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Here’s some news I can get behind–cops getting shot at.

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –An attack on one or two police officers is like an attack against the entire department.* Most Minneapolis police officers out on patrol are on high alert a day after two of their own were shot at after a traffic stop.

They are making sure they continue to provide quality police service while also watching their own backs.

Officer Lora Hanks knows the neighborhood well where the shooting happened, near Lowry and Penn avenues.

“I’ve been doing this for 17 years and everyday I go to work, I enjoy it, I look forward to it. I love what I do,” she said.

Hanks and other officers are on alert after two of their own were fired on during a routine traffic stop.”


* An attack on one is an attack on all: think hornets nest, chimpanzee troupe, or dog pack. Then, re-imagine individuality, and individual accountability.



Isn’t it amazing how few people actually know  about the effects of police brutality on people who have been brutalized by cops? Violence begets violence–duh. Makes me wanna holler.

And they bring it on themselves, because overarmed, authoritarian adrenalin junkies, unchecked, breed a climate of aggression. The area where civilians are alleged to have fired on cops is a notorious training ground for police brutality in Minneapolis, right over by the Lowry Bridge, where Minneapolis cops have historically beaten, lynched, and forced ‘confessions’ out of people.

Routine traffic stop, translated into human language from cop gibberish, means that someone was profiled, stopped, and their car was being towed, which is a money making police racket.  A shakedown, usually directed at the lower classes, and racial minorities, for whom the loss of a car can mean loss of a job, or loss of food for their kids.

Maybe if the police were properly and regularly policed, these things wouldn’t happen. Then again, what would all those police do with for their adrenalin fix, if they aren’t creating, and then policing criminals, and targeting minority neighborhoods?

It reminds me of this guy. Maybe these guys are the beginning of an overdue revolution, or maybe they have just had enough of the selective brutality heaped upon the poor, the vulnerable, and the mentally ill.

Either way, it is kind of cool that someone out there knows who their enemy is–but too bad they can’t shoot worth a shit.

Imagine if we didn’t give cops badges and guns? Or imagine if we addressed the fact that the cops are one strong-arm of a money making scheme directed at the poor? Can you imagine a society with them out there as civilians, finding a way to get their adrenalin fix–a way to get their privacy violations hard on?

Cops are criminals by nature, and by nurture.

There is no evidence at this time that shots were even fired AT the police by a civilian–as these two are rookies, except for there word for it. And a cops word ain’t worth shit, and worth less than the paper their words are scribbled on in cop gibberish.

For all we know, it was cops shooting at cops to cause the public opinion that there is more danger than there really is. Job security.


About bad writing, and cyber war waged against citizens: prior restraint has a new meaning.

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Apologies to the two or three of my readers who don’t work for some U.S. Intelligence agency:  It’s not easy being Green, because all the people and all the agencies that wage war against us can really fuck up your day, and make life difficult–but not impossible–for us.

Sometimes I feel like a little pig myself, shouting into a big hole full of cute, captive animals.


And they certainly can alter the quality,and delivery of content as I try to publish over the web–a sort of preemptive prior restraint that it seems, might have to get tested in court. Maybe if I just sold shit, and click-linked every word to something worth money, I would have an easier time publishing.

But I don’t market products, I offer ideas, not even products I used to believe in, like  Winnie the Pooh–coming to theaters near you on July 15th!

I now have to use a packet sniffer,and I keep logs of intrusion attempts,  and at times, because I am tired of my writing being worked over. I have to use anonymizing software to merely get my words published, and by that time, I have often been under cyber attack by some fat faced tax dollar funded American cop or other pork slurper, or a circle jerk full of  military or para-military douchebags at one of the many cyber war waging facilities in America, and offshore, where America lobs cyber bombs at itself, and blames others to raise cyber war awareness.

My links get lost, or re-linked, my finally published content drops a verb or a noun here or there, sentences get broken up, and the final, altered product looks like gibberish, and makes me look like a complete idiot. Which, obviously,  I kind of am sometimes.

For all of them, let me make it clear: if America were invaded by an enemy other than  Americans who are like you, I would swing the American door wide open, and walk that enemy up to your daughters playhouse at high tea, while your husband or wife is discussing Winnie the Pooh,  and sell all of you as an informants for the cause against you, and anyone else who subverts Constitutional rights that I hold dear, and that you toy with.

Does that make it clear where I stand, against you?

But for the two or three human beings left out there who actually read this blog, I want you to know that I would put my life in front of a cannon to protect your kids, and, metaphorically, have done as much my whole life, walkig the line between free speech, and oppression of that speech.

So to those two or three actual readers (you know who you are) I apologize that a lot of what I write looks like crap once it is written–every time I work around one of their hacks, it seems the local ISP’s step in and in InfraGard fashion —  even the Catholics are pissed about that private sector untrained spying–, subvert the fourth amendment, and obliterate any semblance of the enshrined concept of prior restraint against publishing.

Sometimes, it takes me up to a couple of hours to publish a story because of how many intrusions they attempt while I publish; other times, I get the dreaded error that the ISP did not renew my address on the network.

And I take full blame for that–after all, if I wrote positive things about the collusion and co-option of feminism by the CIA, I probably wouldn’t get hacked as much as I do. If I believed that the DEA, ICE, FBI-CIA, NSA, et al were actually the good guys, I probably wouldn’t have to cut my internet connection every time some spook decided to re-direct my web searches to g-d knows where.

If  I am seeking a link about the failed drug war in Mexico, the CIA raping boys in Iraq,  Americas use of children as sex slaves, or especially for some odd reason, Rusty E. Nelson, I have been taken to places I never wanted to go–and believe me, I didn’t want to know what America is doing to foreign children, or how the DEA-FBI-ATF drug trade really works in Mexico.

If I wrote that Police Officer Smiley really wanted to give your kid a candy-sucker, or a chocolate banana, with no deeper, or creepy metaphorical intention than that  I would probably not get my internet connection cut or dropped by the local ISP as often as I do.
And maybe, if I believed, as most allegedly left leaning, or social justice minded people do, that false rape allegations are a necessary tool in the war against oppression, and barely exist, and just shut up about it, I would even have more readers–not that I need them, because this blog is 99% NOT ad supported, other than that WordPress.com offers one of simplest, and coolest blogging platforms out there, with e-blogger running a close second.( That’s the entirety of my commercial message).

But they’re  not right, oppression of one leads to oppression of all–have you ever noticed that it is left leaning, socialist, democratic, or other progressive men that get set up in false rape allegations? Cops win, every time a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, and ordinary wome lose when they buy into mass-market feminism.

But often when I publish, these things happen: my internet connection suddenly times out when I publish, after hours of problem-free surfing; my internet connection suddenly freezes up; I get a suden flashingscreen and cannot publish ( a DOS attack); the local ISP “we can’t find what you are looking for” page, especially from Qwest Communications, which is so obviously a tool of the FBI and Infragard.

This is what I get for speakin' me mind.

So, again, I apologize for the inconvenience of having to read me. I am working on ways to subvert their subversion of my writing, starting by pre-writing everything offline.

In the meantime, do you think, or write about things that are not in line with the American war machine and its allies, like depleted uranium used on children in Iraq and elsewhere  , or the CIA manufacturing of consensus in America despite an explicit reference in the CIA charter  that says that they cannot operate in a domestic capacity? Or how the FBI is in collusion with international cabals and local feminists to stifle dissent?

I do write about those things, and I drag up the ghosts of Americas past, like the rapes of women in the Viet Nam war, and I like doing it. It makes me feel like life is worth living, because otherwise, dissent gets crumpled under their official version of events, despite their illegal and often unethical motivations, as they wage war against reason, against truth, and against justice.

And they wage war against the future generations of children that could be born outside of their man-sweeping, bomb dropping, woman killing, child murdering, child raping perpsective of reality.

But if you write like I do, just so that there is a voice against these monsters, here are a few tools you can use to protect yourself against police intrusions into you computer, or to monitor them once they are there. And always, always keep log files, and back those files up above everything. You never know when they will come in handy–so use anonymous e-mail resenders, and send backups everywhere you can.

Need an illegal gun? Some illegal drugs or illegal porn? Call a cop, or its companion-friend over at the FBI, they always have illegal shit to disseminate.

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More American cops caught illegally selling guns, as yet another American moral crusade falls flat on it budget-bloated FBI ass, as ATF takes bottoms out.

The head of the ATF says the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration never told him they had informant relationships with Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by Operation Fast and Furious.

Kenneth E. Melson

Kenneth E. Melson, acting director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, in 2009. He and his lawyer met with congressional investigators over the weekend to discuss Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed guns to be smuggled into the hands of Mexican criminals. (Eric Gay / Associated Press / July 7, 2011)


The embattled head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told congressional investigators that some Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by his agency in a gun-trafficking investigation were paid informants for the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration.

Kenneth E. Melson, ATF’s acting director, has been under pressure to resign after the agency allowed guns to be purchased in the United States in hopes they would be traced to cartel leaders. Under the gun-trafficking operation known as Fast and Furious, the ATF lost track of the guns, and many were found at the scene of crimes in Mexico, as well as two that were recovered near Nogales, Ariz., where a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed.

read more at LA Times online.


Ever notice how every time the American police become involved in some moral crusade against something–illegal drugs, illegal guns, or illegal porn–the supply of that illegal material increases drastically, and exponentially.

I mean, I understand the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but the sutuation gets dicey when the guns are in the hands of police, who are half moral crusader, half dim-witted criminals. I am sure scientiofic studies could examine the brain of any cop out there and find that their brains are activated by criminal behavior, or that their sublimated personality traits aren’t so sublimated.

But drugs and porn? I mean, no one ever died from smoking a joint, or from pulling on their joint either. The only harm that even experts see is that when people use porn or drugs, their ‘productivity’ goes down–which isn’t at all a bad thing considering there are no jobs in America.

Oh, that and the fact that poor people in other parts of the world might create an economy that isn’t controlled by Nike, Disney, Exxon, Xe, etc.

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia is one recent example of a poor man who rose to the top, realized how dirty the US war on drugs really is, and refused to let the US control his peoples cocaine production.His people have historically used natural cocaine as medicine, and other uses that are not in any way similar to the cranked up, engineered cocaine of the west.

And every time a leader speaks for the poor, the CIA tries to kill him, or de-stabilze his country, so that the US can insert itself into the drug markets, the prostitution markets, and the local gang cultures, in a ritualized, mechanical, andheartless cycle of cultural rape.

And the war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with controlling the  heroin supply–a supply that isthere in the first place because western powers moved it there after China kicked us out of their region, and refused to condone America creating heroin addicts within its borders.

But when you give these things to cops, these things are suddenly everywhere, and people who normally would not consider using them, are suddenly using them. Why? Because police create consumers of illegal things.

Everywhere there are illegal things being used, bought or sold, there is a cop in the middle of thetransaction–especially on the supply-side.

The war on drugs is actually a war for profit of an international cabal of drug makers and their well heeled associates, and it’s easy to create the appearance that drug gangs are the problem–if you overlook US efforts at destabilizing self rule in any and all of those nations.

But the real problem is that the United States, and Britain before it have a side-economy selling drugs. It is a failed war every time, unless and until we point the finger at exactly who it is that is breaking the law to create the appearance of upholding the law. [ here is a snippet from the past: Americas war against cocaine http://www.csun.edu/~hfspc002/news/cia.drug.html%5D

I guess that would be the makers of the law, and the enforcers of the law–except that small detail about how illegal stuff increases every time the cops claim to be fighting illegal stuff.

I don’t know about you, or your retirement account but these cops are sitting pretty, every time they sell an illegal bale of weed, kilo of coke, or connect with a new gun-running or dope dealing gangster, racketeer, or black-ops comrade via a website full of dogs and kiddie porn hosted at Langley.

We need to stop condoning the police doing illegal things under the thin moral disguise of fighting illegal things. It never really works–it’s not designed to work,  other than to create a demand for their supply. That drug war is a failed drug war–this time, last time, and always.

If I had a gun, I might even try a hands on approach to stopping police from doing illegal things to me and others–which is probably why I don’t have a gun.

But I know where to get one, if I need one.


40th Anniversary of the release of the Pentagon Papers

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Forty years ago today—June 13, 1971—the New York Times began publishing the top secret study which came to be known as the Pentagon Papers.

Daniel Ellsberg talked with the AP on the anniversary


The FBI is a fundamental tool of United States global war, allowing illegal wars to foment, and continue, as they are a major tool of the suppression of free speech.

40 years ago, Daniel Ellsberg began a major battle against United States government sponsored terrorism, and won a victory for free speech rights in America, because he was able to show that the United States had become a country ruled by an un-American war machine that lied to the American public via the media, and the president.

The persecution of Ellsberg proved that American police agencies were active in the violation of the rights of world citizens, and responsible for the  oppression that they claimed the Soviets or the Chinese were capable of, as the FBI worked day and night to abrogate the right of the people to see the truth of the shambles that had been made of America by the military-industrial complex.

Julian Assange and the flood of documents released by Wikileaks.org makes Ellsberg’s revalations look like a trickle by comparison.

The United States FBI and the military waged a cyber war against Assange, and his friends had to create mirror sites [Wikileaks.org mirror sites] so that people around the world could see the extent that America violates the rights of people around the world, and the right to speak out against American rape, torture, and deception.

The FBI is instrumental in trying to persecute Assange, and the US has waged a CIA propaganda war against him , going so far as to bribe a woman to claim Assange “raped” her.

Interestingly, that woman has ties to the CIA.

The FBI also tried to bribe Wikileaks team members to make false claims about Assange.

America: land of deception, lies, torture, and hypocrisy?  just a bunch of war criminals with a hypocritical FBI, and with no other country large enought to prosecute them.

Nations of the world, unite against such oppression-they are just a bunch of war criminals with a hypocritical and broken police infrastructure, and FBI, and with no other country large enought to prosecute them.




The FBI hacks Google

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Joseph Raymond McCarthy.

Joseph McCarthy,precursor to today's religious fanatics on the Supreme court,and precursor to other non-Patriots like InfraGard Image via Wikipedia

and Google is p*wnded but no one in America seems to care, because the FBI has collaborated with private parties and American media, which has you trained to blame LulzSec , or China for Google’s PR problems .

Beyond the baseline level of bad propaganda and disseminating disinformation  (LulzSec denies that the man arrested for the hack was a member of its organization), the FBI is notorious for breaking in to peoples computers[1 in 4 hackers is an FBI informant], uses hackers to access US citizens e-mails, and kicking down the doors of American citizens, human rights advocates, and peace activists all the time [here ,here  , and everywhere]

Does the FBI control Googles page ranks?


FBI-America wants you to focus instead on how China treats human rights activist Ai Wei Wei, or how Chinese teenagers play around on the internet, and brought down Google.

The FBI even tells you that it is the Chinese military that is hacking Americas infrastructure, and is willing to go to war against them, even though there is evidence that the Chinese military wasn’t responsible , when in fact it was likely a couple of hairdressers.

But what they don’t tell you could have the greatest destructive influence on American society ever: the FBI has, since 1996 been in cahoots with American businesses to destroy your right to privacy.

Undoubtedly, American business is largely controlled by Republicans, and the wealthy, who are willing to sell or barter this nation into oblivion.

The organization responsible for that traitorous collusion with the FBI, and that breach of the threshhold of your home is called IntraGard, and they have been watching you and your internet for years.

The good news is that LulzSec—responsible for hacking Sony, Nintendo, and PBS, has hacked into the Atlanta chapter of InfraGard, and released 180 personal passwords . Here is their login page  in case you have one of those passwords, but be careful–by now it is likely dripping with honey from FBI bees.

InfraGard has long been in collusion with the FBI in order to subvert and destroy your 4th amendment rights against being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures.

IntraGards method of circumventing the United States Constitution [get one free here ]is relatively simple, and sadly effective.

Any member of IntraGard can at any time, claim that your activity is suspicious, and alert the FBI. The FBI takes information that is essentially stolen from private data bases, or simply takes the word of an IntraGard agent, and their word becomes pretext to investigation.

Joseph McCarthy in his wettest cold-war-porn dream could not have thought up a better way to manipulate the spirit of the law, or circumvent due process than to have a select, pre-vetted group of willing informers to rat on, or help setup US citizens to FBI scrutiny.

These InfraGard cowards are not Minutemen , in the classic sense of United States History.

And they are not modern patriots—they are the hidden face of the looming escalation of covert war on American citizens.

They are truly xenophobic, anti-Americans worked into a froth over the loss of white privilege, and they are willing to take you out to get their version of history written.

IntraGard, Google, and Sony, et al have been hacked by true American patriots who fight against the repressive regime of FBI deception, and misappropriation of the Constitution—even if those patriots seem to be from “overseas”.

Since when did the FBI ever give a shit about human rights? They are proud of their ability to create premises for the criminal conviction of Americans, and the history of the organization is one that routinely breaches all imaginable legal boundaries in its quest to create the appearance of crime.

Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib have proven the willful blindness and incapacity of the FBI in that arena. What moral high ground is left for America to take; what high road is left when the police become the robbers.

All that is left to them is pre-emptive propaganda wars that further oppress freedom in the disguise of cvreating or upholding it. Below is a real-time example of disinformation in action.

Google the phrase “FBI violates Human Rights”, and here is what comes up in the results—FBI pre-emptive propaganda that puts the search term after FBI agenda ( screenshot above). The Chinese might be right when they say that Google is a political tool .

FBI agents are richly rewarded for their efforts too, earning up to 136,000 dollars per year, plus benefits (packages that include full health care, stipends, and extra money for joining “task forces,” like the one that operates the disinformation campaign above.)

My guess is that the highest road we can take is somewhere in resource rich Tibet , which is why America actively harbors dissenters from there, and focuses energy on blathering on about the evils of China.

The real goal of the US in talking about Chinese abuses of power is that the US can gain a foothold into Tibet’s water supply, which effectively takes water away from China.

What could be called a threat to the Chinese is a blessing to Americans who adore religions empty promises, and America began its ideological cyber war with China long before the Chinese figured out that they were under attack.

China has recently called Google a “political tool’ because American businesses jumped on the ‘blame China bandwagon’ when China refused to allow American propaganda into its country, via Google.

China is against hacking as much as we are , but the FBI relentlessly blames them instead of being accountable for or admitting its own hacking exploits.

And suddenly when Google accounts used by Americans who wage cyber-war in China are hacked, the FBI wants to try to take a moral high ground about free speech rights?

They need to work on that here.

Is it mere coincidence that uber-important ally in the fight against “terror” Pakistan sits on the edge of China? A coincidence that America has condoned massive repression there, in a country that has its finger—and its religious fanaticism—plugged into China’s backside?

We doubt it.

More likely, and more true to American form, is that we are creating a pretext for even more, and evermore “pre-emptive war,” which is Americas un-creative default solution to dysfunctional social problems of policing that have spilled over into the world arena .

When all else fails, blame China, who owns a ton of American debt —or look inward at the reason why America is in debt: it can no longer afford or justify its flawed social programming, much less tame its chief propaganda agents quest for inflated, over-blown budgets and phony trumped up justifications of “America being under attack”.

The FBI is the Praetorian Guard of a twilight America, and American citizens are in the Colosseum. A threat to American freedom, and a failing social experiment that needs correction.

But who can police the police?

Detroit Police murder 7-year-old girl

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Aiyanah Jones,7, murdered by Detroit Police

…and then the police lied about it, and the police cover-up began immediately after they murdered Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was sleeping at the time the police bullet tore through her neck.

This time around, the police lied in their initial “official statement,” and then found out that there was videotape that contradicts their story.

“Detroit police spokesman Phillip Cook told reporters Monday that he was not aware of the video and declined to comment. The investigation, he said, has been taken over by state police to preserve the “community’s trust.”

Trust, and Police, are two words that do not jibe with reality, as American police are a broken link–a grey area– in the checks and balances of our government that have become overly aggressive, and the police are increasingly under-policed.

Well, you can bet he knows about it now, because the tape is from a segment of the television show “The First 48,” which was being filmed for an A&E broadcast.

Video taping police homicides, police misconduct, and police brutality is rapidly becoming the only way that citizens can protect themselves against the brute forces of American police and state authority, as American courts chip away every day at the Constitutions guarantees–including the right to protect ourselves using video tape to document abuse by the police.

The current Supreme Court, stacked with corporate interested and invested “jurists” refuses to protect American citizens’ rights–our unbreakable contract with the founding fathers, and is waging war against us daily, while American police, cloaked in terms of noble intentions, want access to your daughters mostly so they can “protect them from murderers and online pedophiles.”

But when police kill children it is “by mistake.”  When police tazer ten year old girls for not getting into the shower , and Taser ten year old boys, it’s time to ask the hard questions about what makes cops hard.

A mistake is one thing; an inherent sociopathic, yet societally approved, adrenalin pumped, class based police psychology that is considered ‘desirable’ by police agencies is another thing.

That type of personality routinely views “suspects” as prey, and dehumanizes them in the quest for the glory of capture-personal glory- rather than for the good of society. That same police personality dehumanizes the people that surround their prey, and consistently overlook their rights too.

In this case, the police knew their were children in the house, because the house was under surveillance, but ” conducted the raid with guns drawn anyway.”

Imagine the scene from the perspective of the police personality, which views itself as heroic, stoic, under-armed no matter how many weapons they carry, uber-necessary strongmen in the fight against the bad guys, who are apparently, everywhere, except the precinct house.

The ” good cops” are all dressed up in their war clothes, guns heroically drawn to pre-empt the bad guys violent powers; adrenalin pumped cops from Detroits Special Response Team sneak up in black hoodies (the same kind worn by these criminals who shot a three month  old kid in Palo Alto the other day. Street level gangsters use blackout hoodies to hide themselves from cops, or to just lay low , whereas police use hoodies when they are ‘blacked up’ before they commit a state sponsored crime ).

Each cop is, in its own personal internal view, which is mirrored by the fearful compliance of the public,  “prepared to die” in the line of duty. That sounds heroic to do, and say.

But none of them will openly admit, that they are more excited and pumped about the possibilty of killing a human being, and getting away with it. The murder of a “suspect,” is cop pornography, but the murder of an “armed suspect,” is pure cop cocaine.

Well I really hope that shit burns, now. Detroit, I mean. Killing babies is worse than anything an online predator or drug dealer could ever do to a kid–death is forever.

Each cop on the Strike Force that MURDERED THE LITTLE GIRL has an image of themselves on their mental hard drive that is inherently flawed, and they see themselves essentially as real life action heroes.

That backfired on them in this case because the impulsivity of such adrenalin pumped minds is magnified by the fact that they knew they were ‘going to be on TV, ‘so they exagerated already exagerated behaviors.

They did what cops everywhere do: they magnified their idealized selfs, justified unjustifiable use of force directed against a citizen, and in the process, over acted their roles.

Even the kids in the house were overlooked in the quest for glory, as each cop had it in their mind that ‘ they would be on TV.”

According to Oak Park attorney Karri Mitchell that is representing the family of Aiyana Jones in a lawsuit against the Detroit police, “The police “were excited; they were on TV.  “They didn’t have to throw a grenade through the front window when they knew there were children in there.” Much less fire a random shot into the house full of children.

Sure, blame it on TV. Blame it on reality TV. But the reality is that the blame it on TV excuse is an old, and overplayed re-run.

I blame it on the cops, and the social mechanisms that not only require instant submission by citizens to police authority, but also overlooks the primary deviant nature of the police personality.

I blame it onthe media’s agenda of enabling the police to be seen as heroes rather than what they are; and years and years of social programming, and an overt adulation of brutal policing.

I blame it on that ethical castrati, John Walsh, and Americas Most Wanted.

I blame it on cops who drool over the cop-portunity to use force, and harmful grenades in a sleeping childs house.

Aiyana is dead now, killed by the police.

But that’s apparently o.k., cause’ they apologized afterwards, and an apology from the police is oh, so valuable- they usually drag out the process of apology, for years if ever. But this time around, they were caught on tape, and caught in yet another attempt at a police cover-up.

Now, Warren Evans, who was hired last summer in part to make sure Detroit’s police change the way they use force, said that Detroit Police extricating themselves from such a horrible web of police deception“ won’t be pretty. There is no way they can be under these circumstances. They won’t be pretty, but they will be honest,” he said.

Honest, and Police are words that should never be seen side by side. Words like cop and killer however, are delightful to the ear, because it has the flash-bang ring of truth to it.

KWORDS Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Detroit Police Department, attorney Geoffrey Fieger, attorney Karri Mitchell, The First 48, Detroit
Special Response Team, Warren Evans, 7-year-old Aiyana Jones

American Police want to fuck your daughters

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America wants access to your daughters

…and if they can’t do that, they have all kinds of ways to touch them, feel them up, or tickle their minds—and yours too, not least of which is to claim that women overseas need their veils lifted.

Whereas Egyptian military and police even perform virginity checks by peering into young women’s vaginas, here in America, we still rely on the mechanisms of police infrastructure, and Child Protective Services virginity rituals, like forcing children into contact with the anatomically correct doll, which routinely leads to false positives of child abuse.

So, it appears that police around the world are catching on the techniques of social control that American police have used for years.

CNN reports that Egyptian military police not only performed virginity tests on young women protesters, but that they did it for their own good.

“The [un-named] general went on to insist that the tests were necessary because “we didn’t want (the women) to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove they weren’t virgins in the first place.” the military denied the accusations, but in the past few days, a senior general has confirmed to CNN that indeed, the virginity tests happened.

The general justified the abuse by saying these women “were not like your daughter or mine. These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters.”

Even though the Egyptians are still a bit more transparent than American police, the tactic is the same: victimize dissenters ( and their parents)or the under classes, blame the victims, cast a shadow of doubt by implying “these people are not like you or me”, and then backpedal and do damage control in the press.

Sounds a bit like the CIA’s pet project, the MKULTRA descendant of the “child abuse witch hunts” of America in the 1980’s.

American Police and social workers kidnap American kids all the time.

American police act within the agency of Child Protective Services to steal American children  and then ritually rape them with MKULTRA-like processes of brainwashing, experiential sublimation, and ritualized shaming of their actual parents.

And when they discovered some success with that means of social control, they exported mind control and rape ideology overseas.

“The CPS steals children using the system paid for by citizens who believe it is being used to protect those in need. That is a fraud; the system actually pumps money into the personal accounts of all those involved in the system, converting children into cash while destroying them and their families.The number of children who emerge from the system, able to function normally, are near zero. Some are never seen again.”

American Social workers kidnap children[ here, and here]   and American religious fanatics like Michelle Bachman adopt them, or “take them in” to foster care, inserting their ideology into traumatized children. Michelle Bachman and others like her also get paid to “foster” children.

(foster care paycheck amounts for Minnesota could not be found in the official record, but in California, for each foster child placed in your home, you will receive a foster care reimbursement …from $446 to $ 667 per , “ and special needs kids pay out at $84.00 or $169.00 per month higher.)

Michelle Bachman also gets paid state dollars and uses them to brainwash vulnerable people with Christian fundamentalist brainwashing. 

Despite Americas propaganda machine whitewashing the kidnap of American children, Americans are no strangers to lifting Islamic womens veils either.

Remember this headline, from 2001, when America began its invasion plan of Iraq, instead of finding Osama?

I do. “Lifting the Veil on What Afghan Women Really want.”

That headline and its variations has been the voyeuristic call to arms ever since, and it appears that as the Western media focuses on eastern peoples, our own military men and women are craving access to virginity cloaked in noble sounding phrases of liberation.

It’s as if Americas whole inward repression of sexuality, and CIA initiated sexual experimentation resulted in a sort of mechanized, ritualized, and fetishist objectification of women overseas–as if western women’s sexuality has dried into a prune-state, and they seek to lift veils of women elsewhere.

Americas military, in sync with international financiers, and CIA cultural control planning, is just the tool to get that job done, too: they start with your daughters.

US and western backed policy has led to 2 million rapes, and 6 million deaths in the Congo in recent years, according to some sources, and some fancy math.

That is no small estimate, either, because it comes from a study published in the American Journal of Public Health ( for those of you who need official sources)

I say fancy math, because the tradition here in the west is to minimize, or under-estimate the deaths of males, while inflating evidence of rape (using the magic of definitional biases, sliding scales of what constitutes a rape, and womens groups who ignore, or conflate the deaths of men with “mens choices,” while maximizing and blaming the impact of rape on “mens choices” as well. The New York Times can explain the Congo Rape math better )

The fact remains: American soldiers are the ritual rapists of nations, and value systems that differ with capitalist agendas, and American women are more than complicit in that rape.

They have put their ideology into and under the lives and veils of the daughters of the middle east.

What’s next, Jasmine Revolution?


Police want to peek into your babies diapers…

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…and they are relying upon social structures that uphold the police personality, hoping that conformists will affirm that society isn’t wrong to have an unhealthy fascination about what genital is or isn’t dangling there.

Toronto parents Kathy Witterick, 38, and her husband, David Stocker, 39, have faced a brutal public backlash since their refusal to allow the public a peak between the legs of their new-born child.

According to MSNBC, Witterick wrote in an e-mail “that the idea that “the whole world must know what is between the baby’s legs is unhealthy, unsafe and voyeuristic. We know — and we’re keeping it clean, safe, healthy and private (not secret!).”

The police personality, is upheld by the “norms” in society, and society upholds the norms of police repression of non-conformity.
Such an alliance is one that demands to know even intimate details of a families lives, and acts as a social change agent to conform families to the top-down authoritarian model of social control that puts police and their agents first in childrens lives. 
 In a police state, family allegiance comes second to the societal impulse to impose genderized models upon childrens minds. In other words, modern western society, with the aid of police and state structures, wants to “sex your baby.”
Witterick said the argument that children need a sex taught to them in order to feel safe in the world does not hold up in their experience.

The police personality is constantly on the look-out for opportunities to insert itself into your private life, and will stop at nothing to do so. The public at large, in expressing overt hostility towards the childs family, is upholding police structures of secondary control: the reliance of the police on their ability to manipulate public perception before they officially “intervene.”

Police agency primarily relies upon, instills, and upholds fear based responses such as in this case, where both parents agree that the only likely thing to fear isn’t the childs experience with its own gender awakening, but rather social reaction to their refusal to sex their child.

Storm’s parents told the Toronto Star, that Storm’s parents know their child’s sex, as do Storm’s older brothers. The goal of keeping the information inside the family,  is to limit messages that tell young children how to act based on their sex.those messages by the time Storm decides Storm would like to share [his or her gender],” Storm’s mom Kathy Witterick told the Toronto Star.

“We thought if we delayed sharing that information, in this case, hopefully, we might knock off a couple those messages by the time Storm decides Storm would like to share [his or her gender],” Storm’s mom Kathy Witterick told the Toronto Star.

Police hack computers

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…and often plant evidence, malicious computer code, and other mal-bots, but it is remarkably hard to prove.

Even harder to prove once they manipulate, destroy, or outsource the evidence.

Despite years of the FBI claiming noble moral high ground

”]its secret programs of hacking, placing back doors in victim computers, and planting viruses on cell phones, America now claims the right to call other countries hacking an “act of war?”

WASHINGTON — In its first formal cyber strategy, the Pentagon has concluded that computer sabotage by another country could constitute an act of war, administration and military sources told NBC News on Tuesday, confirming a report in the Wall Street Journal.”

Most hacking done by the United States government is intent on breaking in to computers of foreign nations and dignitaries. Using CIA complexes in Langley Virginia and its surrounding regions and in sync with the NSA in Fort Meade MD, they do the majority of their cyber-crime. American spy networks also use libraries and college data bases that are often unwitting hosts of hidden CIA , and NSA use or  infiltration.

But the real dirty work is often outsourced to private companies, or done by the U.S. military from offshore locations in the Eastern Bloc countries, the Philippines, or by using front companies that provide server space in other host nations.

‘How the world works’
Rich Mogull, analyst and CEO of Phoenix-based security research firm Securosis, noted that governments and defense agencies have been spying on each other throughout history. Computers have just made it easier to do so electronically.

“This is just what countries do,” he said. “It’s the unfortunate reality of how the world works.

Our government hides its tracks fairly well, using massive networks of phony and anonymous IP addresses, and malware that writes code onto hacked hard drives, and then erases itself after their dirty work is done.

But who can stand against the overly- burdensome rights of corporations who are known to flout policy and law? American corporations have formed unholy alliances and smashed the rights of other nations for years, most recently in Colombia, where America has for years been the primary distributor of cocaine, murderer of workers, and suppressor of the truth until it became a politically untenable position.  (abused people and relatives of murdered victims sue Chiquita for 1 billion)

Perhaps the biggest threat to the rights of human beings, and individuals, who uphold individual rights for human beings, is the privatization of spying. Given what corporations have shown us in the past, the future of actual cyber-security looks glum, negotiable, and unaccountable.

Police Tamper with the American Internet

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”]RAF Menwith Hill, a large ECHELON site in the ...

[ Note: this post was one of several that I made from public internet terminals that are firewalled, with AV and anti-spyware. Some of those terminals are frequented by people who fit certain “profiles”–minorities. The post below actually happened more than two weeks ago. This version is from an auto-save, and much of the links were lost]

on May 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm

To any and all fellow bloggers, IT professionals, et al: have you ever noticed how slow/impossible your computer connection becomes when you write about the sort of things we write about here?  It’s enough to actually alter your thoughtstream, and change your brain chemistry.

As reported by http://www.abovetopsecret.com, there is technology in use today that does just that.

“According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”.

To make matters worse, somehow today, I cannot create content links using the simple wordpress ‘Insert’ button, or create links!

I am seeking advice, and anecdotes of similar experiences.

It is classic paranoia to believe that “someone is hiding in my internet,” but it becomes a factual anecdotal experience if others are aware of it too.

In the very least, it is my theory that the military, FBI, and its related programs of Echelon and Carnivore have more than one function. The basic function the government tells us is that htese are “listening” programs, i.e., they “listen for keywords”and terrorists, etc.

However, I believe that they have other functions as well, not least of which is to slow down, stop, redirect, or otherwise interfere with conversations they don’t want civilians to have–conversations like, um, POLICE MISCONDUCT and BRUTALITY.

So, in this light, here are some basics of my theory:

1) Echelon, modern secret programs that function better than ol’ Carnivore, the FBI, NSA,  et al are actually using programs to deliberately causing internet chat to slow down, and inserting themselves into emergent dialogues–so that they essentially can alter the outcome of conversation.

2) Programs in place that claim to “monitor” internet activity are actually used to alter the speed, and content of that delivery.

3) rather than they claim, the intent of internet surveillance is actually to inhibit, control the flow of, or stop certain memes, ideas, and conversational “transactions.”

4) Sites, like ours here, are not only monitored, but also directly interfered with in order that police powers can manipulate data, and alter speech patterns.

So in short, the government practices a form of prior restraint of ideas, with some of the tactics outlined above, and we are unwittingly part of one of the greatest CIA mind control experiments ever.