it is some SigInt prank, but also likely a clear monitoring of dissent in action. Ask yourself what kind of nation you want; I choose one that is truly free, not one leveraged into oblivion by lies, and police state control. Free speech is next.)