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American Police cover up murder

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and seldom do the victims of police homicide pose an actual threat,which marks a trend towards more homicide committed by American police .

dirty pigs

former police chief Mathew Nestor convicted

American police get off on murder, even though once in awhile they get convicted.

Police target minorities and individuals who stand out or stand alone from a crowd, and in this case, police covered up the fact that a Mexican man, Luis Ramírez, 25, was fatally beaten in 2008 in Shenandoah PA.

Ramirez had been beaten to death by a gang of white kids, and the police chief covered it up.

Police Chief Mathew Nestor got caught hiding evidence, and “Prosecutors accused Mr.Nestor of misdirecting the federal investigation into Mr. Ramirez death by omitting the names of the suspects from a police report” among other things.

As usual, Federal Prosecutors gave him a light sentence, as is the pattern in cases of prosecutors who pursue police criminals. In the rare hour when police are actually prosecuted for their crimes, prosecutors  rarely sentence them to hard time, and cops get off with a slap of the prosecutors hand.

Prosecutors tend to consider police as an element of “good” in society, and thus are prone to believe that the crimes that police are found guilty of are isolated incidents, rather than lifelong patterns of criminal behavior.

However, even the most minor, and harmless incidents of citizens being brave enough to retaliate, or fight back against corrupt cops is prosecuted to the fullest.

Despite the fact that the police personality is psychopathic, prosecutors themselves embody similar mental disorders, as well as exhibit anti-social traits. So, Nestor got 13 months in prison, although a pre-sentencing report by probation officials had recommended 57 to 71 months.

American police are corrupt, and seldom get prosecuted, because like a gang,they stick together at the expense of following or upholding the law.

Police even try to get into the wombs of celebrities, as Sarah Jessica Parker found out a couple years back, in sexually repressed and god-feerin’ Ohio.

Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter had stolen documents from the surrogate mother of Parker’s baby, and “along with another police chief, was accused of meeting with freelance photographers  and offering items such as a poem, photos, legal documents about the surrogacy agreement, and pictures of ultrasounds. A photographer alerted the surrogacy agency, which reported the thefts to police.”

Police abuse women all the time and  contribute largely to drug and human trafficking, but it is rare when they get prosecuted trying to peek into the womb of a celebrity.

They steal things all the time, as well as manipulate or destroy evidence, or as in this case, try to sell the evidence to the highest bidder–after they invaded the privacy of the surrogate and Ms. Parker.

American Police will stop at nothing to get into the private lives of ordinary citizens, and it is refreshing when a celebrity case of criminal police conduct comes to light. Probably not as refreshing to know that this is the nature of the police personality in America.

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