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Cowardice, Disinformation, and Americas international police power

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bin Laden compound
No one beats the US in telling  lies heard around the world.

I am no fan of Osama bin Laden, who may or may not have actually orchestrated 9\11 without the help of US officials, but neither am I a fan of tactics that are cowardly, deceptive, and beneath the dignity of my country; a country that claims it is the shining example of truth and justice.

 I am not even remotely interested in promoting Osama as a reputable leader,or a decent man, or even a good muslim; nor am I weighing in on the clear connections he has with George Bush, and the Bush family in general.

I am interested in the truth, however, and I haven’t found that in American media.

So, when the US claims Osama was “armed,” “hid behind his wife” and or ‘used his wife for a human shield,’ etc., etc, it is all too familiar: another set of lies that are tacked onto the corpse of a victim, and in this case, another unarmed victim. http://informationliberation.com/?id=35170

That’s the exact same technique that is applied here at home, in America, every time there is an unjustifiable homicide by the police–remember that if you are ever called on to be a jury member.

It is all too familiar. First the White House says one thing, and then another, but what is clear is that the CIA influence is felt every time lies are used to spread disinformation.

Once we accept the lies and deception by the police and military powers as “business as usual,” we have given up a most basic right: the right of proper procedures that determine the truth, and that starting with our own perception. We are essentially denied the right to know the truth, courtesy of government/police power collusion.

That’s a bad precedent for a democracy. Does this sound familiar?

“It started when the government, in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis, received reports of an imminent terrorist attack. A foreign ideologue had launched feeble attacks on a few famous buildings, but the media largely ignored his relatively small efforts. The intelligence services knew, however, that the odds were he would eventually succeed…”

Regardless of when and where we tolerate lies told by the government, the outcome of accepting one lie is to not question anymore of them, until the lies and disinformation add up to huge, and terrible misfortune.

The most important thing we want you to know is that police and military lies are repeated by the media, and absorbed by the public, and thus the very cause of justice is subverted, and we become a public that kowtows only to military or police authority, and secondarily, “official sources” in the media for information at the expense of truth or actual justice.

Our media is responsible for more than telling the truth: they are responsible to NOT tell lies, no matter what the reason.

So, until responsible media tell the truth, the lies stand in its place.

How is that so? Because we as individuals have allowed our nation to forego the neccessary processes that define truth; the media at the very least, owes the public the truth, as stated in any code of ethics ever proffered by proffessional journalists and that truth, is supposed to be a statement of facts, not suppositions, mere opinions, and especially as regards police or military powers, lies told to the public.

So, watch the news; hear their “facts,” but mostly watch how the lie is told first, and how the truth slowly slips out ONLY days afterwards.

The police power believes that the lie is a necessary step in fighting what it deems bad, or evil.

Do you believe that? I don’t, after watching the US creep slowly into a state of affairs that strikingly resembles pre-WW2 Germany. The Nazi’s propaganda machine operated on the principle ‘A lie will make its way around the world a thousand times before the truth wakes up and puts on its boots.’

In this case, it was Osama who woke up on the wrong side of a bullet, and the world once again was bathed in blood–but not the blood that Osama is alleged to have let- as we were never able to put him on trial, the world will NEVER know if he actually caused the 9\11 disasters, was a mere dupe, or a business partner in a larger conspiracy ( we seldom hear about the massive profits that American companies derive from the ‘get bin Laden’ slogan, and its subsidiary dividends; but the media is making a killing selling the story right now) .
The world, today, was bathed in the blood of another grand lie, told by government agents, repeated by president and pundits alike, and disseminated by a willing and complicit media. Adopting the tactics of an enemy can help you win a war, but watching America disseminate lies is not a good thing. We are supposed to be the good guys, and all these lies ad up to a world that in the very least, no longer believes in U.S.

I wonder: how much money could his widow–the one who is claimed to have been used as a shield–sue these news outlets for? After all, the media is correcting its own libel as we speak…

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