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American police censor, manipulate Americas internet

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..and worse, they may be planting what could be called “evidence” on your computer as well. They have the means, the motive,and the technology.

Yesterday, as i wrote, my internet connection, and the act of “thinking and writing” was hijacked, and replaced; rerouted, and redirected, while I was in the middle of the writing

Sadly, the IP trail points to the possibility that the United States government had something to do with it.

It is by now a well known fact that as the United States of America censors the internet. As the U.S. decries abuses of power and instances of internet censorship or close control by cloistered middle-eastern governments like Iran, and inserts itself into every argument that Google has with the Chinese, we have allowed the same thing to happen here.

Equally challenging, if not outright dangerous, is that we have allowed our Nation’s military and spy powers to listen in on our phone conversations, and our internet connections.

The government, in making or  manufacturing a case against a citizen, they can now listen to that citizen discuss the case with a lawyer, and by listening in, the government can pre-empt the citizen’s case strategy, circumventing justice by strategizing against the right of unreasonable search and seizure of one’s protected conversation.

Or, they can monitor your internet connection, and based solely on your website visits, develop an FBI profile of you that you would never know about until it was too late. That type of profiling has already taken place,  and it is against the citizen’s right of due process of the law.

“Instead of recording only what a particular suspect is doing, agents conducting investigations appear to be assembling the activities of thousands of Internet users at a time into massive databases, according to current and former officials. That database can subsequently be queried for names, e-mail addresses or keywords.”

“What they’re doing is even worse than Carnivore,” said Kevin Bankston, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Carnivore was another program that they used to spy on citizens even before 9/11.  (For the paranoid out there, you can get a glimpse of exactly what they might be sending in and out of your computer using a tool called a “packet-sniffer”. Here is a free one  )

But the worst of all might be happening right now, and you won’t know about it until you get the “knock at your door.”

Police rarely spy on their own kind, and when they do it is almost accidental, and kind of comical.  But they routinely spy on us, and the foot soldier beat cops plant evidence all the time.{ here, herehere, here,  and endlessly, everywhere you look)

While citizens of other nations like Turkey take a stand against such internet censorship,  and China debates how to deal with the issue of western propaganda ( UFO’s, and God,endless global war,  and magic–all that crap that is ruining the minds of American children)and how to stop it from leaking into the minds of its children, our government engages in cyber-warfare, and that warfare has spilled over to its own citizens.

When the White House web page was hacked,our government blamed China, when in fact it was likely just a bunch of Chinese kids – really smart kids–but the attack was not tied to Chinas government. It was a prank.

The CIA—who has been warning us about how evil the Chinese are for over 50 years– ran with it, and accused the Chinese of engineering attacks. A lie of course (and who can beat the CIA at that?). But it was enough of a lie that the average U.S. citizen had one more reason to shake a fist at the east, rather than looking inward at its governments lies.

So, when our government, who has only and indisputably taken a path to eradicate the rights that we hold dear, rights like freedom of speech and press ( which relate directly to internet use), freedom against warrantless searches, and freedom to merely “pursue happiness,” we can only infer darker objectives than the protection of those freedoms, and infer it twice if, when on the internet, we are hijacked for reading alternative news, or material that represents another perspective other than the growing neo-fascist  American mindset.

The United States had long accused communist nations, and Islamic nations, and socialist nations of depriving citizens of freedoms, as well as creating phony legal cases against its citizens in order to smash dissent; but when our nation stepped onto the slippery slope of spying against our own, and repression, all bets were off.

Our nation is now responsible for imprisoning and torturing American citizens, killing citizens of other nations without due process, and war crimes against citizens of other nations.

How often do we hear some entitled idiot say “I don’t care if they spy on my phone or my internets, I ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong.”?

What about every time your phone or connection is hijacked by some pop-up, or virus? Did it ever occur to you, as you look at Al Jazeera for the latest news in Iraq, or Afghanistan , that your pop-up might actually be leaving a cyber-trail to places you did not want to go?

Did it occur to you that just because you read Al Jazeera, that some pimple faced, X-box playing IT-trained soldier could be sitting in the Phillipines, or Iraq and actually leading you through some experiment ordered by his superiors? Because your ‘profile’—after all , terrorists read Al Jazeera—fits the type; that he or she might be reading along with you?

What if he/she decides to throw you a pop-up, or a re-direct, so they can follow your behavior, and add to your profile? Another mindless cog in a world-wide wheel has the power to reroute your actual browser requests, and replace them with wheel-cog grease.

And what if they throw you something worse, which sits in a folder in your system until you have been determined to be either a “good guy“, or a “bad guy“? Then, what happens when you give that computer to grandma?

Do you gamble online? Every time your redirected offshore, it could be to a U.S. government data base, and it could be leaving traces of things behind; it could even be opening a “back door” and mining your personal photos, or mindlessly routing other traffic through you.

How about porn? Sure, it’s legal, and quite free—but did you ever notice what the pop-us and redirects leave behind? Probably not, but they did make a mess, and that mess can be a useful tool to gain your compliance somewhere in the future. And the data left behind, especially if it made it into your “profile,” might say nothing about you at all, but to them? Well, you might one day NOT run for president…

The fact that you don’t care, or allow them to spy on your connection means you also allow them to do that to others as well. In order for them to spy on an individual, they assemble hundreds of thousands of cyber-profiles gleaned from routers and switches that connect with hundreds of thousands of other peoples connections.

Your mother; your grandmother; dear old dad, and the grand kids. All the data goes into a database, and then that base is routinely referenced and cross referenced for keywords and e-mail addresses. Referenced FOREVER. Worse, every couple of years, some pimple faced IT kid in some branch of our military or police structure gets to look at it.

How do your tax returns look? Remember that charitable donation to your Uncle Sal—the one he bought the boat with? How will it compare to others in 10 years? It is all of the power of the IRS, but flagged, or red flagged, and amplified by infinity. How about your kid’s baby pictures?

And what if at some point those smart Chinese kid hackers grow up and gain your data? Personally, I could trust them with it: it’s the Russian Mob, the Nigerian 419’er, and the FBI that I don’t—they have all shown themselves more than willing to break fundamental laws to gain their purposes.  Only the latter has consistently shown a disdain for Civil Rights, and the law itself[  here, and here, here– well you get the idea.] and more than once is federal police power unaccountable for its law breaking scandals [ here, here, here ], but worst of all: you have nothing to say about it.

Why? because the internet is forever. Privacy? Not for long with you around.

It is the social equivalent of you believing that because you keep your curtains open, anyone who prefers privacy must have something to hide; and the social equivalent of you believing that you have a right to peak into someone else’s curtains.

You don’t, it’s against the law, and your belief might one day backfire, because you never know who else is on those same routers, and those same switches —and you definitely don’t know ‘who knows who’, until you wake up with an enemy you never knew you had—right here at home, in the good ol’ USA.

So what does that make you, with your belief in rights to look into someone else’s curtains? And what will stop them from planting evidence on your computer? Your continued silence about our nation’s censorship and other abuses is your guarantee? What’s your mothers, or fathers, or kids, or neighbors privacy guarantee?

It certainly isn’t you. You are the broken link in the security chain.

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