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Police Tamper with the American Internet

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”]RAF Menwith Hill, a large ECHELON site in the ...

[ Note: this post was one of several that I made from public internet terminals that are firewalled, with AV and anti-spyware. Some of those terminals are frequented by people who fit certain “profiles”–minorities. The post below actually happened more than two weeks ago. This version is from an auto-save, and much of the links were lost]

on May 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm

To any and all fellow bloggers, IT professionals, et al: have you ever noticed how slow/impossible your computer connection becomes when you write about the sort of things we write about here?  It’s enough to actually alter your thoughtstream, and change your brain chemistry.

As reported by http://www.abovetopsecret.com, there is technology in use today that does just that.

“According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”.

To make matters worse, somehow today, I cannot create content links using the simple wordpress ‘Insert’ button, or create links!

I am seeking advice, and anecdotes of similar experiences.

It is classic paranoia to believe that “someone is hiding in my internet,” but it becomes a factual anecdotal experience if others are aware of it too.

In the very least, it is my theory that the military, FBI, and its related programs of Echelon and Carnivore have more than one function. The basic function the government tells us is that htese are “listening” programs, i.e., they “listen for keywords”and terrorists, etc.

However, I believe that they have other functions as well, not least of which is to slow down, stop, redirect, or otherwise interfere with conversations they don’t want civilians to have–conversations like, um, POLICE MISCONDUCT and BRUTALITY.

So, in this light, here are some basics of my theory:

1) Echelon, modern secret programs that function better than ol’ Carnivore, the FBI, NSA,  et al are actually using programs to deliberately causing internet chat to slow down, and inserting themselves into emergent dialogues–so that they essentially can alter the outcome of conversation.

2) Programs in place that claim to “monitor” internet activity are actually used to alter the speed, and content of that delivery.

3) rather than they claim, the intent of internet surveillance is actually to inhibit, control the flow of, or stop certain memes, ideas, and conversational “transactions.”

4) Sites, like ours here, are not only monitored, but also directly interfered with in order that police powers can manipulate data, and alter speech patterns.

So in short, the government practices a form of prior restraint of ideas, with some of the tactics outlined above, and we are unwittingly part of one of the greatest CIA mind control experiments ever.

  1. […] links get lost, or re-linked, my finally published content drops a verb or a noun here or there, sentences get broken up, and the final, altered product looks like gibberish, and makes me look […]

  2. I had this experience just today! In my country, Finland, today’s biggest headline was police brutality:

    Nothing too brutal, but enough to make a discussion, and I participated in a couple of discussions about it, how I don’t like the idea, that always when something like this happens, the comment sections gets immediately filled up with
    “Good job police!!! We need more authority to police” -style comments.

    The police was beating a naked man lying in the ground with a telescope baton, and the naked man wasn’t attacking any one. After police noticed, that this event was filmed and put to youtube, and people started to talk about it, the police said, that the naked man bit one of the polices, which in my view didn’t happen.

    In this process of having this discussion for almost a whole day, I also got lost into all kinds of interesting conspiracy theories, which is new to me, and I made comments to those places too.

    Suddenly my 4-core computer is crawling, its hot and its fans are screaming. Google searches can last for a minute and it acts strangely and inconsistently, while harmless book marks can work just normally. Google search can lead to connection problems, or randomly just plain google front page. Commenting some places can lead to “Forbidden”-notifications, while I didn’t get ban, but I lost my comment, and didn’t have enough concentration to write it again. While these wild conspiracy theories still fresh in my mind, I tried to google for “slow down” and “echelon” for lulz, and found my way here.

    I don’t know what this means:
    “It’s enough to actually alter your thoughtstream, and change your brain chemistry.”
    But I had wondered for whole day, why I have been feeling dizzy today and I don’t seem to be able to concentrate almost at all. My thoughts get lost all the time, and I cannot get it back. This is not normal to me at all, and this lead me to write this comment.

  3. And I forgot to add, that the discussions seemed to stop almost like it hit to a wall, and for a moment I thought it got deleted, but it didn’t and the discussion continues, but only at MUCH slower pace.

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