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Rethinking Officer Friendly, redefining bad touch.

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What if it was your daughter!!??!!

They always say that, don’t they? That meme is a tool of fear-mongering, designed to re-focus you on a strange, un-named threats, instead of the threat in front of you–someone who employs such ideology. That ideology is pathological narcissism.* And they hurt individuals with their self-centered manipulative perspectives.

And they are destroying the health of American society, while claiming to improve it.

The FBI, and cops, protecting your daughters mind, so you don’t have to!

They want you to fear terrorists with strap on bombs, rapists jerking off around every corner– and the dreaded pedophile lurking on the internet. But the truth is, more kids die at the hands of their mothers  than by strange men lurking on the internet.
But whatever you do–don’t  go near the head fucker!

The truth is—and has ALWAYS been–that children are more likely to be killed by American bombs and unexploded ordinance or depleted uranium [ here  , and also here ] or by female caregivers and babysitters right here in America, the they will ever face from strangers, men, kidnappers, or pedophiles.

Yet the cops make their money by keeping you in fear of strangers. But what is more strange than the mind of a cop? I mean, cops are  stepping up their use of Tasers on children [and here, and elsewhere]!

WAKE UP, peeple. This behavior is emblematic of an institutional psychology disorder.

Whereas it may be true that some pedophile is just waiting for a snapshot from of your kids Barbie Camera while he or she is riding a vibrating Harry Potter broom, it should scare us that he FBI is the agency that raised such an alarm.

I mean, what is in their minds to even imagine such things–what kind of mind could imagine such things–much less project them upon the world?

Oh, I know: the same great minds that brought you the overly broad US Patriot Act, and the TSA feeling up your six year old.

So, we all need a distraction away from the fact that the FBI routinely lies in warrant applications against internet providers, and that they also have virtually destroyed the fourth amendment with DPI technology–the same software that Iran and China use to stifle dissent is used by the FBI and InfraGard snitches.

I say it takes one to know one, as the old saw goes.The question we need to ask is what really endangers your kid online, beside the fact that the FBI can and stores images of your kids in their massive child porn collection?

What is more scary than knowing your government distributes child porn, instead of destroying it? I would suggest that your child’s memory of being trained to accept the hands of officer friendly down her pants might be a step in the ‘further’ direction of corrupting your kid with police state psychopathology.

They are tyeaching this girl to believe thatsuch physical contact is actually “good touch,” when in fact history shows us otherwise.

Sure, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but the infiltration of a child’s mind by police fear-mongering and mind abuse last generations. And it starts with the kind of contact you see in the video.

And there are worse things for your kid to face, I promise you; I mean, after all, that one in 1.5 million chance of someone creepy encountering her or him.

But the daily indoctrination to trust authority–not least of which is training young girls to be felt up by people in authority—is historically, by very freekin far, a worse option, with actual dire consequences.

* The police and FBI profile is one that includes narcisisstic psychopathology http://www.slideshare.net/samvaknin/narcissistic-and-psychopathic-leaders, particularly marked by unhealthy confabulation, meaning narcissists believe they are better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, etc. because they are the good guys and gals, while forgetting the egregious, historic, criminal violations of US law that are part of their organizational structure.


Detroit Police murder 7-year-old girl

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Aiyanah Jones,7, murdered by Detroit Police

…and then the police lied about it, and the police cover-up began immediately after they murdered Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was sleeping at the time the police bullet tore through her neck.

This time around, the police lied in their initial “official statement,” and then found out that there was videotape that contradicts their story.

“Detroit police spokesman Phillip Cook told reporters Monday that he was not aware of the video and declined to comment. The investigation, he said, has been taken over by state police to preserve the “community’s trust.”

Trust, and Police, are two words that do not jibe with reality, as American police are a broken link–a grey area– in the checks and balances of our government that have become overly aggressive, and the police are increasingly under-policed.

Well, you can bet he knows about it now, because the tape is from a segment of the television show “The First 48,” which was being filmed for an A&E broadcast.

Video taping police homicides, police misconduct, and police brutality is rapidly becoming the only way that citizens can protect themselves against the brute forces of American police and state authority, as American courts chip away every day at the Constitutions guarantees–including the right to protect ourselves using video tape to document abuse by the police.

The current Supreme Court, stacked with corporate interested and invested “jurists” refuses to protect American citizens’ rights–our unbreakable contract with the founding fathers, and is waging war against us daily, while American police, cloaked in terms of noble intentions, want access to your daughters mostly so they can “protect them from murderers and online pedophiles.”

But when police kill children it is “by mistake.”  When police tazer ten year old girls for not getting into the shower , and Taser ten year old boys, it’s time to ask the hard questions about what makes cops hard.

A mistake is one thing; an inherent sociopathic, yet societally approved, adrenalin pumped, class based police psychology that is considered ‘desirable’ by police agencies is another thing.

That type of personality routinely views “suspects” as prey, and dehumanizes them in the quest for the glory of capture-personal glory- rather than for the good of society. That same police personality dehumanizes the people that surround their prey, and consistently overlook their rights too.

In this case, the police knew their were children in the house, because the house was under surveillance, but ” conducted the raid with guns drawn anyway.”

Imagine the scene from the perspective of the police personality, which views itself as heroic, stoic, under-armed no matter how many weapons they carry, uber-necessary strongmen in the fight against the bad guys, who are apparently, everywhere, except the precinct house.

The ” good cops” are all dressed up in their war clothes, guns heroically drawn to pre-empt the bad guys violent powers; adrenalin pumped cops from Detroits Special Response Team sneak up in black hoodies (the same kind worn by these criminals who shot a three month  old kid in Palo Alto the other day. Street level gangsters use blackout hoodies to hide themselves from cops, or to just lay low , whereas police use hoodies when they are ‘blacked up’ before they commit a state sponsored crime ).

Each cop is, in its own personal internal view, which is mirrored by the fearful compliance of the public,  “prepared to die” in the line of duty. That sounds heroic to do, and say.

But none of them will openly admit, that they are more excited and pumped about the possibilty of killing a human being, and getting away with it. The murder of a “suspect,” is cop pornography, but the murder of an “armed suspect,” is pure cop cocaine.

Well I really hope that shit burns, now. Detroit, I mean. Killing babies is worse than anything an online predator or drug dealer could ever do to a kid–death is forever.

Each cop on the Strike Force that MURDERED THE LITTLE GIRL has an image of themselves on their mental hard drive that is inherently flawed, and they see themselves essentially as real life action heroes.

That backfired on them in this case because the impulsivity of such adrenalin pumped minds is magnified by the fact that they knew they were ‘going to be on TV, ‘so they exagerated already exagerated behaviors.

They did what cops everywhere do: they magnified their idealized selfs, justified unjustifiable use of force directed against a citizen, and in the process, over acted their roles.

Even the kids in the house were overlooked in the quest for glory, as each cop had it in their mind that ‘ they would be on TV.”

According to Oak Park attorney Karri Mitchell that is representing the family of Aiyana Jones in a lawsuit against the Detroit police, “The police “were excited; they were on TV.  “They didn’t have to throw a grenade through the front window when they knew there were children in there.” Much less fire a random shot into the house full of children.

Sure, blame it on TV. Blame it on reality TV. But the reality is that the blame it on TV excuse is an old, and overplayed re-run.

I blame it on the cops, and the social mechanisms that not only require instant submission by citizens to police authority, but also overlooks the primary deviant nature of the police personality.

I blame it onthe media’s agenda of enabling the police to be seen as heroes rather than what they are; and years and years of social programming, and an overt adulation of brutal policing.

I blame it on that ethical castrati, John Walsh, and Americas Most Wanted.

I blame it on cops who drool over the cop-portunity to use force, and harmful grenades in a sleeping childs house.

Aiyana is dead now, killed by the police.

But that’s apparently o.k., cause’ they apologized afterwards, and an apology from the police is oh, so valuable- they usually drag out the process of apology, for years if ever. But this time around, they were caught on tape, and caught in yet another attempt at a police cover-up.

Now, Warren Evans, who was hired last summer in part to make sure Detroit’s police change the way they use force, said that Detroit Police extricating themselves from such a horrible web of police deception“ won’t be pretty. There is no way they can be under these circumstances. They won’t be pretty, but they will be honest,” he said.

Honest, and Police are words that should never be seen side by side. Words like cop and killer however, are delightful to the ear, because it has the flash-bang ring of truth to it.

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