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Kill the police-the way they’re killing you…

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The internet needs more pictures of the tantalizing Valerie Plame. Image via Wikipedia

…with character assassination, bogus “official” records, and the compiling of ” evidence” against them –which is how they slowly destroy your life once they invade it.

 Or you could try this guys methods. Four cops were nearly murdered when  gunman Lamar Moore walked into the precinct station and started shooting.

Police routinely harass, pursue, frame, and set-up individuals on crimes they didn’t commit, until those individuals wage acts of insurrection, rebellion, or revolution, but even the idea of cops being bad-actors has lost cultural currency. The cops, and the ever present media ogling circuses that surround these minor revolutions never ask the right questions in their haste to vindicate the American mindset of fear and over-policing, even though sometimes the people gain enough power to try to police the police, it usually doesn’t work out.

The media loves the police, CIA, FBI, and “offical sources”. The official story just runs on page one, the day or day after the event, and the lie runs around the world 24 hours before the truth wakes up and gets its piss boner soaked. The official story…bad man dies while shooting good cops.

But who can trust that ? It came from an “official” source.  Official sources notoriously lie, especially when it comes to stories where they are shown to be the actual bad guys–Valerie Plame Wilson; Oliver North; Karl Rove [ the guy who was in charge of the personal police power of eradicating incriminating evidence from Whitehouse computers]; MKULTRA [ also here, and here–was Aaliyah a victim of mind control??] and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, we can’t even be certain the girl in question wasn’t a brainwashed CIA experiment in disinformation and mind control, as the CIA historically relies on street level pimps and procurers to do the dirty work of child sex slavery. Runaways routinely say anything that authorities program them to say, and the poor kid goes along to attain food and shelter; cops routinely rely on set-ups and “informants” who may or may not be telling the truth, even when informants backfire.

Apparently, Lamar Moore had all the right, human reasons to blow away some cops: According to later reports, it appears that cops were trying to frame him into a deviant sex charge, after they couldn’t otherwise defame or slander him on some other, unspecified charge.

Men who are charged with sex crimes run a substantially higher risk of being raped, assaulted, or killed in jail. What would you do? I suspect that an innocent man might do exactly what this guy did-but I don’t recomend that…

 The official story–which slanders the man after his death–claims he chained a 13-year-old girl to a toilet, etc., etc., which is one of the cherished tropes of policing. Anyone who reads the news knows that stories of cops and “sex crimes” sell papers. That official story states, essentially “This is what an official familiar with the investigation said happened to the runaway girl .”

But notice the little details: the guys house burns down only two days later? I will bet you, right here and now, that I will eat this blog page if it wasn’t the police who did it; I will bet you, and eat my typing fingernails if I am wrong, that the police will never catch the “suspect” who burned the house down; no, I will even shave my nuts if I am wrong, and they do catch the suspect.

Ahh,  the devil, is in those little details: Even the guys fiance’ Stephanie Freeman, denied he had been involved in an abduction and sexual assault. She was at the house and didn’t see a girl chained to a toilet, and believes that the police were running her man’s name ‘through the mud.’ How many women do you know who would say that unless they truly believed in, or were witness to the falsehood of the police allegation?

I believe her, because, as usual in cases where police are working on a frame-up of an innocent man “Police have released little information about the investigation,” not least of which is the evidence that could vindicate the man–evidence that was likely in his house BEFORE it mysteriously burned to the ground.

Now, I don’t advocate homicide as a solution to the great social problems that can occur once the police interfere in your life in some way, but I do understand why someone might consider it, especially when police try to frame you into a sex charge.  But it won’t end too good for you, or accomplish your long term goals of defeating endemic police corruption and violence. And social forces, like the meme that the “police are the good guys” are already against you.

Who will believe a man who has been framed by police into a sex charge? I will, AND, I especially will aid anyone who wishes to provide me the name of any police officer, FBI agent, soldier, or other cop species who has wronged them, set them up, or done sexual violence to them. The cops use sex and sexual allegations as weapons that destroy mens lives, and Lamar Moore just might be one of them.

 Leave any information below, and it will be published for all time–the internet is forever!

Here is an e-book that can aid you if you believe you have been set-up, framed, or denied your rights during a police encounter. Use them, and pass them on.


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