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Police manipulate internet resources

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Maybe J Edgar Hoover, founding father of the FBI and rumoured notorious drag queen, is hiding in my internet closet.

To any and all fellow bloggers, IT professionals, et al: have you ever noticed how slow/impossible your computer connection becomes when you write about the sort of things we write about here?

To make matters worse, today somehow I cannot create content links using the simple WordPress Insert button! I have to go “bareback” and use HTML!

I am seeking advice, and anecdotes of similar experiences.

It is classic paranoia to believe that “someone is hiding in my internet,” and many resort to “fighting back”, but it becomes a factual experience if others are aware of it too. In the very least, it is my theory that the military, FBI, and its related programs of Echelon and the now deceased Carnivore and whatever substitutes have taken their place have more than one function. The basic function the government tells us is that these are “listening” programs, i.e., they “listen for keywords” and conversations of terrorists, and “people suspected of crimes” etc.

However, I believe that they have other functions as well, not least of which is to slow down, mis-direct pages and links, or otherwise interfere with conversations they don’t want civilians to have–conversations like, um, POLICE MISCONDUCT and BRUTALITY.

It may be paranoid, but I ain’t the only one who noticed. So, in this light, here are some basics of my theory:

1) Echelon, Carnivore, the FBI et al are actually deliberately causing internet chat to slow down, so that they essentially can alter the outcome of conversation.

2) Programs in place that claim to “monitor” internet activity are actually used to alter the speed, and content of that delivery.

3) rather than they claim, the intent of internet surveillance is actually to inhibit, cvontrol the flow of, or stop certain memes, ideas, and conversational “transactions.”

4) Sites, like ours here, are not only monitored, but also directly interfered with in order that police powers can manipulate data, and alter speech patterns.

5) Police rely on page redirection and the manipulation of browser search results to alter human perception.

6) the tools employed by the FBI, et al can actually be used to create and then manipulate evidence, not merely “track it.”

So in short, the government practices a form of prior restraint of ideas, with some of the tactics outlined above, and tat’s food for thought.

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