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Fight the Police with Information

In Freud and the Police, Profile the Police, Resources on April 21, 2011 at 12:23 am

Here are some of the links to resources that can help you fight police brutality and misconduct.


The link above documents the effects of police misconduct, the human cost of tolerating police abuses of power, and real stories of cops and prosecutors held accountable for their crimes.

The following blog link is a great resource put together by criminal defense attorney Bobby Frederick and documents the actions taken against police who abuse citizens and the law.


Here is a very general description of the types of police misconduct that we face as citizens:


Lastly, my favorite discovery of the day, a newsfeed and blog about police misconduct that is updated regularly:


Have you or anyone you know been abused by the police, the FBI, or other government agents charged with arrest or imprisonment authority? Please leave me a note, and a physical description and any personal details you remember about the officers and events, and we will follow up with you and attempt to track these offenders down for you, or in the very least, publicize your story.


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