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Police Cowardice: “A half-truth is the most cowardly of lies*”

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Mark Twain said that, and it can be applied to almost all of police activity, and especially to police reports, which are notoriously vague in cases where the police committed crimes or misconduct, and most often when their case is thin, and relies on the officers on-the-stand fabrications. They are only elaborate when the officers involved–most often under the supervision of a supervisor with an agenda–concoct more eleborate matching reports, juggle the fact, manipulate the statistics.

Police  manipulate, lie in, and hide reports all the time

My theory is that it takes a coward to cover up the actions of another coward. The police generally perceive themselves as “brave,” and have convinced the media, and thus, the public at large ( particularly the middle to upper class, property owning public) of their heroics. Whole organizations, and groups and memorial “task forces” are dedicated to the idea that cops who die are heroes regardless of how dirty, unethical, or plain wrong they were in things they did during their careers.

Here is an example of one such officer, Gerald Vick of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Now I have nothing personal against this officer, and as much as I am grieved for his family, I cannot imagine the collective grief of so many other non-police families that have suffered throughout time; how many  have been made sad, broken, and destroyed over the fact that so many of their fathers, brothers, sons (and occasionally female family mmebers) are victims of police misconduct. These people don’t likely have fat pensions, or a network of “support” when one of theirs/ours is killed.

So, why do we continue as a society to elevate the pain and suffering of the police, over the pain and suffering of others, and especially the poor, and the mentally ill who are routinely murdered by police? Or those who have been violated- those who have been set-up by police? I don’t have any clear answers to that except that  “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.

You can read the official story by following the link, but notice that the “official story” ALWAYS differs from eyewitness accounts, and later confirmations of p0lice misconduct. In this case, the official story says this hero and his cohorts use language that could be called “defamation” if used by you or me.

“The two men apparently were talking with bar patrons, possibly in an attempt to set up a robbery”

That was the police pretext that led to Vick getting his drunk ass shot to death. “POSSIBLY” set up a robbery? What a rancid specualtion that is. The guys either did, or didn’t rob someone, and in such a case, the police had no business intervening. After all, Vick was supposed to be chasing prostitutes at that hour, not meddling with bar patrons.

 This police meddling, and societies tolerance for it,  led to the death of Vick, and later, one of the suspects was convicted to life in prison, while the other walked free, an innocent man, but slandered for life in official reports.

What is most important to remember, however, is that Vick was shitfaced–absolutely, unquestionably drunk, and likely disorderly himself. He had a blood alcohol level of .20.

Here is a statement by the chief of police. This statement contains the essence of what normal humans call “lies and disinformation, so be warned- propaganda ahead:

“Sgt. Vick was on duty at the time of his death. There have been questions about that and I want to clear that up right now,” said Harrington. “Sgt. Vick started at 11:00. Earlier in the afternoon he began tracking down a lead on some prostitution issues he was working on. He called to his unit commander to ask for permission to continue after the end of his shift, and was granted permission to continue the investigation on an overtime basis.”

I would love to see the paperwork on that mess. I would love to see the timestamp of such “permission” to stay on the clock, but I am certain that will never come forward, and if it does, it will be of the touched-up-a-bit nature.

The public defender who spoke for the defendants noted that “Gill says neither the police department nor the county attorney’ office informed the public defender’s office of Vick’s high blood alcohol concentration.”

Which is one more way of saying “police lie, through ommission,” all the time, and only with proper legal attantion can we as a society, bring their lies to the surface.

Now, cowardice isn’t always apparent, nor is it always obvious, but one thing is for sure: the police department had the opportunity to reign in drunken cops, the opportunity to talk to the public about the issue of out of control cops, and they missed a great opportunity to tell “the children” about the dangers of drinking too much, especially when you are a hot-head, in a position of authority, carrying a gun.

But they didn’t do that. Instead, they turned the guy into a hero, and later, using classic police diversionary tactics, linked the mans name with “ending sex slavery”., which he was questionably at best involved in.

That, is classic cowardice–rather than confronting the real issue, they diverted the public eye to some noble sounding b.s., and recently linked themselves with another group of people who spout questionable data, and B.S.

Gee, did I miss something? The night he got himself shot to death, he was pursuing robbers, right? That’s what the official report says. Why didn’t they link themselves to  an anti-Halliburton group, or a Blackwater investigation? Or an anti-torture campaign? In the very least, why didn’t they publicize something about the “dangers of drinking and carrying handguns” so a the little kids out there don’t get the wrong message?

Cops lead citizens in instances of drunkeness and alcoholism, two-to-one, but instead, they seek to focus the kids, and the community, on sex slavery. Apparently, that’s what the kids need to know about from a police perspective. Gee, disinformation is so confusing…

Maybe next time you are stopped, harassed, abused, or assaulted by police, look into the records–you might find a DWI or two against that cop, and maybe he/she is drunk as they harass you. But good luck: no one beats the cops when it comes to covering up their bad behavior, and their personell files are sealed from the public, and even from journalists.

That, and the fact that they are one of the most secretive social forces in America, seems pretty cowardly to me.


Police are very predictable, understandable, using Freudian analysis.

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Sure, Sigmund Freud has been to some degree, debunked in many areas, or merely found to be innaccurate or incomplete in his theories. However, no one remembered to tell cops about that, because if they did, cops wouldn’t be so easy to understand from a Freudian perspective.

For instance, Freud maintained in “Civilization and its Discontents” written in 1929, that “It is clearly not easy for man to give up the satisfaction of [an inherent] inclination to aggression.”

He believed that men are primarily prone to aggression. That in and of itself is in dispute today, as is the definition of aggression, largely due to the fact that American posturing about ‘peace, justice,’ etc., has been shown to be a false flag that inevitably leads to violence directed FROM America TO other places in the world.

And women, too, are prone to violence, as anyone who has ever watched an episode of Jerry Springer can testify. Manycops today are women, and womens aggression is finally getting the attention it deserves [ and here].

So, men may or may not be prone to violence–as Sigmund believed, but we know that cops are prone to violence. Remember Rodney King ( who was recently pulled over for driving without a license–and the cops were a little more “respectful” than last time) or the thousands of unreported and under reported cases of police brutality

Forget Abraham Mazlows ideas, or Carl Jung: both of these guys believed that there IS a road to understanding the self, and enlightenment that leads to personal growth and happiness, and violence was part of the frustration of these goals–not a way of life.

Freud posited that some people likely got stuck in the libidinal mud somewhere, and that only after many years of psychoanalysis could they be free. And, Freud muddled around in the now discredited ideas of anal retention and anal expulsion–so much so that many say he was full of shit.

But he was right about the suppression of libidinal urges that leads to the repression of whole societies. 

In “Civilization and its Discontents” he said  that ” The present cultural state of America would give us a good opportunity for studying the damage to civilization,” which is to be feared when individuality is murdered so that heirarchical “group identities” could thrive.

The police are a large group identity.

Warning us against the “psychological poverty of groups,” he posited that the most dangerous thing civilization could face is when people in a community rely on being  ‘bonded’–into, and of society, as if they must first be somehow “jumped in”– rather than being individuals respected for difference. In other words, the psychological poverty he was talking about meant essentially that ther core of the group ethos was implicit violence–the law of the jungle.

The police of any breed or species are notoriously a fraternal order, complete with a group identity,  a  ‘groupthink’ process ( which is a phrase that is under threat of co-option by right wing police thinkers) and procedures associated to that process. Most importantly, they identify themselves as different than you, me, or us.

Freud, in discussing the individual versus the needs of a society, identified a state of affairs where essentially ‘physically stronger men [and now, women] decide the fate of the world based on their own impulses’ until they meet someone stronger. So if this ‘primal state’ of affairs is to change, and a community be developed,  a majority must come together and remain united against all separate individuals.

But that didn’t simply mean that all the bullies get together and call themselves a society, did it? According to Freud, real ‘leaders’ fell at the hands of those who band together in such a society.

Here is a statement from the website of the Fraternal Order of Police:   “Your job is on the line. Your pension is on the line. Your salary is on the line. Your safety is on the line. You must be on the front line defending your rights against these attacks.”

Did they mention anything in that phrase that applies to you, your rights, or the good of society? No, but they basically wrote the entire bestial motivation structure of the primal police mind. The police mind is always “under attack.”  On rare occasions that’s true , but on most occassions it’s not.

And more importantly, when it really counts, we see that police–and there are so many like “officer” Jason Andersen, and they are not here for you and me, but for one another–they cover each others crimes,[ and here], act criminally together, and no matter how many lies they tell–it sells to a willing  public. (I will address that anomaly in a  later post)

 All for one and one for all was cool when it applied to the fictional Three Musketeers–heroes of the people; a nice fantasy of collective possibility, but doesn’t work so well when we look at Sigmunds ideas of a collective based in aggression.

 Human actions are not motivated bytruly altruistic behavior, as most biologists know today  but some individuals in our society have figured out that if they claim a ‘common good’ intention, and claim the noble cause of ‘assisting the community,’ rewards follow, no matter how deceptive their claims might be. Or, put another way, a wolf wears a sheepskin and claims to be able to tell you about wolves…

But even Freud understood the falsenness of that, and as applied to police psychology, it turns out to be an accurate representation of truth. He posited that man truly followed the creed “Homo homini lupus‘–man is a wolf to man ( quoting from Plautus).

Think back to the last time you were hungry, needed shelter, or other basic needs. Can you even remember one time? Two or more? How about dozens, or hundreds? Relatively 60% of Americans live UNDER the poverty line, with no resources or fraternal orders to speak for them–they are powerless.

It is largely, and almost wholly from these ranks of poor and powerless that the police routinely drag in a face, creates a report, and prosecutes a “criminal. It is from these ranks–ranks of people who never had the opportunity to enjoy even the most basic elements of a sense of “community,” who are “individually” used by the police to justify police salaries, jobs, and careers.

All for one and one for all sounds great and noble,  but it isn’t so cool when applied to a secretive, fraternal, quasi-democratic, but entirely[until now] unmonitored group that not only doesn’t play by the same rules as we do, but also has a huge and powerful lobby that mobilizes whenever their food and shelter is threatened.

Freud posited a useful model of aggression that we can follow to understand the police, and police-state minded groups: stuck somewhere in an anally fixated state, they rigidly enforce “order”. They live under the disguise of acting altruistically for the community, while embodying the very archetype of a willingness towards physical violent domination, and a willingness to murder–these wolves will kill you before they report a comrade who does illegal things–“Que messiers les assassins commencent.[sic]”

It is the murderers who shall make the first move, the very people you have relinquished your own power to who will gladly kill for a paycheck–and hopefully you won’t be in their sights.

This Cop looks like a repressed homosexual

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Rob Ward embodies police sentiments toward peaceful people. He should be promoted, so I will promote him here..

Survey: does this guy look like a repressed homosexual?

Here is an example of the mindset of one, random cop who made his views public on Facebook. His name is Rob Ward, an English “bobbie”. Doesn’t he look like gay waiting to happen? Many cops are so sexually repressed that they take their sexual urge, and turn it into an urge for violence instead. Freud in all his failings, was sure right about anal retentive types, AND latent homosexuality. This guy is a classic example of that.

Notice that Ward particularly fetishizes “long-haired” hippies–not tattooed ones, or pierced ones necessarily: it is the ‘long’, and thus in his mind, ‘feminine’ aspect of hair on men that competes with what could well be his “shortcomings” in other areas, and likely reminds him of the many, wonderful aspects of a human personality that he has given up hope of ever mastering. So his solution? “beat  up anything that challenges my repressed sense of manhood.”

I can just imagine what this guy and others like him in policing do with their batons when no one is looking. Better, yet, eeeeeww…I can’t.

Kill the police-the way they’re killing you…

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Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by th...

The internet needs more pictures of the tantalizing Valerie Plame. Image via Wikipedia

…with character assassination, bogus “official” records, and the compiling of ” evidence” against them –which is how they slowly destroy your life once they invade it.

 Or you could try this guys methods. Four cops were nearly murdered when  gunman Lamar Moore walked into the precinct station and started shooting.

Police routinely harass, pursue, frame, and set-up individuals on crimes they didn’t commit, until those individuals wage acts of insurrection, rebellion, or revolution, but even the idea of cops being bad-actors has lost cultural currency. The cops, and the ever present media ogling circuses that surround these minor revolutions never ask the right questions in their haste to vindicate the American mindset of fear and over-policing, even though sometimes the people gain enough power to try to police the police, it usually doesn’t work out.

The media loves the police, CIA, FBI, and “offical sources”. The official story just runs on page one, the day or day after the event, and the lie runs around the world 24 hours before the truth wakes up and gets its piss boner soaked. The official story…bad man dies while shooting good cops.

But who can trust that ? It came from an “official” source.  Official sources notoriously lie, especially when it comes to stories where they are shown to be the actual bad guys–Valerie Plame Wilson; Oliver North; Karl Rove [ the guy who was in charge of the personal police power of eradicating incriminating evidence from Whitehouse computers]; MKULTRA [ also here, and here–was Aaliyah a victim of mind control??] and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, we can’t even be certain the girl in question wasn’t a brainwashed CIA experiment in disinformation and mind control, as the CIA historically relies on street level pimps and procurers to do the dirty work of child sex slavery. Runaways routinely say anything that authorities program them to say, and the poor kid goes along to attain food and shelter; cops routinely rely on set-ups and “informants” who may or may not be telling the truth, even when informants backfire.

Apparently, Lamar Moore had all the right, human reasons to blow away some cops: According to later reports, it appears that cops were trying to frame him into a deviant sex charge, after they couldn’t otherwise defame or slander him on some other, unspecified charge.

Men who are charged with sex crimes run a substantially higher risk of being raped, assaulted, or killed in jail. What would you do? I suspect that an innocent man might do exactly what this guy did-but I don’t recomend that…

 The official story–which slanders the man after his death–claims he chained a 13-year-old girl to a toilet, etc., etc., which is one of the cherished tropes of policing. Anyone who reads the news knows that stories of cops and “sex crimes” sell papers. That official story states, essentially “This is what an official familiar with the investigation said happened to the runaway girl .”

But notice the little details: the guys house burns down only two days later? I will bet you, right here and now, that I will eat this blog page if it wasn’t the police who did it; I will bet you, and eat my typing fingernails if I am wrong, that the police will never catch the “suspect” who burned the house down; no, I will even shave my nuts if I am wrong, and they do catch the suspect.

Ahh,  the devil, is in those little details: Even the guys fiance’ Stephanie Freeman, denied he had been involved in an abduction and sexual assault. She was at the house and didn’t see a girl chained to a toilet, and believes that the police were running her man’s name ‘through the mud.’ How many women do you know who would say that unless they truly believed in, or were witness to the falsehood of the police allegation?

I believe her, because, as usual in cases where police are working on a frame-up of an innocent man “Police have released little information about the investigation,” not least of which is the evidence that could vindicate the man–evidence that was likely in his house BEFORE it mysteriously burned to the ground.

Now, I don’t advocate homicide as a solution to the great social problems that can occur once the police interfere in your life in some way, but I do understand why someone might consider it, especially when police try to frame you into a sex charge.  But it won’t end too good for you, or accomplish your long term goals of defeating endemic police corruption and violence. And social forces, like the meme that the “police are the good guys” are already against you.

Who will believe a man who has been framed by police into a sex charge? I will, AND, I especially will aid anyone who wishes to provide me the name of any police officer, FBI agent, soldier, or other cop species who has wronged them, set them up, or done sexual violence to them. The cops use sex and sexual allegations as weapons that destroy mens lives, and Lamar Moore just might be one of them.

 Leave any information below, and it will be published for all time–the internet is forever!

Here is an e-book that can aid you if you believe you have been set-up, framed, or denied your rights during a police encounter. Use them, and pass them on.

Profile the Police…

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and the FBI: they are fundamentally all liars. 

Study finds that Police are likely to lie on an MMPI mental health evaluation in order to gain employment…

But the FBI concludes that there is virtually no similarity between cops–whose jobs depend upon releasing violence onto the community as much as it is to protect a community from violence–and domestic violence “perpetrators”, who are often victims themselves. Worse, the study is fundamentally flawed because it overlooks one crucial detail: cops are liars, both by nature, and by training.

Don’t believe me? Just ask former prosecutor Val Van Brocklin, who not only condones police lies, but trains them to be “better liars”.

The study asks itself “Is the “Police Personality” Predisposed To Domestic Violence?” 

Published by Michael G. Aamodt of Radford University, Jo Anne Brewster of James Madison University, and Bobbie L. Raynes of Personnel Research Associates, Inc., it answers its own pre-disposed assumption, that police are ‘not’ like other men and women who are predisposed to violence, aggression, and the manipulations and coercion that comprise the spectrum of domestic violence.

Which, of course, is a lie.

Yet evidence has been emerging for years that there is a struggle between telling the truth about what kind of people the police really are, both as a group, and as an insular, often incestuous society in and of themselves– and societies desire to deny the malevolent sociopathy of the people who we cal “law enforcers”; and lastly, against the greater interest of telling the truth about police who perpetrate some of the most horrific crimes in America.

 So, social mechanisms like the gatekeeping effect and  ‘ trusting official sources’ encourages the general population to trust what comprises the police and police state mechanisms, rather than their own eyes and ears when it comes ro police brutality, set-ups, and other forms of police crimes against humanity.

In one study from 1998, which was backed by the FBI as part of  its mission of gatekeeping and disinformation campaigns, compared the police psyche to that of domestic violence “perpetrators”, many similarities were found between the two profiles of domestic violence perpetrators, and the police. Yet the entire study was a tool sanctioned by the FBI and used as official minimization of FBI misconduct, and other police malfeasance

However, one rare point of fairness to the study, it remarkably concludes that police “may have been more motivated than the batterers to present unrealistically favorable impressions of themselves, as they were most likely evaluated in the context of an application for employment. The police officers reported fewer symptoms and problems in their lives, which may or may not be an accurate reflection of their situations.”

So, police are not only liars, but manipulators too. Sadly, even this fact becomes a coded opportunity from the FBI to provide information to potential FBI agents, and encourage the police and wannabe police to lie on job applications and especially to lie on the MMPI. Disinformation works both ways: as code for wrong doers like cops, and also as false information provided to a duped populace.

 The coded phrase that any cop who reads the article in preparation for an MMPI is  “Of course, it can also be argued that the individual who obtains an MMPI profile similar to that obtained by the overall batterer group, or a profile similar to any identified subtype of the batterer group, should not be accepted as a police officer in the first place,as the same characteristics that might contribute to domestic violence might also be expected to lead to other types of inappropriate behavior on the job.”

Which translates to cop-speak as if you want to get hired, “lie on the MMPI”.

It seems that the only major difference between a so-called batterer and a cop who takes the MMPI is that the “batterer” has to take the test after having been put through the ultimate stresses of the legal system,with no expectation of a reward, and no incentive to lie, whereas the police are motivated to lie in order to “pass the test” and move in to employment. Once employment is obtained, the police are rewarded for lying, and lying thus becomes the cornerstone of their very careers.

As anyone who has ever been lied to knows, lies are a form of mental cruelty, and a primary form of non-physical violence, so here are some resources for you to use ro study police, and the lies they tell.

So rule number one: NEVER TALK TO POLICE; they are trained to lie, and the lie they tell about your enemy could easily be turned into a lie about you. Whatever you say to a cop will be turned into cop code, and used for or against a case they are trying to make.

Following are some links about police lies, and the first one is a good article detailing the kind of material that police and FBI candidates study ( you and I might study botany, mechanics, food preparation, or gardening, but cops study how to lie, how to manipulate captive subjects, and a host of other forms of violence).

How to lie; a virtual police manual: http://www.wikihow.com/Lie

NEVER TALK TO POLICE: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/43037.html

Police lies add up to lost taxpayer dollars: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123319367364627211.html\

When Police officers Lie: http://lawenforcementcorruption.blogspot.com/2009/02/when-police-officers-lie.html

Fight the Police with Information

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Here are some of the links to resources that can help you fight police brutality and misconduct.


The link above documents the effects of police misconduct, the human cost of tolerating police abuses of power, and real stories of cops and prosecutors held accountable for their crimes.

The following blog link is a great resource put together by criminal defense attorney Bobby Frederick and documents the actions taken against police who abuse citizens and the law.


Here is a very general description of the types of police misconduct that we face as citizens:


Lastly, my favorite discovery of the day, a newsfeed and blog about police misconduct that is updated regularly:


Have you or anyone you know been abused by the police, the FBI, or other government agents charged with arrest or imprisonment authority? Please leave me a note, and a physical description and any personal details you remember about the officers and events, and we will follow up with you and attempt to track these offenders down for you, or in the very least, publicize your story.

Watch those who watch you

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Have you or anyone you know been abused, harassed, followed around, or violated by the police, the FBI, or any other branch of police “authority”? Do you have badge numbers, or personal details you would like to share about the incident of your abuse? Do you have a physical description of the cop who abused you? Please tell me about it, and I will respond with resources for you to get the help you need, and how you can document the abuse.

In the mean time, here is a link to a book you can use to begin your battle wisely:

From the author: “A time-honored principle of American justice is that the accused is innocent of criminal wrongdoing until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, corrupt cops and their confederates have often abused this precept by manufacturing fraudulent evidence…Many of those in our jails and prisons are innocent of the crimes of which they were found guilty. In an alarming number of instances, cops joined with prosecutors to frame these individuals.”

Abuse by the police destroys reputations, ruins lives, and costs the taxpayers money–oh, that and also sometimes INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE MURDERED BY THE STATE because the state refuses to acknowlege the wrongdoings of those who are charged to uphold the law.Recently a man who spent 14 years on Death Row and was later found innocent was told that he didn’t deserve compensation from the state, even though the police lied, falsified evidence, and withheld the truth!

We need as a nation to begin once again to question authority at all levels before it is too late. How do you know when its too late? When it’s YOU on the end of a police baton, or YOU who are being watched daily to the point of mental and emotional breakdown–until it is YOU who are the victim of the state, and not someone that you previously could dismiss as a “criminal” or a “nut”. Police routinely foster the idea that they are unaccountable to the public, and, if questioned reply that they are “just doing their job” which is upholding the lie that police brutality is a myth, or a burden on overburdened budgets.

Here is the magic number of how many people are at any time locked behind bars in America: 2,320,359.That is 773 per 100 thousand human beings in America in prison at any given time

but from these numbers we have to ask ourselves if we are truly “served” anything but hyperbole when it comes to the duties and actions of the police. Many, if not most of the men locked up will tell you of early experiences with the law where the cops tried to railroad them into confessions of crimes, or admissions of complicity in crimes–when they were six, eight, or ten years old!

This is a common theme in jail: men who once were boys being coerced by the police, and with no recourse to justice at early ages, began to believe that the police had only one function, which is to manipulate facts and statistics and creat “criminals” rather than catch them.

In later posts I will address the generalities of my statements here, and cover topics like the Innocence Project which has been responsible for freeing some 254+ men from unjust incarceration–cases where police, the state powers, district attorneys–all those charged with upholding the “law” broke it, and went unpunished as they created scapegoats who spent years, and lifetimes behind bars.

I will also begin publishing the names of corrupt police and informants, police who are charged or found guilty of police brutality, and any personal data I can find against them, because police misconduct is slowly draining our limited resources, and our spiritual basis as free citizens.

 I will even publish the stories that I am told about cops who are just said to be pricks, assholes, jerks, and Lil’  people with Napoleons complex, like this guy–regardless of the source of the information, and I will protect my sources with the vigor of the constitution and free speech rights.

Care to help? Feel free to post your comments below!

This is a safe space to tell your story of being abused by police.

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Hello, and welcome to fight the police! Do you have a story to tell, do you need someone to hear, when it seems no one will listen to your tale of strange, violent, unfair, or unjust police activity?

Tell me! I am always here. In the meantime, here is a resource that you can use to report the abuse, look for other instances where the same cop abused others, or find a lawyer who will help you.

Lastly, Communities United Against Police Brutality keeps lists of rsources, and of cops reported, and found guilty of violations, as well as alphabetic resources you can use to look up the name of the cop who abused you. You can also report that cop directly to their website and whatever complaint you may have against them. In the very least, you have the opportunity to write your opinion about that cop, just like that cop wrote its opinion of you in their “official report”.

You can even lie and exagerate a little bit too, just like cops do, because the site is only about “allegations”. Later, such a site can be used by others who have also been abused by the cop who abused you, and the information there becomes evidence against that cop in any trial.

However, I am a fan of telling the truth at all times, even if the story you have to tell is embarassing, or humiliating, because when it comes to police corruption, the “official” truth they always tell is stranger than any fiction you could concoct, and often wins settlements for victims when a good lawyer shits all over the typical phony testimony by lying cops.