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American Police envy, emulate “communist” power

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Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

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It takes an hour to two hours to write a blog entry; it took Saint Paul Police Department over five days ( and counting) from the time I posted this, until the time that department updated its official story about Gerald Vick (here), so that they could counter my opinion, and prompt me to link to their content–I couldn’t resist.

That link was put up on May 6th. I can only presume it is an amazing coincidence, or proof that police not only monitor your and my internet in real time, but also that they have a tendency to alter, manipulate, or otherwise fuck up the IP trails and link logging of “our” American  internet.

During the time, from April 29th when I wrote about police cowardice,  to May 6th, I have watched police cruise by where I was writing these posts; I have observed the overly blond and bulky jar headed men and women observe me when I am writing these posts ( most cops stick out in public, no matter how silly they look in civilian clothes– a topic for a later post); I have noticed how slow the internet connection becomes when I write: but never so slow as on May 1st of this year, two days after I wrote about Vick,  one of their “fallen.”

What does this mean? Does it mean that well intentioned, public servants are doing there jobs, fastidiously monitoring the internet for “evildoers?” Does it mean that the police are doing their constitutionally mandated jobs of protecting citizens? And if so, what are they protecting you/us from? Us?

Free speech is such a dangerous concept here in America, that many Americans are afraid of it . We have nothing on the “communists” or the “terrorists” when it comes to claiming higher ground anymore.

I will demonstrate that the American police and all of their cyber-snooping–which can land you in jail— are actually invading privacy, limiting dissent, and attempting to intimidate any calls for reform or oversight in their ranks; and not least, they are actively waging war against freedom of speech, the very basis of “American” philosophy. Here is the link that they have created to monitor this blog, one more time.

I thought only the “evil” communists monitored their internet to squash dissent; that only ‘evil regimes’ and “bad guys” didn’t believe in free speech.That’s what we are told.”China clamps down on dissent”  and here , and here, and China has a “great firewall” that limits free speech. But how do you explain this activity, directed against this blog, from Americans, TO Americans?

Russia, as usual, is ambiguous about its plans for the internet, first talking of a crackdown , and then denying it . That’s what Russians do these days as they court western favor.

If in fact what we hear is true about China’s control of the internet; and if what we hear is true of China’s police, I would be perfectly happy living in China, because at least there, I could assist their police, and monitor Americans who monitor other Americans–that would be a really fun job! Propaganda support tech for a nation that needs me…

China, in the very least, has made the greatest leap forward between the two “communist” countries: at least they are not ruled by a dictator, like Vladimir Putin. Have you noticed that our media never calls Putin a dictator? I have: I wonder if it’s related to the statement George Bush made, that  ‘things would be easier’ for him if he were a dictator. I don’t know–two Bush’s in office for twenty of the last thirty plus years may not be a dic6tatorship, but it sure is an ‘oligarchy’ backed by police power.

Does that sound “unpatriotic?” No more, and no less un-American than anyone who tolerates the level of police snooping that is going on in America today, and no less patriotic than Americans who are spying on Americans in America.

Does that make me an enemy of the state? I was already there before I wrote this post.Follow the link one more time and leave your IP address on the police hit counter–who knows what may come next? “A knock at your door.”

As it turns out, Karl Marx was right : the American middle class “will fall, and fall forever,” not least because they have sold their rights to speak, or listen freely to the police.

  1. […] I don’t really need an answer either, because I know the answer. For the last several decades, America has inserted police into every day affairs, and into every television show, in a mass propaganda campaign to cause us to “respect the police,” “fear the police,” and especially to NOT QUESTION POLICE AUTHORITY. […]

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