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This Cop looks like a repressed homosexual

In Freud and the Police, police and repressed homosexuality, Police Personality, Profile the Police on April 27, 2011 at 12:31 am
Rob Ward embodies police sentiments toward peaceful people. He should be promoted, so I will promote him here..

Survey: does this guy look like a repressed homosexual?

Here is an example of the mindset of one, random cop who made his views public on Facebook. His name is Rob Ward, an English “bobbie”. Doesn’t he look like gay waiting to happen? Many cops are so sexually repressed that they take their sexual urge, and turn it into an urge for violence instead. Freud in all his failings, was sure right about anal retentive types, AND latent homosexuality. This guy is a classic example of that.

Notice that Ward particularly fetishizes “long-haired” hippies–not tattooed ones, or pierced ones necessarily: it is the ‘long’, and thus in his mind, ‘feminine’ aspect of hair on men that competes with what could well be his “shortcomings” in other areas, and likely reminds him of the many, wonderful aspects of a human personality that he has given up hope of ever mastering. So his solution? “beat  up anything that challenges my repressed sense of manhood.”

I can just imagine what this guy and others like him in policing do with their batons when no one is looking. Better, yet, eeeeeww…I can’t.


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