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Hacking tools are not black magic tricks, but they are the weapons police are using against us every day. So take up arms against the police with hacking tools.

Police are by their very nature, hungry to invade YOUR privacy, and your daughters privacy, while maintaining their own at all costs. They hate nothing more than citizens who value personal privacy rights, because in a cops mind, wanting privacy equates with ‘hiding something,’ which is why after they devour your privacy, they scoot off to the anonymity of the suburbs.

And cops talk to each other in weird cop languages (see video below). So we NEED privacy from the alien, alienating and cretinous police gaze.

In layman’s terms, cops are the bathroom door peepers, and the butt-sniffers in the herd. It’s part of the police profile.Your ass is there business. So protect your privacy proactively–before they and their fearless leaders take it away forever, because once you are on their TI list you are f*cked.

Hackers and hacktivists are helping enable freedom all over the world by fighting against the U.S. corporate and  police takeover of the world, but not all of us want to learn hacking. ( but if you do, here is the basic hackers toolkit


Of course, using a Macintosh computer is your best bet to avoid the average hackers, but cops have learned to hack Macs, too. In fact, the last two cops who tailed me were both on Macs ( full story at 9)!

And learning Linux basic programming or  telnet  is definitely something you want to do if hacking interests you.

But privacy is in all of our interest, and more than any other Constitutional right, it is under attack. Why? Because it isn’t actually a right at all! Don’t believe me? Then it’s time for you to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution–and find out what else ISN’T in there.

Here are the weapons you need to arm yourself against the police who are increasingly hacking into our lives, our phonesd, our childrens lives and our homes, while sneaking off to their own homes, hiding away from the rest of us, anonymously.

Free Weapons to Fight The Police: freeware internet privacy tools for Windows based pc’s.  I am using the old linking method of cut and paste to preserve the links.

“What is Tor?  https://www.torproject.org/

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis” Tor is the leading privacy tool in the world–even cops use it to become anonymous online, especially when they are chatting with underaged teen girls and boys online!

USB programs and live disks Live disks:


are bootable CD‘s and bootable USB drives that can let you run your computer, or another computer without leaving any traces on your hard drive!


They are the ultimate in keeping ass-crack sniffing US intelligence agencies from peeking into your daughters bathroom keyhole. You can actually build your own live CD if you have the time and the knowledge.

UBCD for Windows is a good start: here is the old version http://www.ubcd4win.com/ubcd.htm, which is better, and built without all the proprietary hassles. Here is the new version which is good, and full of AMAZING tools  http://www.ubcd4win.com/

Packet sniffers: packets are little datagrams, or ‘packages’ that are sent from one computer to another that tell each computer what the other is asking for, needing, or wanting. The problem is that packets contain information that cops and bad guys use to  redirect your web-surfing, re-route your connection to malware infested, or illegal sites, or loosen the hinges to your computers security, and gain control of your computer.

Packet sniffing helps tell you what they are sending you, especially ifthey are attacking you. Wireshark isn’t just a tool, it is an art, but it takes time to understand how to use it.


If you don’t have the time to learn about who is attacking you, try a simpler packet sniffer likeEther Detect


Mac address changers: Your MAC address is the equivalent of  the address on your mail box. Criminals and snoops at US intelligence agencies, the Russian mob, and other bad guys use your MAC to locate you on a network, and victimize you and your computer, like teenagers pissing in, or smashing your mailbox.

A MAC changer changes your address so that one minute you are at home, the next, across town  with a different address, and those bad kids are whacking away at a phantom mailbox.



IP tracers:  give you the address of your attacker  http://free-ip-tracer.findmysoft.com/

Visual IP Trace  can find the graphic location of a computer in particular or detect the point of origin of an attack with malicious codes. Also has a packet sniffer function. 15 day free trial


These tools are worth the time to use, if for no other reason that police are attacking the notion of privacy–and if everyone valued it, then every cyber snooping pig would have an overload of leads to follow–because, remember kids–“if you value privacy, you MUST have something to hide!”Which is why the police need access to your children.

[ this has been a public service announcement from Officer Smiley]

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  2. […] And Alberto himself stated that he had ” nothing to hide,” before perjuring himself over the firing of 9 U.S. Attorney, and wiretapping fraud. And we all know how cops feel when someone has “nothing to hide,” right? […]

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