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Police kill women…

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”]and police kill their wives, their ex-wives, and often kill themselves afterward, which is not a bad thing.

Sometimes they even kill and wound other police officers while they are at it, which is not a bad thing either, and sometimes cops kill their “loved ones” on sacred cop holidays, like Memorial Day, which is even more metaphorically cool.

But Jonathan Agee killed his wife, while a 12-year-old daughter watched, and it could likely have been prevented

From the story in CNN: “The bloodshed began at 11:30 a.m., when Jennifer Agee, 30, pulled into a Sheetz convenience store parking lot in Roanoke, Virginia, Perkins said. Trailing behind her in a marked Franklin County sheriff’s office car was her ex-husband, Jonathan Agee. The 32-year-old sheriff’s deputy from Boones Mill was off-duty at the time.”

My question is “when will America wake up from its adrenalin filled, police-power induced coma? For instance, what was this off duty police sanctioned murderer doing driving around in a marked squad anyways?”

I don’t really need an answer either, because I know the answer. For the last several decades, America has inserted police into every day affairs, and into every television show, in a mass propaganda campaign to cause us to “respect the police,” “fear the police,” and especially to NOT QUESTION POLICE AUTHORITY.

It is that exact superficial authority that led to the death of 30-year-oldJennifer Agee–the preventable, predictable crimes of police can and should be highly policed–but they’re not.

Imagine if the store clerk who witnessed this act of policeman murdering his wife had been taught to question authority? Imagine if the general public along the route of this homicidal cop had noticed his road raging driving habits, or his intense glare in the direction of his wife’s car?

Imagine if they—you, me, us– had been taught to question police authority?

Now imagine if we as an emerging American society begin to remind ourselves every single day of the importance of questioning police authority. We might have a new world and fewer cop wife’s to bury (not that burying cop-wife’s is a bad thing, because every time a cop kills his wife, it prevents them from passing along cop genes and soiling the  gene pool).

But domestic violence rates amongst police are two to four times as high as in the civilian population.

The old excuse that always creeps out in the press is that American police kill people because of the “stress of the job,” but evidence points to pre-existing flaws in the character of police men and women.

But police are not alone in hiding, minimalizing or forcefully stifling their victims of domestic violence. Prosecutors are complicit in covering up police crimes, and domestic violence is just one more form of sociopathic police conduct.

According to www.purpleberets.org “In San Diego, a national model in domestic violence prosecution, the City Attorney typically prosecutes 92% of referred domestic violence cases, but only 42% of cases where the batterer is a cop.”

The police personality is already predisposed to violence masquerading as heroics, as many of them emphasize physical fitness, and emulate sports oriented, and  ideology.

But they also are trained to be violent, and to maintain a posture of self-righteousness and control which negates them being viewed as what they are.. They are also willing liars, and manipulators of facts, and are trained in the police academy to be “offensive.”

In other words, American police are socially approved sociopaths, and it’s time to police the police, so their peculiar violence doesn’t spill any further than it has already.

They inhabit a perverse western state of mind that believes in “pre-emptive war( the excuse we used to invade Iraq, and lie about Saddam Hussein),” and “preventive war ( the basic philosophy that operated after Pearl Harbor).”  Whichever of these double speaking phrases you choose, they both mean essentially the same thing these days.

It means that the United States and its international police power means “we” through police and soldiers, maintain a right to murder people first, and ask questions later, as long as the propaganda powers can gain popular support for the US brand of homicide, and sell the American public on the flag draped casket full of ideas that claim they–“We” are acting in self defense, but acting first; the bully who says “hey, are you looking at me?? before it socks you in the eye.”

In other words, for American and other western police, self defense is interpreted as a right to be offensive.

So, obviously, when Jonathan Agee killed his wife, he was acting in self defense, just like all the other cops who kill their wives, all over the western and westernized  world.[ here , here, , here , here ,  and endlessly elsewhere]

They also inhabit a curious realm within the western philosophy of capitalism, and uphold only money, and property rights, while destroying the lives of others through a steady stream of adrenalin feuled false heroics, and implicating the weak, the mentally ill, and the poor in crimes of addiction, or poverty.

In the words of Robert Kennedy:

” There is another kind of violence, slower but just as deadly destructive as the shot or the bomb in the night. This is the violence of institutions: indifference and inaction and slow decay. This is the violence that afflicts the poor, that poisons relations between men because their skins have different colors. This is the slow destruction of a child by hunger, and schools without books and homes without heat in the winter.”

Bobby, I would only add that a new, and far more insidious killer than race or poverty has emerged ever present, and ever victorious in American society: the power of a police structure, or a police state that breaks the laws it makes, and abuses citizens in ever increasing numbers. They reign superior, even if in their own minds, and that is a bad bad thing.

The police embody power, and the disproportionate exercise of that power over the lives of others, and, sometimes, over their own family members. They are the new middle class ideology of class control; the new bully pulpit; a typical American answer to a failed ideology of adrenalin pumped, gas power fueled mass consumerism.

So, pre-emptively, we ask: maybe it’s time to police the police? Because police are becoming more and more offensive every day–even on the sacred cow day of Memorial Day.


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