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Watch those who watch you

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Have you or anyone you know been abused, harassed, followed around, or violated by the police, the FBI, or any other branch of police “authority”? Do you have badge numbers, or personal details you would like to share about the incident of your abuse? Do you have a physical description of the cop who abused you? Please tell me about it, and I will respond with resources for you to get the help you need, and how you can document the abuse.

In the mean time, here is a link to a book you can use to begin your battle wisely:

From the author: “A time-honored principle of American justice is that the accused is innocent of criminal wrongdoing until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, corrupt cops and their confederates have often abused this precept by manufacturing fraudulent evidence…Many of those in our jails and prisons are innocent of the crimes of which they were found guilty. In an alarming number of instances, cops joined with prosecutors to frame these individuals.”

Abuse by the police destroys reputations, ruins lives, and costs the taxpayers money–oh, that and also sometimes INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE MURDERED BY THE STATE because the state refuses to acknowlege the wrongdoings of those who are charged to uphold the law.Recently a man who spent 14 years on Death Row and was later found innocent was told that he didn’t deserve compensation from the state, even though the police lied, falsified evidence, and withheld the truth!

We need as a nation to begin once again to question authority at all levels before it is too late. How do you know when its too late? When it’s YOU on the end of a police baton, or YOU who are being watched daily to the point of mental and emotional breakdown–until it is YOU who are the victim of the state, and not someone that you previously could dismiss as a “criminal” or a “nut”. Police routinely foster the idea that they are unaccountable to the public, and, if questioned reply that they are “just doing their job” which is upholding the lie that police brutality is a myth, or a burden on overburdened budgets.

Here is the magic number of how many people are at any time locked behind bars in America: 2,320,359.That is 773 per 100 thousand human beings in America in prison at any given time

but from these numbers we have to ask ourselves if we are truly “served” anything but hyperbole when it comes to the duties and actions of the police. Many, if not most of the men locked up will tell you of early experiences with the law where the cops tried to railroad them into confessions of crimes, or admissions of complicity in crimes–when they were six, eight, or ten years old!

This is a common theme in jail: men who once were boys being coerced by the police, and with no recourse to justice at early ages, began to believe that the police had only one function, which is to manipulate facts and statistics and creat “criminals” rather than catch them.

In later posts I will address the generalities of my statements here, and cover topics like the Innocence Project which has been responsible for freeing some 254+ men from unjust incarceration–cases where police, the state powers, district attorneys–all those charged with upholding the “law” broke it, and went unpunished as they created scapegoats who spent years, and lifetimes behind bars.

I will also begin publishing the names of corrupt police and informants, police who are charged or found guilty of police brutality, and any personal data I can find against them, because police misconduct is slowly draining our limited resources, and our spiritual basis as free citizens.

 I will even publish the stories that I am told about cops who are just said to be pricks, assholes, jerks, and Lil’  people with Napoleons complex, like this guy–regardless of the source of the information, and I will protect my sources with the vigor of the constitution and free speech rights.

Care to help? Feel free to post your comments below!


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