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Here is an anecdotal story that is one example of things that happen every day in America.A young working man; a “clean-cut kid”; a Latino; someones brother, or a son; a friend.told me that he was stopped randomly the other night by a female police officer in a northern American city.Here is a paraphrase of his telling of the story:

” I was walking home the other night. It was still light out, so I was enjoying the rest of my day.
“Suddenly, a cop is telling me to “Stop! Turn around, face the wall,” and asking for identification. She asked me if my passport was my only identification, and I told her, no, I also have my Mexican National ID card. She went back to her squad car, and then came back and told me that my passport was a fake. I told her no, it isn’t. It was issued to me by my government, at such and such time.I also told her I am here legally. She threatened me again, saying that my passport was fake, and told me she could arrest me if she wanted to, and finally let me go.”

But the cop kept his legally obtained passport.

Does this sound familiar? A random stop, without any pretext given, and with only the vague description given by the cop of either a) who (what race) it was she was purportedly “looking for,” and b) the cop kept a passport.

Does that scare you? It scares me. Here is why:

1) the stop of this young “Latino” male was without pretext.

 Though police can claim (lie about) any pretext at all, and lie twice when a racial profile is given, your government gives them the right to stop and manhandle anyone in what is called a Terry stop . But it is unlikely this will happen to most white people–unless they live in poor neighborhoods, and associate with other “races”– and almost never happens to women,  the wealthy, or one cop to another cop.

Sadly, the Terry Stop is a fact of life and a rite of passage for lower income males, and males from minority groups. THE PRIMARY POLICE PROFILE OF A CRIMINAL IS A “MALE”. The stop is the beginning of a “case” according in any citizens mind ( anxiety, fera, adrenaline, self-doubts, feeling a sense of injustice directed against them), but because most people don’t know their rights, or collectively work to ensure their rights, they have no value.

In actuality, a “case begins when you are arrested”. But what constitutes “arrested”? Being arrested is that short moment between when a cop stops you on “reasonable suspicion” ( as noted above “lower income, male, minority, or being white in places where whites are in the minority), and the cop  will claim you have done, or possessed something illegally, called “probable cause.

What most citizens don’t know is that the police can even shoot you in the back, while in handcuffs, and get away with it, even if you haven’t been formally arrested and booked in to a jail. Why? Because your society has increasingly permitted this behavior.Here is a recent example.

The police officer in question above (the one who shot the kid in the back) might well have had a suspect in his custody, but what irked the cop wasn’t the fact that the kid escaped: what got the cops pride ruffled and incited his murderous impulse to shoot a boy in the back, was that the kid escaped his control, but also cops are quite impulsive when they lose control, and then, employ murder as a solution. Cops are all about control, and, as noted elsewhere on this blog, their entire personality type can be explained using Freudian terms: conflicted between anal retention, and anal expulsion–which is likely why they blew the shit out of this kid with their phallic object( the gun).

2)  The cop did not return the kids passport.

 Now imagine this scenario: that kids passport is sold or given to one of that female cops snitches or cromies,  or is used by some undercover cop in some kind of cop activity that goes bad. Undercover cop activity goes bad alot of the time, which is why they rely on planted evidence, and falsification of the “official records.”

 Imagine, for example, the young guys passport travels to the scene of a crime in the pocket of some cop who kills someone. Passports show up all the time at American crime scenes where the legal holder of that passport may, or may not have been.

Even though the legal holder of a passport ( the young man from whom it was stolen) never stepped one foot in the door, or even was at the crime scene, it is not important. If something goes wrong at the crime scene, and other cops come, and find the passport on the ground it is enough evidence to charge its legal holder (the young man who the officer ‘legally’ stole it from), with the crime where the passport was found.

Whereas it is not a complete statement to say that the cop was completely outside her rights or duties to stop him, it would be fair to say that the situational pretext ( her excuse for stopping an innocent person, and then taking that persons property–his valuable identification) was sketchy, vague, and contrived. And that keeping his passport is an example of using innapropriate judgement, and falsification of evidence. So it IS fair to infer that we are dealing with a less than honest cop who has taken personal belongings from a legal holder of those belongings.

3) Once you relinquish your property to police, it has a high degree of likelihood that it could end up as planted evidence.

 Here is the classic case of Fong Lee, who was murdered by a cop in Minneapolis; shot in the back and elsewhere, with eight bullets. The strange part? The police cover-ups of their crimes are more prevalent than the crimes where they actually get caught, and the public believes them.

In the case of Fong Lee, the cover-up started the day he died, as police began twisting facts to fit their case against a man who police shot in the back.The gun that police claimed was Lee’s,  had been in the police property and evidence room FOR TWO YEARS. The news acted as an accomplice by merely accepting the “official story”( for anyone who claims we might be biased, here is some general discussion about the Fong Lee case from biased and unbiased observers after the fact)

So, what should you do when police steal your stuff? GET IT BACK as soon as possible, or accept that they will use it illegally. That same clean-cut kid who doesn’t have his passport anymore ( and who is at risk for arrest next time some cop decides to profile him) told me today that he spoke with another cop about  the situation.

That cops response? “It’s not worth trying to get your passport back. That would cause you more trouble.” Even the police know that dealing with the police brings trouble, regardless of a persons innocence. And they also know that immigrants, and minorities are less likely to challenge them.

That troubles me greatly.

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