Justice For-All

This is a safe space to tell your story of being abused by police.

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2011 at 1:24 am

Hello, and welcome to fight the police! Do you have a story to tell, do you need someone to hear, when it seems no one will listen to your tale of strange, violent, unfair, or unjust police activity?

Tell me! I am always here. In the meantime, here is a resource that you can use to report the abuse, look for other instances where the same cop abused others, or find a lawyer who will help you.

Lastly, Communities United Against Police Brutality keeps lists of rsources, and of cops reported, and found guilty of violations, as well as alphabetic resources you can use to look up the name of the cop who abused you. You can also report that cop directly to their website and whatever complaint you may have against them. In the very least, you have the opportunity to write your opinion about that cop, just like that cop wrote its opinion of you in their “official report”.

You can even lie and exagerate a little bit too, just like cops do, because the site is only about “allegations”. Later, such a site can be used by others who have also been abused by the cop who abused you, and the information there becomes evidence against that cop in any trial.

However, I am a fan of telling the truth at all times, even if the story you have to tell is embarassing, or humiliating, because when it comes to police corruption, the “official” truth they always tell is stranger than any fiction you could concoct, and often wins settlements for victims when a good lawyer shits all over the typical phony testimony by lying cops.


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