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and the FBI: they are fundamentally all liars. 

Study finds that Police are likely to lie on an MMPI mental health evaluation in order to gain employment…

But the FBI concludes that there is virtually no similarity between cops–whose jobs depend upon releasing violence onto the community as much as it is to protect a community from violence–and domestic violence “perpetrators”, who are often victims themselves. Worse, the study is fundamentally flawed because it overlooks one crucial detail: cops are liars, both by nature, and by training.

Don’t believe me? Just ask former prosecutor Val Van Brocklin, who not only condones police lies, but trains them to be “better liars”.

The study asks itself “Is the “Police Personality” Predisposed To Domestic Violence?” 

Published by Michael G. Aamodt of Radford University, Jo Anne Brewster of James Madison University, and Bobbie L. Raynes of Personnel Research Associates, Inc., it answers its own pre-disposed assumption, that police are ‘not’ like other men and women who are predisposed to violence, aggression, and the manipulations and coercion that comprise the spectrum of domestic violence.

Which, of course, is a lie.

Yet evidence has been emerging for years that there is a struggle between telling the truth about what kind of people the police really are, both as a group, and as an insular, often incestuous society in and of themselves– and societies desire to deny the malevolent sociopathy of the people who we cal “law enforcers”; and lastly, against the greater interest of telling the truth about police who perpetrate some of the most horrific crimes in America.

 So, social mechanisms like the gatekeeping effect and  ‘ trusting official sources’ encourages the general population to trust what comprises the police and police state mechanisms, rather than their own eyes and ears when it comes ro police brutality, set-ups, and other forms of police crimes against humanity.

In one study from 1998, which was backed by the FBI as part of  its mission of gatekeeping and disinformation campaigns, compared the police psyche to that of domestic violence “perpetrators”, many similarities were found between the two profiles of domestic violence perpetrators, and the police. Yet the entire study was a tool sanctioned by the FBI and used as official minimization of FBI misconduct, and other police malfeasance

However, one rare point of fairness to the study, it remarkably concludes that police “may have been more motivated than the batterers to present unrealistically favorable impressions of themselves, as they were most likely evaluated in the context of an application for employment. The police officers reported fewer symptoms and problems in their lives, which may or may not be an accurate reflection of their situations.”

So, police are not only liars, but manipulators too. Sadly, even this fact becomes a coded opportunity from the FBI to provide information to potential FBI agents, and encourage the police and wannabe police to lie on job applications and especially to lie on the MMPI. Disinformation works both ways: as code for wrong doers like cops, and also as false information provided to a duped populace.

 The coded phrase that any cop who reads the article in preparation for an MMPI is  “Of course, it can also be argued that the individual who obtains an MMPI profile similar to that obtained by the overall batterer group, or a profile similar to any identified subtype of the batterer group, should not be accepted as a police officer in the first place,as the same characteristics that might contribute to domestic violence might also be expected to lead to other types of inappropriate behavior on the job.”

Which translates to cop-speak as if you want to get hired, “lie on the MMPI”.

It seems that the only major difference between a so-called batterer and a cop who takes the MMPI is that the “batterer” has to take the test after having been put through the ultimate stresses of the legal system,with no expectation of a reward, and no incentive to lie, whereas the police are motivated to lie in order to “pass the test” and move in to employment. Once employment is obtained, the police are rewarded for lying, and lying thus becomes the cornerstone of their very careers.

As anyone who has ever been lied to knows, lies are a form of mental cruelty, and a primary form of non-physical violence, so here are some resources for you to use ro study police, and the lies they tell.

So rule number one: NEVER TALK TO POLICE; they are trained to lie, and the lie they tell about your enemy could easily be turned into a lie about you. Whatever you say to a cop will be turned into cop code, and used for or against a case they are trying to make.

Following are some links about police lies, and the first one is a good article detailing the kind of material that police and FBI candidates study ( you and I might study botany, mechanics, food preparation, or gardening, but cops study how to lie, how to manipulate captive subjects, and a host of other forms of violence).

How to lie; a virtual police manual: http://www.wikihow.com/Lie

NEVER TALK TO POLICE: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/43037.html

Police lies add up to lost taxpayer dollars: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123319367364627211.html\

When Police officers Lie: http://lawenforcementcorruption.blogspot.com/2009/02/when-police-officers-lie.html

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  2. […] Profile the Police, and the FBI: they are fundamentally all liars. (fightthepolice.wordpress.com) […]

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