Justice For-All

About us: We want to publish personal data about police, and make them less anonymous.

We seek any and all data and personal details that anyone would like to submit in regards to the home addresses, living habits, or other personal data about any police officer that has done them or someone you know wrong; We seek personal data, the data that identifies them as citizens, information about officers at any level of policing in general that we can use to de-mystify their privacy, as they have invaded ours.

By police we mean: FBI, CIA, local law enforcement, soldiers in positions of authority ( we have no desire to make the jobs of buck privates any more difficult or banal) or any other of the many versions of the species.

 I want to make this a site of surveillance against those who so easily abrogate our constitutional rights of personal privacy, and those who hide behind badges to be revealed publicly.

Any and all assistance will be appreciated. Leave a comment,or send an e-mail!

  1. Why is it that people without college educations or psychological assessments are allowed to carry guns, interpret , and enforce our country’s laws?

    • I wouldn’t say they don’t have college educations–most departments require them to have a bachelors degree,and many cops actually have masters degrees.The problem isn’t that cops are “dumb” in some regard, but rather, they are “smart” within their circle–the circle of police “science”, a large portion of which is designed to indoctrinate them into a “specialized” understanding of themselves as actors in opposition to everybody else.

      As for psychological assessments, police study how to lie on such tests, and thus the most sneaky, or true sociopaths, pass the tests. They even study how tolie to juries when they are caught! http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/05/24/2011-05-24_rapecop_jury_asks_to_check_accusers_tale.html

  2. […] About us: We want to publish personal data about police, and make them less anonymous. […]

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