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Police abuse women

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…and usually, they get away with it, because cops  hate  “hundred pound weaklings.”  They deplore what they consider “weak,” especially if that weakness is in men.

When cops beat men up, they almost always get away with it–even if those men are in wheelchairs!

In the case of police beating women, society takes a different approach, and assumes the women who are victims of police violence are innocent, and up goes an outcry. But not always:  Lisa Wareham was assaulted

Police abuse women

by Officer Livio Beccaccio, a veteran of the Orlando, FL police department  and, as usual,

the cops report contradicted the video-taped evidence. But the cop didn’t know there was video tape when he told his initial lies in an “official report”.

She likely would have been seen as guilty,without the exonerating video-taped evidence that revealed police lies.

According to clickorlando.com,  she said “It happened so fast. I was so scared. There is no way to describe it.”

Wareham, a single mother who was out with her friends at the time of the incident, said she could not believe what happened.

“I went to sit up and I felt something in my mouth. I spit (my teeth) out. I didn’t even know what to think,” she said.

Wareham said there was a disturbance nearby and a man was shoved into her. She said as she was questioning the man as to why he bumped into her, Beccaccio led her away and hurled her to the ground.

She barely weighs one hundred pounds.

Cops lie in their reports all the time. We know that. Lying in police reports is the norm,not the exception. They teach lying  in the police academy, and the courts often uphold police lies,but with videotape, their lying abilities versus the cameras unfaltering eye are a game changer.

Notice the highlighted text below:

“Although the Supreme Court has often said that truth is an imperative to justice, (9) we now know that police officers, (10) the key investigative component in our criminal justice system, lie, even under oath. (11) i How often do the police lie? No one knows for sure, but credible reports of police lies are common. In addition to police lies captured on video and audio recordings, trial judges have become increasingly skeptical about police testimony in suppression matters. (12) Juries have found police lies using a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard. (13) Some judges, prosecutors, and criminal defense lawyers believe that the police often lie successfully at pretrial hearings to avoid application of the exclusionary rule. (14) Commissions have convened, studied, and documented police lies. (15) And there is circumstantial evidence of police lies, along with other police misconduct, from the work of the Innocence Project and a recent empirical study conducted by Brandon Garrett. (16)”

[article here]

Police also routinely violate and abuse women, but they are very good at covering it up; police departments generally have a no-talk rule about their own domestic disputes, and women ( and men) who live with cops are often intimidated into silence by their gun toting mates.

But video tapes can make the difference between another routine report written by a cop being taken as truth, or revealed as the lies they are.

This video-tape  might get the officer suspended, reprimanded, or otherwise, but I doubt it. Police departments around the country are slow, or lax to discipline officers who abuse the public trust–there are just too many others in “the public” who condone police brutality.

Worse, the police have the full complicity of female police officers in the ranks to do their dirty work for them: according to clickorlando.com, OPD Lt. Barbara Jones sent an email to …on Wednesday confirming that the incident “is being reviewed and under official investigation.”

Two things in that statement  smell like pork, and the beginnings of a cover up:

1) the cops use female officers to deal with police assaults on women to diffuse the public perception of police as a  ‘male dominated’;this is the key to police disinformation campaigns in regards to the women that police abuse.

2) the phrase “official investigation,” which always amounts to the police strategically adding up the factors that damn them, and comparing them with factors which could make their lies plausible, to see  how they should  run the final story.

But it is a grand thing when you can catch cops in action, or investigate a whole departments corruption, like San Francisco’s PD, whose police misconduct, fraud, lies, and abuses were also caught on tape

We’ve heard the official story before, and it’s always B.S., sprinkled with heavy levels of disinformation and lies.

The problem is two-fold:

a) police profiles themselves are lies, and often are merely excuses to over-extend police powers. ( think seat belt laws, Terry stops, and the implication that you are guilty of something if you refuse a police search of your car)

b) the public is largely unaware of the police authority test*: if a cop stops you, you must comply to its orders. They are seeking compliance first, sorting  issues of right from wrong later.

Police authority has gone wild, and the public at large is unaware of these small abuses, until it is your brother, sister, or other family or friend that has suffered.

The small abuse of the police authority test has led to the larger abuses, and now it is time to arm yourself against the police- buy a video camera, and use it to record police home intrusions,brutality, and day to day events before you lose the right to do it–and double and triple back-up your recordings, because police have long histories of destroying video evidence.

Remember: they work for us–or at least,they used to– not the other way around, and today, they actively work against us–against the U.S. in us.

Document it: if you don’t flex your rights,you will lose them. So know your rights about recording police behavior.

  1. No way Jose. The guy looks like a thug and a dope. We know where these sexual predators who have entered the system area coming from: south of the border, North Africa and Italy. They are coming to this country because of uncontrollable drug crime, bad water and reading problems.

    Canada treats such people, who are mostly taxi drivers, as third class citizens. They cannot be trusted and slander innocent without remorse.

    This is none other than a case of police sexual harassment, assault and brutality against an American woman. She needs to hold a rally with tourists who come from coast to coast protesting her right to safety and hold on to her turf. It is a right not a privilege.

    I saw on TV news documentary how Roman people kidnap females on route to school in Hungary and have seen Gypsy children pick pocket tourists in Europe. Sweden is right in bordering N. Africans and Islamic coming into their country because that Jordanian Queen Noor.

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