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SlutWalk Raises Awareness of the Need for Therapists, not Cops

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enGendering Rape awareness aim of Sunday’s SlutWalk in Seattle

quotes Rapists don’t go for the prettiest or sexiest or the interestingly dressed. They go… Read more

SlutWalk, the social movement sparked by a Toronto policeman’s comment about rape and dressing provocatively* [ emphasis mine], came to Seattle on Sunday afternoon.

A feisty crowd of chanting, sign-waving, selfdescribed “sluts” marched down Pine Street from Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park to Westlake Center — stopping traffic, confounding tourists and drawing an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers.

Seattle’s event is part of an international series of slutwalks, which got their start earlier this year after a Toronto police officer told a group of women that to avoid being the victims of rape or abuse, they should not dress like sluts.

The suggestion that women are to blame for a rape or sexual violence because of the way they dress has inspired activists to organize walks in Toronto, Boston, Dallas and Ottawa, Ontario. On Saturday, about 200 participants marched in the Spokane SlutWalk. Seattle police estimated about 500 participated in Sunday’s event.

[ notice the photog above featured the one “attractive girl”, instead of the great mass of obese women in attendance–how pimping/ lookist is that? But these women are more open to police/social control, because they seek approval]


* provocatively: to provoke

Slutwalkers Need TheRapists.

I don’t think Slutwalking does a thing for raising awareness about rape or rape culture but it does put female ugliness on display, in more ways than one.

Gone are the days of svelt Playboy bunny and neoCIA agent Gloria Steinem, and in with tattooed manwomen, dorky, cowardly desperate manboys, and the obese–and everyone who agrees with the statement that men deserve what they get if they “provoke” a bully, right?

Wrong. Modern feminists are so estranged from real men that they can only make their appeals to police rape culture, because real men are constantly under violent social pressures of conformity, and isolated from the dialogues.

Don’t think modern feminism is an ugly tool of social control? Take a look yourself at the Seattle Slutwalkers.

As usual, the standard knee-jerks are out in force, blaming rape on men, and encouraging women to have no accountability whatsoever in the perpetuation of rape culture.

That party line is as old as the social troll-hags that started the modern CIA backed feminist movement, with the absence of communist and CIA backed Abzugs, Steinems, Dworkins, and Friedans.

Maybe modern feminism just isn’t Communist enough, or Jewish enough to inspire larger crowds of hopefuls to catch the attention of CIA buy-in; or maybe they aren’t as good looking as they once were, those sexually liberated women of lost ages; or maybe they just bought in themselves.

They sure are Dworkinesque though, in every sense of the word: rotted minds and fallow bodies.

Dworkinesque: coined after Andrea Dworkin(below): women who are fat, mean, sad man-haters who never get any GOOD dick.

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE “Intercourse remains a means, or the means, of physiologically making a woman inferior: communicating to her, cell by cell, her own inferior status . . . pushing and thrusting till she gives in.”

I mean, how would Dworkin know anything about sexual intercourse with a man? And yet her summation of sex has become mantra for these SlutWalkers, and such rhetoric is the fertilizer of growth of the modern American police conglomerate.

Strange contradiction–especially in light of the fact that none of these women seem to care  that there are over 2.3 million American men in jail facing the possibility of being raped daily, both at the hands of “other mothers children,” and the institutions of the police.

Police routinely abuse males (other mothers sons), but women are strangely silent about that, as if men who get abused by police are a mothers dirty secret. And police routinely lock up victims of male on male violence and assault instead of perpetrators, but there still is no outcry against women who employ false rape allegations.

You can’t have your cake and walk it too…

Have you ever seen a more motley and mentally grotesquely shaped group of feminists? It makes me long for the days when feminists were merely CIA operatives warring for control of female sex, and female bodies.

Slutwalk Seattle definitely raised awareness of one thing for sure: ugly people need attention too.

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  2. this post is interesting. in all of its woe-is-the-poor-helpless-male type rhetoric, it fails to address rape against women on any serious level. had you spent a little more time looking into the purpose of this Slutwalk, you would have seen that the concepts behind women being against rape speaks with/for anyone being raped. the idea that anyone else has the right to your body; the idea that the way you interact with someone somehow being a form of consent; one’s wardrobe; or even whether someone is a sex worker or not all speak against the rape of men and women – in prison or outside. instead of you making a constructive criticism and saying that these women should expand their criticisms of society to a wider range of individuals within diverse circumstances, you simply attacked the movement as if they were talking directly to you. if you are not someone that perpetuates rape culture (there is a such thing), then what is your beef? do you not feel as though rape is something that needs to be addressed? and if you don’t, then you have no basis to say anything in regards to men (and women) that are raped in prison.

    and i think it is a gross miscalculation (or just a lie) that women do not seem alarmed or active against the violence of police onto men of color. a quick google image search of any of the protests that have taken place (in Miami, Oakland, Chicago, or NYC) and you will see just as many women as you see men.

    what this post seems to be doing is attempting to pit men against women in an oppression olympics. yes, you have some legitimate issues that you bring up that should be brought into the limelight, however, berating one attempt to do the EXACT SAME THING is pointless and absurd, at best. and the negative comments on the appearances of the protesters make this post seem even futher away from any level of reason.

    • Hey Nell, thanks for taking the time to tell me how you feel–you might be right about the pitting of men against women in the Olympian sense–with the exception in this case being that it is women against men (notice the semantics of it). By design, this event is raising awareness of a double standard in how we view–and ‘engender’ what IS a victim of violence.

      Women.And yes, by design, it is a sort of Olympian social pitting, a ‘colossal as in Colosseum’, calculated top down and deliberate manipulation of the ‘masses.’ And women fall for it at every level, willingly ‘engendering’ the face of female as primary victim.

      Never men are ‘engendered’ in a victim/victimized/victim-oriented posture, unless it is as egregious as Rodney King. Are you aware of what the Toronto police actually DID ( not said about men, or implied about male behavior) to Dorian Barton? And how hard those police worked to cover up their crime against this man?

      The problem isn’t that women aren’t victims of horrendous social inequality, but that this inequality takes place within a larger, more pervasive social design wherein males shoulder beatings and real and implied violence at every step of their life– the expectation that a male role should accustom itself to violence is in and of itself an absurd corruption of human nature; and death, by police power–that power that willingly chooses violence as a primary means rather than a secondary, or entirely tertiary one if at all.

      Oh, and I forgot to mention, yes,actual rape, too, but that rape is symbolic at all steps of the male experience as well, and happens in greater numbers that we admit.Yet the police power ( have you studied how feminism was co-opted by the CIA and Gloria Steinem,et al?) has invaded our unity by denying this primary rape of males–hell, I will go one further and suggest that circumcision is that symbol, cherished by the ruling class and many if not most mothers as a ritual rape of an infant.

      Imagine if the walk were called “PerpWalk” in honor of Dorian Barton( based on feminist theology that states all men are perps even if the fact is all men are first victims) and it had the same goal as the alleged SlutWalk. Do you think it would garner as much attention in the press, that people would spend their hours rallying, if we put the idea of males as primary victims rather than females? I doubt it.

      Because they want YOU to believe only two things: you are a female and you are a victim. This way, it keeps the attention off of what is happening to men every day by that police power. And most importantly, anything that takes your focus off of their two objectives in training you to accept those two ‘facts’ of life is a threat to you–and their larger purpose of getting aweay with oppression–starting with keeping the focus off of actual males who actually get rape, beaten, die, etc.

  3. […] SlutWalk Raises Awareness of the Need for Therapists, not Cops (fightthepolice.wordpress.com) […]

  4. true, many people, mainly women tend to want to wear the banner of victim hood all too often. however, what you are doing is criticizing one cause in order to further your own. as opposed to seeing the numerous parallels between your cause and that of probably everyone walking at the Slutwalk, you are simply negating their cause as if all of it is heresay, phony statistics, and exaggerated hysteria. i have heard of Erin Pizzey (who has said a lot of what you’re saying), and the like, but i don’t think your agenda should be furthered at the expense of a very serious and problematic issue in our society (violence against women).
    yes, i am aware that many men are brutalized, attacked, and even raped by the police, but i am also aware they they are doing the same thing to women. are YOU aware of that? that they are doing the same thing to women? and whether it is men or women, they still aren’t getting enough media attention? if anyone is making something or an event “gendered”, it is you.
    and i completely agree that this idea that men have to be violent as a sign of their manhood (especially men of color) is completely absurd, but i think you will only find allies amongst the feminist you seem to despise. so why not criticize them, and fight WITH them?
    and what exactly is symbolic rape? i understand what you’re trying to say, but i don’t think you can take something tangible and find a parallel in an intangible situation. Africa has been “raped”, indigenous societies have been “raped”, corporations and capitalism “rape” people as if it was mandated, but on an individual level, rape is rape. the only thing that is similar to a man raping a woman is a man raping a man. you cannot say what society does to men, the various absurd and damaging expectations that are expected of men, or anything else is “rape”, because rape is not as simplistic as that. i have never been raped or sexually assaulted in such a way, however, i live in the mindset that it is possible in nearly every situation i am in that i may be sexually assaulted. the typical male does not live with that mentality. and if they did, i think they would find it even harder to surmise a similar situation to rape, other than actual rape.
    also, yes i have seen how some aspects of feminism were funded by the CIA (i made a comment on that blog, actually). i don’t think circumcision is “cherished” by anyone, but i will say that i agree that it is something that needs to stop. but isn’t it interesting that you didn’t mention female circumcision? it may be labeled a form of torture (although i think that is a moral judgement placed on people that inhabit cultures that are more complex than to be labeled “good” or “bad”), but i wouldn’t agree that it is “rape”.
    and there is no such thing as “feminist theology”. there is theology that has a feminist perspective and critical analysis, and there are feminist theists, and maybe some theologies that come off as “feminist”, but a “feminist theology”? no. feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression, among a number of other dominating binaries. it has nothing to do with god, gods, goddesses, higher powers, or omnipotent entities.
    and no, i don’t think it would garner much attention if someone purported males as primary sex victims, but i think the main opposition to that would be from other males that feel as though victimhood is a feminine thing (see the issue in that? male=in control, female=victim; male=dominant, female=submissive; male=strength, female=weakness). the idea that a female is a victim is much older and deeper than Slutwalks and even feminism.
    if you want to fight the system, it will take more than simply screaming “ITS HAPPENING TO MEN TOO!!”. yes, it is. it is happening to women as well.
    criticizing an aspect of the movement is something completely different from criticizing the entire movement. i think when you look at feminism (especially feminism from women of color), you will probably have a few issues, but overall i think you will find allies and a common struggle.

    • Hey Nell: just a few issues that come to mind.

      Nell, can any human being alive in the last four decades NOT be aware of violence against women? NOT be aware of rape of women? The propaganda about that is everywhere everyday.

      Sadly, it is NOT the same issue, because the great social violence that was done to low income men, and men of color in the last two decades occurred as a direct result of ‘feminists’ splitting the herd( or allowing the herd to be split) into women and men, good men and bad men. The modern police state is built on women’s rape fears, not actual rapes. The same pattern exists in England, (Victorian England was also a precursor to this), Sweden, etc. The sad co-option of women’s sexual choices is a factor, but women allowing men to be isolated and scapegoated rather than focusing on police and state corruption of the dialogue is worse.

      You are right to a small degree that men and power= strength, women=weakness, etc in the minds of SOME men, but unless you are a man, you cannot possibly know the anxiety and fear that a man feels during the masculinizing, formational years .And, by definition of what a rape is, especially as concerns fourth and fifth degree sexual assault, many men are sexually assaulted every year by both men and women but there is no statistic that defines this unwanted physical contact as ‘sexual’ in intent– a mother, swatting her son for playing with his penis; an auntie telling a boy to act like a man after being hurt; a sister beating up a little brother so he doesn’t tell her parents something; little girls on the playground hitting young boys could never be seen as sexual in nature ( in my case a kick in the balls in middle school–of course you don’t tell, that is unmanly!), but if the tables are turned, little boys have actually been arrested and charged with sex crimes!

      These are just few experiences of the formative years of many young boys, and the key to being a boy is to never tell, to never complain, to know ones place–because without knowing ones place, the system would apparently break.

      So yes, some of us do grow up with rape–but defining it as such breaks the code of indoctrination that we are expected to uphold for the sake of society–boys telling on girls, men telling on women , is the exact avenue the oppressor seeks to intervene, and, we all know what happens when the oppressor intervenes. But that is the exact point: these women from Slutwalk are appealing to and INVITING the oppressor, not, protesting rape.

      Nell, you cannot possibly tell me that the young boys you are in contact with do not on some level fear going to prison, and being raped there. And if you can tell me such is the case, I would love to hear from these marvelous males, who have on some level been protected from such fears–but I can tell you that this rape fear is the subtext of every male to male interaction, especially interactions that entail physical prowess, which really is one male fighting his inner voice, and counter-acting a rape fear.

      The primary rape is of the males, by women, and violent males invited into the discourse by women–in this case, these women are only focused on their own safety–not that of males. Women do not speak for mens rights, ever, because they fail to see their entitlement by merely being girls.

      Female privilege ( and BTW I agree that I am more likely to find empathy in non-white activism because white women are triply privileged: white, women, and white women…) is one that looks at itself in the mirror every day and only sees what it does not have, rather than what it does have.

      So, women are spared in the formative years from the violence that is always a precursor to rape. Men are not, and this is a male constant: a gnawing fear that if you do not excel at the masculine ‘arts’ of learning how not to be preyed upon–by both men and women–then you will be eve3ntually ostracized, and potentially raped.

      Slutwalkers merely embody a pre-planned response by privileged females speaking to the authority figures who have created and limited, and co-opted the debate. Their voice is merely a re-iteration of what authority wants them to say which is essentially this : ” If you want us to be women, and maintain our attractive faces and privileged position ( privileged from daily violent exposure) you must protect US from the violence that males endure–that violence which makes males ugly, and hard, and power oriented. We are willing to make our appearance in your harems as attractive, and delicate sexual flowers, but YOU ( authority) must protect us to a higher degree than you protect males, because as we know, violence makes us uglier.”

  5. hello again,
    is it propaganda though? when people say that women are raped at an alarming rate, and almost every woman knows someone that has been sexually abused/harrassed or has been herself, then how is it propaganda? it may be exaggerated and hyped up in some cases, but propaganda?
    the violence done to men of color in the last 2 decades is because of feminists? really? so when men of color were being lynched, imprisoned, murdered, and just living a trying life altogether, what was the reasoning? men of color are disrespected (to say the least) and always have been in this country. that will be before and after feminists. if you’re trying to imply that white feminists have infiltrated the black unity and convinced black women to go against them, then you’re completely wrong. black women were and are probably the least likely to call themselves “feminists”. even currently, there still aren’t that many black feminists, and surely not enough to make a large impact on the black community. many (most) black women felt (and feel) as though feminism is a “white woman’s thing” and the rest don’t want any backlash from black males by associating with it. the black community has a plethora of issues, and almost none of the them can be blamed on feminists.

    no, the modern police state is built on protecting the assets of rich white people and corporations, not womens’ rape fears. recall a story recently in which a woman was raped by cops in NYC and the cops were acquitted? recall numerous sex workers who don’t even report rape any more because cops could not care less. recall the hundreds of rape cases that are going over their statute of limitations because no one cares enough to investigate. not to mention issues like these outside the US. to act as if the police are running and using all their energy to track down rapists and keep women from being raped is complete hogwash. if they WERE doing all of that, there would be no need for women to create organizations, awareness campaigns, and protests. and ultimately, cops will not stop rape, or even violence, for that matter. it is a mentality that must be fought on a mental level.

    you’re right. men are sexually assaulted, and are less likely to come forward (mainly as children and teenagers being sexually abused). but it seems as though you are trying to negate the other issues as opposed to adding this to the other realities. it is a reality that men are sexually assaulted and abused, it is also a reality that women are also assaulted and abused. negating one for the other is not the solution.

    what exactly do you mean by “inviting the oppressor” as opposed to “protesting rape”? and again, they were protesting rape but more importantly they were protesting the ideas inherent in our society that make women’s bodies the property of men and make it okay for label people “sluts” and treat them as such.

    i’m sure there are men that fear going to prison and being raped. but is that necessarily comparable to fearing walking down the street alone at night? not even.
    and please explain to me the entitlements of being female. because i know of very few.
    ARE women spared violence? have you forgotten domestic violence (and by that i mean violence done in the household possibly by men, but probably more so by women)? SOME women are spared that, and SOME men are spared that as well. i think it has more to do with income than it does sex.

    and to some extent, your last paragraph is correct. but again, i don’t think attempting to negate the violence done to one group of people will bring more awareness to this issue.

    • Hey Nell, thanks for your thoughts, I will give your thoughts more thought;-)
      But I have to first note that ( and I bet you will hate me when I say this) I have heard all or most of those thoughts before–women get raped, afraid to walk atnight, cops don’t solve the problem, protest is to raise awareness, etc.

      But I am trying to work to a new thought, or a new set of thoughts, because the only thing that has happened in the last decades of rape awareness is this: more cops on the street with more pretext to chase down some man for some inflated addiction crime; more cops indoctrinated that its ok to abuse men because women are too caught up abusing themselves and the system–

      Let me start here: every time a male is arrested on any charge, a ritual rape takes place, as cops force you to turn around, bend over, handcuff you etc. Fourth degree sexual assault, because rape is defined by power relations and implications of sexual force.

      Cops know that no one speaks for the rights of lower income males, or men of color, which is why they prey upon lower income males–and women as a rule are way too busy being afraid of being bent over, and march pro-actively so the focus stays on doing that to men.

      Women, and the women’s movement has made it clear they don’t give a shit about men, and when I say ‘invited the oppressor into their bedrooms’ I am saying that the women’s movement IS a movement whose MAIN and EXCLUSIVE purpose is to create alliances with police, and to use the police and to insert the police, or the possibility of police between female to male interactions, at all times, period.

      I am beginning to think about it in terms of primal alliances: female apes want access to male apes for progeny, but also want smooth relations with alpha male-like apes, just to keep the peace ( apes are so worth studying). And these purportedly alpha apes, hiding behind the faux penis of a gun, have increased, while males who have real penises are being waged war against ( that came out funny..) with increased penalties for being male, without a faux penis.

      To illustrate that I will give one example: historically–pre1993, most evidence and most studies, and indeed many if not most today–demonstrate a clear fact: that women initiate most violent interactions in domestic disputes, and that men are strong finishers in domestic disputes, i.e. they hurt her worse than she hurts him.

      I don’t have time right now to go through all of that well known argument, but what I do know is this: the very second that there was an apparent ‘zero tolerance VAW policy, it was open season on men, who THEMSELVES were victims of violence, in three forms: mother to son, mate to mate, and then police to male.

      The direct result has been a perception that men are violent and women are not, and women and women’s groups smugly flaunt that perception to the FURTHER detriment of men.

      Given the choice between walking the streets and fearing rape and walking the streets and knowing I will be beaten (again) by some cop ( that cop, and those cops pressing their nasty sweat smelling bodies against my flesh, from behind– and me, and us innocent time and time again–man am I tired of hearing about women’s rape fears-men suffer fourth degree sexual assault every time a cop touches us); stopped while being male by some cop, or accused of yet another unfounded crime by some cop, I will take the rape anxiety every time.

      And that is the primary violence, because I am used to the gangs, and the dealers, and the street hustlers in my face, and the occasional shitbag who actually might try to rape me–they aren’t shit next to those who are sworn to NOT do these things, doing these things to us.

      And why? Because man=bad, woman=good, although I concede that “white woman= good” and that is oppressive of other women, who I might add, are infinitely more attractive, and infinitely more in touch with what I am talking about. White women have no sense of their own privilege whatsoever.

      Rape doesn’t lock you up, or character assasinate you in official records full of cop gibberish, and twisted facts. Being raped does not take away your right to cross the border and escape America, get a job in America, or marry a foreign bride. Phony police records do take away those three–and many more–rights.

      So to your questions: 1) when black men were being lynched, it was under the eyes and noses of the police, if not directly at their hands. 2) the pretext of many if not most of those lynchings of black men was because of, on behalf of, in collusion with, and “for” the benefit of entitling white women 3) No social scare has ever taken place in America without white women causing it, or increasing its hysterical outreach–drug scares and Nancy Reagan, prostitution scares and Steinem, rape scares and MacKinnon and Dworkin–and these are only in the last three decades.
      The net effect of those scares? More police, more men in more jails, more cops everywhere.

      Net effect for women? Last I heard, American women bruised their heads on the glass ceiling because it became a concrete fact that there are no real jobs left in America–unless you are a cop, an academic who inflates rape hysteria, or a social worker on a rape crisis ho-line.

      So lastly, your question of female entitlement: lets start with you can get laid any day of the week simply by being available( and I will not parse that out, or dwell in its inherent primal truth); as a woman, you have the ear of any cop you want to pull into whatever it is that you want to pull them in on, blamelessly; you have will likely as a woman NEVER spend time in a prison, or a jail, whereas one out of one hundred men will.

      Your stories will not be doubted, crimes against you are more likely to be prosecuted; you CAN commit violence against men and get away with it; you can have ownership of as many children as your womb can produce; those children can put pillows under your grey hair when you are old, and money in your pocket; you will likely not suffer the indignity of the effects of a criminal record ( even if you were never convicted of a crime, the RECORD stays put–pre-emptively staining your credibility).

      You will not walk down the street knowing that you have a daily chance of being jumped, punched, kicked, punked, robbed, and potentially raped because you are a man, and worse, you will never have to learn how easily cops can twist the facts to make a case against you even when you are the victim of a violent crime….I am starting to get exhausted here….you have access to jobs and training programs both as a woman and as a victim of violence should you decide to claim that; you have access to education simply because you are a woman….hufff, puff….I guess I will have to work on this extensive list later, but you get the idea I hope.

      Most importantly, Nell, you will be believed, and men aren’t. That has unlimited value.

      And BTW, have you noticed the net effect of these women who file false rape charges, like against Kobe Bryant, and now JUlian Assange, and Dominique Strauss Kahn? These women only seem to attack men on the LEFT side of politics–and the RIGHT wing police increase their presence everywhere when the left loses.

      Women’s groups are in bed with cops.

  6. […] SlutWalk Raises Awareness of the Need for Therapists, not Cops (fightthepolice.wordpress.com) […]

  7. women’s groups are in bed with cops? really? can you name some names? some badges and precincts? cities where this is taking place? some organizations and some proof? sources? anecdotes? we both know you have none of those, but please do elaborate on what exactly that is supposed to mean.

    i understand where you’re coming from, again. it is difficult, i think, because many women do not know where to turn when it seems as though a woman is being sexually assaulted on a daily basis. a women’s group in India, i have seen, have taken it upon themselves to patrol their local streets, scolding and even fighting men that harass women. and it may be a good thing for feminists to look to these women as examples as opposed to the police to help us, but maybe this is why more men should lend constructive criticism to the movement.
    that being said, however, i disagree that this is the reason the police accost men more often. they are RARELY doing so in search of a man that has raped, beaten, or assaulted a woman, so i’m not really even sure where that’s coming from. the police assault men typically due with money, i.e. theft. not the rape of Becky. black men, in particular, are being murdered and assaulted by the police mainly due to the stereotypes of being super violent with animalistic sex drives. this is supported and maintained by the media and black men being paid by white men to show these images of themselves (a large majority of hip hop, black male entertainers, comedians, athletes, etc.). but by feminists?

    and if men are symbolically raped by the police by common interrogation, then what is it called when they are actually raped by the police? and i mean men being raped by male policemen? and lets not forget the recent Strauss-Kahn case.

    and really, your fear of assault from cops sounds like most women’s fears of sexual abuse/assault. coincidence? parallel? maybe it should be looked at as more of a “both/and” thing more than an “either/or” type thing. if men talked about being shitted on by cops as much as women talk about our sexual abuse fears, and yet it was STILL HAPPENING, would you be ok with me saying i’m tired of hearing about men’s cop fears? how can you be tired of hearing about an issue that is so close to your own?

    and all that stuff about supposed female privileges – wrong. keep in mind that i am a BLACK woman. which is not the same as being a white woman. i asked for the privileges i have; me – a young black 1040EZ woman. jail-time? being assaulted by the police? having crimes against me prosecuted? REALLY? i don’t have the idea that i may be raped just by walking down the street? are you kidding? cops can’t twist things against me? again Strauss-Kahn case? Scott sisters in Mississippi? what jobs are available to me that aren’t to you? affirmative action benefits white women (again, not me), so i’m not sure what jobs you’re referring to unless its that of a wet nurse or…surrogate mother.
    i’ll be believed and men won’t? that’s a pretty deep and fabricated stretch. right, i’ll be believed, unless i make it to the top position and people assume i got there by giving good head as opposed to having skills. right. or is it when my anger or frustration is overlooked as a side-effect if my menstrual cycle? or is it when my political and social criticisms are seen as simply a woman that hasn’t had any good sex in a while/or needs a man/or needs pms medicine? or is it when my “no” is seen as a “maybe” (be that with sex or otherwise)?
    it looks like a list of things you thought were privileges (some are, i won’t argue that), but turned out to be just that – things you THINK are privileges, but really aren’t.

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