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United States Supreme Court endorses men being raped.

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US Supreme Court {sans Justice Kagan}

….but not double or triple stacked.

And: American Police are Rapists who thrive on rape culture ideology, a flawed model of social control that can work for, or against them. Flawed because from its inception and implementation by some of the justices that sit on the court today, it set up a judicial system that allowed the accused to be publicly tried, while the accusers remain anonymous, like in the eastern bloc countries, and repressive South American regimes. Rape and Security theater.

I am not the only one to notice how our country uses sex charges, false rape statistics, or politically motivated rape charges, either.

Naomi Wolf, writing for Reuters, says that rape culture ideology ” means that policy outcomes can be advanced nowadays, in a surveillance society, by exploiting or manipulating sex-crime charges, whether real or inflated.”

I said as much just the other day. Oh, wait: I said that 5 days before Ms. Wolf did.

Police and social mechanisms that should protect us from police misconduct encourage, condone, cause, and cover-up American men being put into conditions that cause violence and rape: prisons. America relies on sex-crimes charges to stifle dissent, and men must be triple stacked in shitty, hot, overcrowded and unconstitutional conditions before the court does anything about it.

Many of those men are in prison because of a “bad habit,” or an “addiction,” rather than actual, real, person to person violent crime.  Men encounter and learn violence in prison, and the police mechanism routinely uses prison rape as a tool to control men. –while ironically, our entire culture, and its press slathers over what “might be” happening in other countries, and collective outcry weeps for the human rights of women in countries we do not, or cannot control.

American prisons are rape and violence factories, but also, many of the men in prison today are there because police and court mechanisms have willingly and historically been complicit in prison rapes and violence.

However, they are silent in the very least about the creation of a drug addicted society. Not one single drug scare that was ever initiated by police powers has ever worked to keep citizens off of drugs. American police, and their military counterparts are also the worlds biggest drug dealers. History tells us that.

Rather than creating American manufacturing, or other jobs, influential Americans have only encouraged the growth of police and military powers—powers that cause rape and kills people overseas.

The police in America are certainly the foremost advocates of placing dissenting American males into harm’s way—and even further away from those men relaying such messages to foreigners. Our police structure only wants the mythology and marketing tools of “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and mom’s lemonade” message to get out to foreigners. [Original commercial here]

Shockingly, today, the United States Supreme Court issued a rare decision that upholds prisoner’s rights, and ordered the State of California to end the overcrowding conditions in its prisons. In doing so, the courts order is an even rarer ruling that upholds human rights—here, in America.

Despite the fact that one of the most prominent sociopaths in America, Antonin Scalia— sits on the Supreme Court today, the high court once again backs cuts in Calif. prison population.[ more on Antonin Scalia here:]

While the USA routinely violates the human rights of foreign people, and the human rights of Americans alike, it is rare that we acknowledge the human rights abuses in America, much less enforce existing laws against such abuses. Through collusion of the police and the press to cover-up such human rights abuses here, and the courts routine failures to act against such abuse that has led to perhaps the worst human rights conditions in America since slavery.

Fortunately, we still have the foreign press to report human rights violations in America, and foreign media is not on the U.S. payroll—yet. So we have to look to foreign newspapers and foreign broadcasts in order to ascertain the truth about our own country.

While America today is delicately dancing around the fact that it manipulates and censors the internet, ( and here ) China Daily reports that “The United States reports the world’s highest incidence of violent crimes, and its people’s lives, properties and personal security are not duly protected.”

On its face this statement is true, however, the Chinese press, though refreshing in its breadth and comprehension of American human rights abuses against American citizens, fails to acknowledge the root cause of this purported violent crime: we live in a country where our police and our media are in collusion to initiate violent contact with men, and regularly remove fathers from households in order to begin the indoctrination of the children in the households.

America is relatively a single mother society, and fathers are not allowed to be fathers in lower income brackets, whereas upper income brackets rely on a sliding scale of what makes a “good man,” versus a “bad man,” and cops are always the “good men”.

Police make initial contact with children, and then begin indoctrination of children as who “good guys” or “bad guys,” are–because American police thinking is black and white, with no shades of grey—American police suffer from a great dearth of creative thinkers–and regardless of the crimes perpetrated by police and state mechanisms, the courts uphold cops almost by rote.

American society depends upon men being locked up on trumped charges, so that the police and their allies can get to the kids, and create good little killing and birthing machines that willingly go off to foreign wars.  If they don’t–well, we have a place called prison for the misfits.

Police propaganda campaigns like the out dated D.A.R.E. program cause our children to become aware of drugs and drug abuse much earlier than any child needs to hear about such social programs, while countries like China–who historically battled with the west to keep the western police powers and their opium out of its borders–China focuses on and teaching children the basics: the three R’s.

Worse, every time our police or military get involved in a “foreign war,” the police power imports more of the exact drugs that it claims to “protect” its citizens from. Every single US policy against drugs has increased the drug flow to America. Most US drug policies have increased the US presence as dealers in international drug markets.

It would be safe to say that every where there is drugs, the US “intervenes” and drugs are produced in larger quantities; it would be safe to say that America depends upon drugs for cash flow.

Since the U.S. has been in Afghanistan, the supply of heroin into the U.S. has increased from 7% to 60%. The U.S. policy of “supply side” strategies to reduce drugs is a miserable failure. And China is historically aware of western manipulation of facts about drugs, and drug statistics as well.

US policy it is designed to be so, because it justifies inflated police budgets here at home, and creates the illusion that there is a “criminal class” of our citizens, rather than socially marginalized people who have been brutalized into submission or otherwise set-up for failure by police power. Drugs and other government sponsored addictive substances and materials are the fault of the addict, rather than the fault of a social system that relies upon using drugs as a matter of leveraging foreign governments–like China.

Yet far worse than the police themselves are those who cloister themselves away and concoct schemes of social control that are often negotiated, arbitrary by their very nature, blind eyed when it comes to policing the police, and short sighted when it comes to fair or equal justice when it comes to weighing police misconduct against dissent and dissenters that challenge such conduct.

Our Supreme Court supremely and routinely upholds only the interests of that police power, and its subscribers in middle and upper classes. The deck is stacked with paid off Bush family dynasty, paycheck earning, citizens’ rights hating, business and connection loving conservatives like Samuel Alito, John Roberts, and Antonin Scalia-some of the most repressive jurists to ever sit the bench. They are the upholders of all things religious and fanatical; white men who believe that women are primarily birth canals who should stay at home.

Then there are the second string players, justices who are the future liberty oppressors, or in the very least, a silenced liberal impulse, and relics from a brief era of social justice in the 1960’s. Many of them are also Reagan era or Bush dynasty appointees who wear the face of what appear to be “minority” justices, but who are at heart angry and frustrated modern Sambo’s fearfully ready, willing, and abl

e to overlook the majority of issues that affect the poor and the disenfranchised of our America, while extending their hand to the rest of the world—as long as that emergent world is one that has a dollar bill in its hand..

These justices are willing to re-tool a fascist leaning country, and uphold police shenanigans, as long as their cherished “represented” and favored minority wins ( minority as defined by a standard that is over 230 years

old, and outdated for modern representation).

Weakened Justices like iron Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, ballsy Steven Breyer, sometimes bold, but often mediocre Anthony Kennedy; and the new faces of the police state, Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan are remarkably weak and silent in the face of some of Americas worst repression ever.

They are too busy marveling at the architectures of the modern police state they have helped create by buying into fear campaigns that made a mess with human rights issues here at home, and they upheld the torture of non-Americans; the false election of Bush.

Then there’s Clarence Thomas. What can one say about a black man that hates black men? American language doesn’t have a word for that, but he has been part of some of the most black-people-hating decisions to ever come before the court, and perhaps the only justice who should wear a white robe–if he didn’t seem to hate ALL men.

So, if there is a threat to China, it isn’t liberalizing its society: it could well be U.S. citizens reg

aining the rights we have lost for the last thirty years, or men who have been

systematically miscategorized as “violent offenders,” many of whom are victims themselves. But have no fear China; American is open for your business: American civil rights are in a shambles, while police and military power are a growing threat—but not to Chinese or other foreigners.

Our power structure relies primarily on locking dissenters away from the public discourse, just like we say you do, and our police are very busy setting citizens up and labeling them criminals of one kind or another, at the expense of the real story of America leaking out.

Meanwhile the real crooks are those who wear uniforms, the black robes, the one guy in the white robe, and the

people who pay their salaries. They just took away one of the most cherished of human rights, which was our right to be protected in our homes against police intrusions without a warrant.

Historically that is something that “repressive countries” do to their citizens. they are always more than willing to steer you into the arms of their cronies, rather than into the discourse of the real America—the long term money.

Most importantly, they are for sale, too, despite this recent breath of justice leaking out, and you can get in on it once you recognize who they are, and what they sell.

[ Note: the author does not condone the sterile and distancing use of the word “foreigners,” as applies to new arrivals in America; however, recognizes its utility to American society which relies on racist, sexist, and other-ist language to create in-groups and out-groups; and as a tool to cause new citizen arrivals a modicum of fear, and the forced recognition of a heirarchical template that puts people from other nations at the bottom of any social ladder]



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